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    Thread: New device "SmartLucider" (successor to the RemDreamer)

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      New device "SmartLucider" (successor to the RemDreamer)

      Just thought I'd mention that someone on the French lucid-dreaming forum found a new device by the creator of the RemDreamer called the "SmartLucider".

      Since commercial links are prophibited (IIRC), I won't link to it, but you can find it with a simple "SmartLucider" search on Google. (The main site's out, but Ebay still has some.)

      The nice thing about the device is that it's a lot cheaper than the old RemDreamer ($60 instead of $150+), while retaining a similar (perhaps better) feature set:
      * Rem-detection based on tiny infrared sensors next to the eyes.
      * Alarms of beeping and/or light flashes.
      * Small and light-weight.
      * Highly configurable. You can control: flash brightness, sound volume, cue length, cue frequency, length of cue series, DreamAlarm on/off (kinda like snooze), and REM-detection regularity level (ie. sensitivity)

      I'm too lazy to describe it more atm, but I thought it was cool enough to get a copy. It arrived a few days ago, and I've been testing it along with some others on the French lucid-dreaming forum. I'm too lazy to cross-post atm, so feel free to check there for our updates: [Test] Bandeau SmartLucider

      (I don't speak French unfortunately, but I just use the built-in Chrome translation, along with the IMTranslator extension for making posts there.)
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      Thanks for opening this thread
      I'm owning too this product and received it yesterday, this night wasn't successful but going to try again tonight
      Will more post result on french forum (native language) but at least we can time on time reports here too

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