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    Thread: DreamViews Podcast Suggestions

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      Hey! My names Sam
      I've been a Natural Lucid Dreamer almost my entire life, the first Lucid Dream that I could actually recall when I was young, was 2 days after my fourth Birthday!
      I just recently found out that my Lucid Dreams are unique because before, I thought everyone could control and remember their dreams, but i guess i was wrong...
      I have now formed myself into the habit of sleeping well, so i can promote my Lucid Dreams, and I've also started to write Dream Journals for my Lucid Dreams as-well.

      I really want to master my Lucid Dreaming abilities and I believe that there is one thing that keeps getting in my way that I and maybe many people need help with and that is "Interpreting Lucid Dreams". I know most people think that your dreams are just there to keep your brain active or other stuff relating to that but I believe that our Dreams are trying to help us with our real life problems or our subconsciousness is trying to tell us something and give us advice. I've always wondered the purposes of my Lucid Dreams and I feel like I need to be able to Interpret my Dreams to fully Understand them.
      This would be a very helpful Podcast Topic

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      I really like the dreamviews podcasts. Theres surprisingly not alot of audio stuff on lucid dreaming. One thing I'd love to hear your thoughts on, is how universal you think lucid dreaming is. I think everyone can probably learn to lucid dream with effort, yet people seem to have widely different natural talents for it. I've heard some comparrisons to sport and music, that some people can seem to progress with relatively little effort and some may never become as proficient but with effort they get somewhere with it. I'd be curious to hear your observations from the forum as to the progression you see. progression seems very non linear. Do you see many people steadly build up proficiency getting to a point of frequent stable lucid dreams? I know there are a lot of variables and even personality characteristics, how much time do people put in, do they have good sleep patterns, introspection skills, proprioception skills even...I have perhaps 50-80 ld's per year. many of these are quite short, (but there are also alot of v interesting sleep experiences that don't count as LD's). I'd like to get to a point of being able to LD almost at will and have high quality and stable lucids. I think its a relatively small number who accomplish that. It might help inspire to hear about the development of such proficiency...Thanks alot
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      I'd like to hear some lucid experiences. I like hearing about the crazy/weird things that happen other than flying. Maybe run through any totm challenges or goals you have done before.
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      I have become quite interested on the layers of lucidity, and I use them to measure how lucid a dream is. For more information on these layers, click here.

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      I would be interested in picking this back up. I have ideas.
      Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Love is the law, love under will.

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      I think the main issue is the current makers don't have enough time on their hands. Maybe someone can help them out to pick it up?
      Creating a new persistent realm, claiming it and breaking the last seal I made back in the beggining of my journey are my goals right now

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