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    Thread: Stop negative thoughts from affecting lucid dreams.

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      Stop negative thoughts from affecting lucid dreams.

      As the title suggests. I really hate the way spiders look and I'd give everythink for them to not appear in my dreams. Unfortunately, my brain is kind of an asshole, and decides that it would be a good idea to ask: "what if there is a really big spider on the back of your hand?". How do I avoid that kind of stuff to appear and, if it does, how do I make it disappear instantly?

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      Intent, confidence, and repetition are key to manipulating your dream state. Keep repeating to yourself what you want to accomplish, and really believe that it will work. It may not always be instantaneous, but you'll eventually get the results your

      Here's another way you might go about it: if a spider shows up, repeat the intent that you'll no longer feel fear/disgust in the presence of it. Much like one could bend reality in dreams, a dreamer's emotions, mindset, and expectations are similarly malleable.
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      I agree with FireFlyMan here.

      I've also read that intending positive feelings and feelings of love towards objects of fear within dreams can banish them for good. Clare R. Johnson writes in her book Complete Book of Lucid Dreaming that "face it and transform it with love so that it becomes our friend, or ask it what it represents and learn something valuable about ourselves and our dream world."

      It's possible that not trying to avoid it could eventually lead you to a point where you no longer fear it or put you in a position to change object at will.
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      Hi Andrew and welcome to Dream Views. Here is a link to a thread with pretty advanced skills you can train.
      Here is a sample: In a normal (not shared/astral) dream, every element comes from thoughts you have had. You do not have acute enough awareness to detect the thoughts without training, in most cases.

      The thoughts can be subtle doubts you have in your ability, wandering thoughts about movies you have seen, or random crazy nonsense.

      When you are dreaming any random thought can derail the course you wish to set, manifesting into any number of stumbling blocks. Any doubt you allow to be expressed as thought can prevent you from using super powers.

      The purpose in this lesson is first to develop the ability to detect a forming thought before it can take place as internal monologue. Then to give you tools you can use to suppress emerging thoughts. After getting some skill at this while awake, you will then be able to use the skill in an LD to prevent DCs from appearing or interacting with you, and prevent random plot twists and events.

      You will likely sometimes choose to allow the dream to be random for self-reflection or entertainment value. However, if you are attempting to practice a skill or complete a task, it is important to prevent the random elements from derailing the flow of the dream.
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      You can also try different approaches. You're asking "how can I get this result (no spiders) by doing this specific thing (making them instantly disappear."

      That might not be how your brain works. Personally, I found it easier to make the scary thing do something more physical: turn to ash, dissolve into smoke, burn with a pillar of cleansing fire or what have you.

      If a clean disappear doesn't work for you, bringing in something that feels more familiar might. If there's a power in a video game you're very familiar with, that might work. Or you might shift your focus to exclude the spider, rather than focusing on it more to make it "physically" disappear. Or (if it's easier for you) you can teleport or even dissolve the dream.

      If any of these sound intimidating, don't sweat it. But feel free to experiment with anything that sounds comfortable or fun, if it what you're doing feels too much like banging your head against the wall.

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