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      Sleep pattern question

      Im a night worker that does 3 night shifts a week with 4 days off...my sleep schedual is as follows

      •Day off- i will sleep normal from between 10-11pm to 7-8am or longer depends on how much sleep i feel i need
      •Work- if im doing 2 shifts in a row which i do atleast once a week i will come home from a night shift and sleep 9am-1pm then again from 6pm-8pm.

      People say to have a good sleep schedual of a typical monday to friday 9am-5pm job so your body always knows when you sleep and ofcourse i dont......do you think this could have a negative impact on lucid dreaming?.....iv found that when i sleep in the afternoon from 6pm-8pm i tend to have a higher chance of lucidity. Thanks for reading =)

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      I think what matters is to find a consistent rhythm for your particular circumstances. The usual advice for getting regular daily sleep is directed at those who could keep a daily schedule but don't because of other hindrances (too much caffeine, television, et cetera). Your schedule is necessarily irregular, but the human body and mind are resilient and adaptable, so it can thrive under such circumstances. What's important is the underlying themes of eliminating negative factors, getting restful sleep, and promoting helpful habits.

      Your schedule may have the hidden benefit of produce a recurring, yet manageable pattern of REM rebound. This is what you are noticing with those late afternoon periods. In lieu of a daily pattern, a weekly pattern can be just as helpful.
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