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    Thread: Back to the world of imagination, Hiya!

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      Back to the world of imagination, Hiya!

      I've read things on this site before, never created an account until now. I have had lucid dreams before but I still state my stage as novice because I haven't learned much. I'd like to get back into it because it was fun and I still have so much more that I want to do with it. I've already downloaded a course in lucid dreaming and exploring the world of lucid dreaming. I love to read so I hope that will help, also because this is for introductions let me introduce myself. My name is Audrey and I was born on the cusp of Mystery and Imagination, I learned this recently and decided I'd rather say that than say I'm a capricorn because I do feel that both signs are more me. I don't actually believe in astrology but it is interesting. I do love cats and horses very much, I've never owned a horse but I do own 9 cats currently. I don't have many friends, about 2 people I talk to daily but 1 I truly care for but haven't talked to in a while. I dream vividly most of the time and have almost always remembered my dreams. On December of 2016 I got into lucid dreaming and had my first Lucid Dream about two months later, after that I had them about once a week. However I stopped my techniques, reality checks, to focus on dream signs and eventually stopped that too. So for two to three months I have only had 1-4 lucid dreams. I kinda missed that feeling of unreal control and sometimes a stranger to talk to. I'd also like to do more and saw some lucid dream challenges or assignments for each month or year, so I'd like to try those. Anyway, thanks for reading and I know it wasn't much insight into myself but I don't think this site is for fishing for friends.
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      to DreamViews.

      Yup, we have the tasks of the month and year. Happy that you will join us!

      have fun

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      Welcome to the forum!

      Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming is a good place to start - it's basically the "Bible" of lucid dreaming. You can also check out some of DV's tutorials in the Wiki for some good information. And like gab said, the Tasks of the Month/Year are good motivations for getting back into lucid dreaming.

      Let us know if you have any questions, and feel free to stop by the IRC chat.
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