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      Blind people military and an odd visual symbol

      So last night I had a dream where I was in the military (never was IRL). They started recruiting a bunch of blind people LOL. I remember us standing on some sandy terrain with small dunes. There were tanks randomly strewn about and some other heavy equipment. It was like a cross between a construction site and a military base. A Humvee pulled up to a few of us standing around. It was orange and looked somewhat like a CAT brand construction vehicle, but it was clearly being used by the military. We all jump in the Humvee. A large number of the people that got in were blind and had those white sticks.
      The Humvee took off fast. There were others behind us as well, forming somewhat of a convoy. We were told by our commander that we were going to spend the day at a beach and just chill LOL. In a matter of no time, we made it to the beach. It was almost as if the Humvee just hovered over the ground really fast.
      When we got there, the sight privileged people got out fast, but we had to wait for the blind people. Fast forward, we are at the water. The beach was not sandy or pleasant at all. It was just a rocky slope down to the water and only about 1-2 meters long between the pavement and water. The rocks weren't too large though (about 4-5" stones), but it was a challenge to walk on them cause they were exactly the wrong size; too big to walk on blindly and too small to stand on. The blind people were obviously having a lot of trouble. The one blind person right in front of me got down on his hands and feet, but backwards (so his feet were in front and was bent over backward). I started laughing because of how ludicrous this was. There was a sight privileged man in front of the blind guy on the ground. He was meant to guide him I guess, but he decided to be an ass instead. There was a bit of a drop off into the water and the blind man kept asking how much farther to the water's edge. The sight man told him 6 feet or something even though the blind man was right on the edge. He slipped and fell in part way. He was on his hands and feet, so it wasn't too bad. The sight man laughed like a jerk.

      Now here is the interesting part. This has never happened to me before. When I woke up and opened my eyes, I could see my room, but there was a symbol burnt into my vision. Sort of like how if you stare at a light, you get an afterimage. Part of this symbol was very clear, focused and defined, but the inner part wasn't. At first I thought it was the BMW logo, then I thought peace sign, but I realized it was neither of those as it got clearer (not a swastika). As soon as I thought I had fully seen it, it darted across the room and went through the wall. It was only a matter of seconds.

      This is my best attempt at drawing it. It was all black and I could only see it because of the dim light in my room. What is this?
      (Keep in mind, the background was not white, it was overlayed on my dark room. I don't think it's cross hairs.)

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      Is the beach an actual beach?
      Do you know any blind people?

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