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    Thread: Why can't I notice dream signs and strangeness in my dreams.

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      Why can't I notice dream signs and strangeness in my dreams.

      I pretty much realized my problem for not becoming lucid daily. It's because I can never notice a dream sign or something that should get me lucid. Last night I saw something that I saw from a movie befor I went to bed in my dreams and I didn't become lucid. The most frustrating part is that 80% of my dreams I could easily become lucid.

      I've been working on awarrness for a couple of weeks and have not had any luck. Other than that I use mild and wbtb, which gets me lucid every week or 2. The reason my awarrness dosent work too well is because of how hard it is to do. Most of my day is in school, so when ever I become aware I loose it because I have to concentrate. I can't ever hold my awareness more than 30 seconds.

      Any tips and help would be great.

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      Well keep up MILD+WBTB bcz this combination is a killer.
      Train your prospective memory to power it even more.

      Dream Signs are great but you don't NEED them. You still can, though, use a global dream sign that everyone has in their dreams ;heavy emotions.

      Don't forget to journal your dreams. The more details you try to remember, the stronger your recall will be, so the more vivid and detailed your dreams will seem when you wake up.

      ADA I'm not sure about. Doing RCs is good to develop critical thinking, but having more environmental awareness isn't so useful since you already are usually aware of the environment. The trick is to be critical by adopting a mindset of "I might be dreaming any time", doing RCs sencierly, and using prospective memory (MILD in other words) for recognizing dream signs.
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      This is just a semi educated guess. (I have the same problem.)

      Practice really questioning reality when you RC. Maybe try to look at a lot of things in your surroundings when you're doing the "Where am I" RC. If you even do that one, but from reading your post I'm pretty sure you do. You probably already know this but I'm just trying to help. I've only had a few REAL lucid dreams, but let's not get off topic.

      Someone recommended, well, I read that your RC's should last some time. Don't just glance at your hands but really inspect them. This will be key for you when doing the surrounding RC's. Really take your time.

      "Where am I"
      "How long have I been here?"
      "Does anything look weird/out of ordinary"

      Those are just a few questions to ponder. You mentioned you can't concentrate for more than 30 seconds at school... The initial thought I had was to somehow incorporate your pencil/pen and notebook into it.

      Good luck man!
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      Like louaiB said just keep doing MILD+WBTB. I think we shouldnt tell what you should do too much. Experiment you never know which one workes best. You can have lucid dreams without practising awareness its not really well proven to work for lucid dreaming. Its more like great boost for reality checks success and random realization your dreaming. I could suggest you trying something. Try just to be aware where you attention goes troughout the day. If that easier maybe try look it that way. Its basically same as self awareness except you dont force yourself to be aware just follow you attention.
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