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    Thread: My First LUCID Dream!!

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      Smile My First LUCID Dream!!

      So today I experienced my very first lucid dream around the time of 4:15 pm - 5:10 pm. My alarm woke me up from my nap. I had been studying how to realize you are dreaming for about 2 months now after a friend made me curious about the whole concept. I had kind of forgotten about it though, until today. It just happened. So here was how the dream went..

      To start off, I can't remember how it started, but I know I was in my house. I had ended up in my bathroom shower looking out the little window. When I went to close the window, I noticed that something wasn't right. The whole window was completely out of proportion. It was very narrow and one side was about 4 inches and the other a couple more. This made me question myself, "Am I dreaming?" So then I remembered the finger through the hand trick I had read about and sure enough, my finger went right through as my left hand became transparent. At this point, I started to freak out, almost hyperventilating cause I was so scared. I was saying "Oh my god I'm dreaming, I need to wake up, I need to wake up." But then I somehow calmed myself down and told myself I was fine and that everything was okay. Afterall, it was just a dream. Then I looked out the window and thought, "I can get through this" completely forgetting the fact that it was only 5 inches in width. But somehow I was able to stretch it with my hands and pull myself up to sit in it; or on it, however you see it. Then I looked to my left and saw my brother's room, but it had no walls or roof, it was just kind of floating there. The strange thing too was that he looked at me smiling and curiously asked what I was doing. I was so happy I was lucid dreaming that I didn't even give a reply. I was just smiling and floated on over to his room where he was playing monopoly with some random kid and my friend's sister who had given me a ride home that day. That's when the setting changed back into my house.
      I was in the family room this time laying down on the carpet thinking, "what could I make myself do right now?" and i thought of floating. I said aloud "I wanna float!" My body then began lifting up from the carpet and I got up to about a foot off the ground before it started to feel creepy and I wanted to be brought back down. So then my body gently was set back on the floor. Then I said "I want to get a text message", so I got out my phone and a second after I said it my phone buzzed with a "New Text Message" banner on it, but I didn't look at it. Then I was thinking of other things to do, and I thought of bringing in my ex who I still love. I regret this considering it's brought me out of my lucidness. But anyway, I thought to myself while staring at my front door, "I want to see -----, I want to see -----." Then the doorbell rang. I opened the door and there was nobody there but a broken skateboard on the ground. Another skateboard came flying over on my left and he appeared. He was trying to show me something but didn't even look at me, then he left the front porch. I looked at the pictures on facebook he was trying to show me and they were of him and another girl (I'm assuming this was a new girlfriend or something) in a lake. I started crying hysterically and I couldn't stop, which after about 30 seconds, brought me out of the lucidness and I was no longer aware that I was dreaming. The dream continued on but it doesn't really matter.

      So now I want to know if any of you can explain exactly why the crying made me lose awareness?
      Also, what are some tips on to how I can make other lucid dreams occur more often?

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      Congratulations on your first lucid dream! I love the feeling of waking up from your first lucid dream, it's so exhilarating
      The reason you may have lost lucidity and thus awareness is because you got sucked into the dream plot. A common thing for LDers to do once becoming lucid is stabalising and then going to a different dream scene. This way, they can't be sucked into the original plot of the dream.
      There are many guides on this forum that explain how to get lucid.. Go check'em out

      Any questions about lucid dreaming? Drop me a PM here!

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      I know right forceez? I always wake up with a big smile.
      And every lucid so far (all 8 of them) every single time I've shouted "Oh my god I'm dreaming!" Every single time
      Congrats alot man, You'll have many more to come.
      You should start up a dj, and post reguraly, read some guides, especially on stabalisation.
      All the best of luck
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      Please feel free to check out my DEILD guide: http://bit.ly/2DOqiyT

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      That seems like an awesome experience, Cass! Congratulations!

      I love exploratory lucid dreams like that, where things are just surreal, and you learn to play with them and discover new methods of control for the first time. Such an amazing feeling. I also like that you got a little creeped out, when you started floating too high. I think you're going to have a blast, when you really start learning to fly. You seem to have a pretty good level of control, for someone just starting out. Keep practicing, and you should definitely be able to capitalize on that.

      As far as losing awareness; I would say (edit; and, as I just saw, f0rceez already said. lol) that it's most likely because you got too caught up in the moment, when you began to cry. Becoming lucid kind of hinges upon keeping yourself 'detached' from things a bit. You have to keep reminding yourself that everything is a dream. The moment you begin to get too involved, and you begin to think things are real, is the moment your lucidity will begin to leave you. Every now and then, while you're lucid, stop and look at your hands and remind yourself 'I'm dreaming. I'm dreaming. I'm dreaming..." This should help ground you into the dream, and make both the dream and your lucidity last longer. Works wonders, for me.

      Also, starting a dream journal will probably be your most important step to having more lucid dreams. The more you focus on recording your dreams, the more you will become aware of them. The more you become aware of them, the more of dreams, details of dreams and (most importantly) dream signs you will remember.

      Again, congratulations, and Welcome to Dream Views! Enjoy your stay, and if you have any other questions, feel free to ask around.
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      (Or see the very best of my journal entries @ dreamwalkerchronicles.blogspot)

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      cool i had my first lucid dream this morning, i flew about 15 feat into the air, but then started to lose concentration and slowly glided down, i hope you have many more dreams and find many interesting things to do in them, i consider the dream world to be a break, next time im in the dream world i will try to force my subconsciousness into a person, and ask them to keep me there longer

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