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    Thread: Jamal's Introduction

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      Cool Jamal's Introduction

      Hello dreamers! I am Jamal and this is my introduction to the forum.

      Hi! My real name isn't Jamal, but it's a screen name that has stuck with me for a long time so feel free to call me by it. I am an Finnish-Estonian Currently Living in Finland, Espoo and Dreams really interest me.

      The first lucid I ever had must have been years ago, but I only really actively started studying and inducing them half a year ago, Unfortunately I had an incident early 2021 and I decided to put dreaming on a halt and focus on my life.

      Now that I have more time on my hands, I really want to test myself and see how far I can get in a relatively short amount of time. I have big goals in mind and I want to grab myself by the neck and pour a lot of time in to studying dreams so I can quickly advance as a dreamer and fulfill my goals ASAP!

      Right before I stopped lucid dreaming, I had about 4 - 5 Lucid Dreams a week. This was with a few months of active practice and unfortunately I have lost the pace. But this time is different, I want to have one every night within a month and this forum is the key to that. I have been lurking here ever since I started to lucid dream but only now decided to make an account and really become part of this forum.

      Little bit of what I do to get me my Lucids!

      I mainly use MILD as an induction method, and a big part of my success with it is credit to Naiya and their MILD tutorial.

      However, I have also had relative success with something I accidentally stumbled upon 2-Ish Months after my dream journey begun and that is the "DEILD" Induction method. It's an interesting one, because I never intended on using it and at the time wasn't even aware of it.

      What happens is when I wake up from my dreams, I don't move a muscle, And in a few seconds 2 Waves of "Bee" Buzzing start from afar and get closer and then they disappear. After that, my body turns off and I am inside my dream. This process takes maybe 10 seconds. I do not seek for these, but when the opportunity comes I will not hesitate to take it.

      Self Awareness

      Something I never really did was properly increase my Self Awareness and that's where I am asking help from you guys!

      I tried searching for good threads on it , but with no success. Either I didn't look for long enough or I was looking at the wrong place, so feel free to suggest me some, That would be greatly appreciated!

      Ending Notes

      I am happy to have Joined this community and I look forward to meeting yall, have a great one! =)

      - Jamal
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      Welcome, Jamal! Glad to have you here!

      It can be a good idea to use multiple techniques if you want to ramp up your lucid rate. MILD plus DEILD sounds like a good combo and as you mentioned you should also do some day awareness practices.

      I am including a great link by Sageous on fundamentals and also one on ADA. You can also modify any of these methods to suit you better in terms of what to focus on and for how long. In general, just the habit of stopping whatever you are doing and becoming more aware and mindful of what you are doing can be of great help for lucidity as well as other aspects of your life .


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      Welcome to the forum!
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      Welcome to Dream Views!!!
      Peace Be With You. Oh, and sure, The Force too, why not.

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      Hi. Nice to meet you, Jamal. Welcome to Dream Views.

      About self-awareness. I'm sure there are threads around, but one great source is the book Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming by Stephen Laberge and Howard Rheingold. He has some interesting exercises for increasing sensory awareness, which is definitely a form of self awareness. It's a good place to start.

      Also, Dreaming Yourself Awake by B. Allan Wallace is another great book that emphasizes self-awareness. He has meditations that can help.

      I know on the DV discord channel there are some great members there that know a lot about this stuff too! Check it out.
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