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    Thread: back at it again hittin them dreams fellas

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      back at it again hittin them dreams fellas

      Hey, I've been here for about four months and was active for about a week before vanishing off the face of the planet forum for like four months. I figured I should re-introduce myself so I can get re-active here!
      I'm Asreal, 16 M. I haven't had any luck with LDing for a while, though I've gotten close twice (once where I passed some reality checks in a dream, and last night when I literally screamed "I'm dreaming" and then went like "nvm" because nothing really happened).
      I also primarily want to investigate some very bizarre and highly persistent dreams I've been having that I'll write down online at one point. I'm glad to be back and I look forward to improving my dreaming ability!
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      Lucid dream goals
      :: Turn into a dire wolf
      :: Drive shadow beings (EDIT: + crazy fox guy) from dream world
      :: find out why the above is so persistent and creepy??
      :: Summon a Stand (JJBA)

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      when you RC during day, BELIEVE that you could be dreaming. That way when you RC in a dream, you will believe and know.

      Good luck

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      Hello Asreal. Being able to say, "I'm dreaming", is a good start. Setting a solid goal to accomplish while lucid can help to carry you past the revelation moment. Hope to be reading your lucid experiences soon. See you around the site.

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