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    Thread: 30 Lucid Milestone!

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      30 Lucid Milestone!

      (I submitted the title with a typo, it’s meant to say “30 lucid milestone”)

      5 months (and 1 day) ago, I had my first lucid dream after deciding to not try lucid dreaming— A miracle highly unexpected, yet welcome nonetheless.
      After my first lucid dream, I wanted to pursue lucidity. I don’t know what I would be doing in life right now if I haven’t gotten that one lucid dream. My guess is that I’d be thinking things through completely differently. In these mere 5 months, I’ve discovered who I really am and my reason for living.

      My first 5 days of trying were chaotic. All I did was repeat “I’m dreaming” when I was falling asleep, nothing else to help.

      5 days after my first lucid dream, I had joined the Dream Cafť discord server to get help with lucid dreaming. There, I found many helpful guides, including some from this site, dreamviews.com, but I wouldn’t create an account here for several months.

      I tried 2 lucid dreaming techniques in my first 30 days - MILD and WILD. I wasn’t doing MILD too well (although I was doing more than just repeating a phrase) and I was doing fine with WILD.

      But I had taking a liking to WILD techniques, and decided to use them as my primary induction methods.
      With that, I was off into the woods. Practicing with WILD, trying to take lucid naps with it, etc.
      I tried variations of the WILD technique, like DEILD. I also tried out an obscure technique called MFG.
      Everything seemed to be going very smoothly. During this timeframe, I even got my first 4 controlled lucid dreams. Even got daily lucids. It continued for 2 months, until the next month hit.

      During this month, I was highly pessimistic with lucid dreaming. I had no lucids for the whole month, when literally last month I was lucid daily. There isn’t much to say about this month; it’s simply a dry spell.

      Up from late June to today, I have been getting back into the daily lucid zone. This time, I’m not doing it with WILD. I’m doing it with DILD.

      Last night, I had 2 lucids back-to-back in the same night. Which changed my lucid count from 28 to 30.

      And now I’m here, 9 AM writing this thread.
      I have yet to get another lucid dream about my persistent realm. Maybe, just some point in the future, I could become omnilucid. But that’s not one of my goals. I’m at the single focal point of daily lucids.

      That’s it, sweet dreams!
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      Hey Bricksnake,

      Congrats on your success. Iíve been at this for just over a year now but can still remember the thrill and excitement of those first few months! Keep riding that wave of success and when you do inevitably hit those dry spells do what you can to stay positive and motivated and youíll get through them.

      It sounds like youíve found a good routine that works for you. Thereís a lot of misinformation online, especially about how to do certain techniques but if youíre looking for more advice and information then thereís some good guides on this forum which helped me a lot when starting out.

      From my experience and what Iíve read from others, omnilucidity is not really something that is achievable, at least not forever. It will always take some effort and enthusiasm to achieve a lucid dream and things in life will inevitably get in the way from time to time. Just enjoy those periods when you do get daily lucids and donít worry too much about keeping it up. The more relaxed and positive you can be the better the results. Also, donít dismiss your none lucid dreams either as sometimes they can be more powerful and life changing than a lucid if remembered vividly.

      Anyway, I hope you continue to have success! The subject I feel has changed my life for the better also and I hope to continue for many years to come.

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      Congrats on your success.

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