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    Thread: Invading Dreams

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      Invading Dreams

      quite a while ago I posted a thread about invading dreams. there I wanted to know that, how to invade dreams, from personal curiosity. I just wanted to be educated about the fact, that's all. I always thought that, ppl here are smart, cool and open minded. Most of them are . But, still there are a little bit amount of ignorant ppl. I came to know about the fact just after posting the mentioned thread. It was quite offensive and I just got shocked from such behavior in a forum like that. They pulled the topic into a different direction (like astral rape and bla bla) which I never even thought of. They also interrogated me rudely about my interest and some of them were just being rude. I am not mentioning their name here because of some respect issue. BTW, ppl also do bad things with money, so, if someone ask you, how can I make more money? will you be rude with him? or will you interrogate him? saying, what will you do with that much money? will you do drugs? will you produce pornography? bla bla bla. Sorry for my bad words, I am just using them as an example. We ppl are here to share our experience, to learn from other ppl's experience and to teach other ppl from our experiences (If any), if you are not experienced and don't like the topic, just pass it. Don't try to offend ppl, which they are interested to know about. We can't judge someone without knowing them and their intention.
      throwing random judge to ppl, leads themselves to be judged, because, the idea of the particular intention came out directly from their head first. At the end one of the respective admins had to close the discussion because of some ignorance behavior. its a shameful matter for us, as a member of that forum, that, some ppl here, are claiming they are discovering something new and interesting, yet they themselves are preventing us by their verbals and offense from knowing, even talking about new things.
      Before any of you throw any scientific logic. Keep that in your mind that, we know very little than the universe and consciousness is. even 200 years ago from now things like television, computer, cell phones were just a fantasy or impossible for some typical logic seekers, when it is science now. Even science doesn't know what is going to be it's new part tomorrow. Therefore, instead of being strictly ignorant try to think about the possibilities and please be positive. Still if you want scientific logic, then, listen "Quantum Physics" is also a science, which breaks all logics.

      Thank you for reading everyone
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      You may have a genuine, non-malicious interest in the topic. So maybe if you chose a different word for your thread title, people would have given you different types of answers. But I think they made it quite clear, because you made it quite clear. The word "invade" is negative. It doesn't have a single positive definition. It's harmfull, unwelcomed, violating, disruptive, creepy, sick.

      Invade -
      enter (a country or region) so as to subjugate or occupy it

      (of a person or emotion) encroach or intrude on.

      "he felt his privacy was being invaded"

      (of a parasite or disease) spread into (an organism or bodily part)

      synonyms: intrude on, violate, encroach on, infringe on, trespass on, obtrude on, disturb, disrupt;

      antonyms: respect

      Your previous thread with same question was locked. So I'm locking this one too, since reopening discussion that happened in locked threads is not allowed. That said, we may decide to reopen this later, if we find that issue causing first thread to be locked is resolved.

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      If you are not a native English speaker, maybe you have just chosen a word that is not meaning what you intended.

      Also, please understand that most of us are very good people and of kind temperment (I can not speak for all, but in general, from my interactions), and kind of cringe at this idea.

      The other part of this is we wish to promote this as a safe and good hobby for teens, Christians (or any religious person), or skeptics. This sort of topic works against that end.

      Why don't you start off the conversation, and let us see what kind of thing you are talking about, as the word "invade" may have been poorly chosen.
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      Peace Be With You. Oh, and sure, The Force too, why not.

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