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      I've been on this forums since Jan/Feb.... I tried pretty hard until scool ended for me (June 18) during the year I would go to bed at 10:00 pm... Ever since summer I've been staying up very late (1-3am) and having no recall...... I could remember 3-5 fragments/Dreams. I just feel annoyed..... I really want this, but I really don't know how I'll be able to get myself asleep at 10:00
      I always do the "oh just a few more minutes" thing.

      Is there anything you can say about lucid dreaming and why its better than videogames . Just some words of encouregment I guess.

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      If you think you will return to your schedule once the school starts again, then I would just wait. I really don't know how to make yourself fall asleep at 10pm. I have the same problem. I'm either working late or watching tv. I suppose physical activity, like excercising could make you more tired and help you fall asleep, but I have not tried that yet.

      I also love playing videogames, and I did have many happy moments playing, but none of them could compare to LDs.

      So anyway, welcome back and keep at it. Happy dreams.

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      Lol, nice name And it will be kind of hard adjusting to a few hours earlier to bed... I'd probably do it gradually, so you aren't wide awake at 10:00 trying to sleep.

      And video games vs. lucids? Lucids for sure. You can fly, have sex, mass murder, genocide, breathe underwater, fly through outer space, have conversations with DC's, literally anything you want! If you've had one, you would know why they're awesome!

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      When I want to adjust my sleep schedule, I usually just keep staying up very late, and keep moving the time that I go to bed back a few hours. 3am the first night, 5am the next, 8am the next, etc. Eventually I'll get it to where I want it. =p However, that method is best if you have very few commitments. That also might give you the habit of always moving your bedtime back each night, so I don't know if it's actually a good idea. Works for me sometimes though. Or I'll just get up early one day, and go to bed early that night.

      If you want motivation/reasons for why LDing is better than video games, I'll recommend a few threads, if you haven't already read them:
      1000 things to do in a LD
      DCs say the darndest things
      Or read some of the DJs on this site. I'm rather fond of Hyu's. I like reading some of the TOTM/TOTY attempts too.

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