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    Thread: My Intro

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      My Intro

      Hey everyone,

      for over a year now I was a silent reader here on DV. Now I finally decided to join. I started lucid dreaming about two years ago and already got around 70 LDs. Sadly this number doesnt really say that much, as alot of my lucids dreams were really short and for a long time I didnt have any goals besides becoming lucid. After a long break of about six months I started again. This was in September 2017. Now I got my goals set and I learned about stabilization, but new problems were soon to come. At the moment I am struggling with my lucidity rate.
      Well, I hope to solve this problem soon, when Im finally able to complete WILD succesfully. Which brings me to my techniques. I tried alot of different ones already starting with (of course) DILD, trying WILD without success, doing a little ADA, managing one DEILD etc. Now Im doing WILD and DEILD with one wbtb per night. Because I still got some questions, I will probably ask them in Sageous' class soon.
      My biggest goal right now is to enter my own world in a LD. I want to have my own little story in which I only got limited powers because being too overpowered seems boring.
      Now, because I have never read anything about limiting your own powers in a LD, does anyone has tipps or experiences with that? I would happy to hear them.
      Besides that, I am really interested in entering NREM, while staying aware. There doesnt seem to be much info out there and I think it would be quite intriguing to find out more about that.
      My hobbies are reading and karate and Im also only 14 so please excuse any language mistakes.

      Thats it for me and Im looking forward to spending a nice time here!

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      Welcome Kasy!
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      Only the ladder is real. The climb is all there is.

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      Welcome to DV, Kasy!

      Keep up the great work and you'll find yourself being a master in no time.

      For the topic of limiting your own powers; I would say that the important thing to work with is your belief structures in your mind. Those automatic things you consider to be true.
      Like, in a dream you want to build up a belief that gravity won't let you fly, just like in the real world. You can work with your belief structures in any way you want, and if you do it right, it'll automatically affect the way the dream world works.

      Basically, expect something to be true, and it will be true.

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