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      Hello guys Iím new to this forum, the reason I came here is because I wanted to share my first lucid dream with somebody else, other than my girlfriend, since my friends would probably think that Iím crazy, also wanted some feedback, so here it goes

      Back when I was younger I use to have nightmares where I felt that they were nightmares but I couldnít wake up or I couldnít scream. I got a few of them, as I became older I started to lose the fear of childish stuff and manage to never again had any more nightmares, even though I watch scary and weird stuff they didnít seem to bother me or affect me in any way. I never had anymore nightmares but I keep having dreams where I felt that I control the outcome of them and that I guide them on the path that I want them to go. I could be dreaming of something and create new stuff to it and what would happen next, like control them and have a minimal awareness of doing it but never actually been lucid and them feeling real, it always felt like dreams.

      The last few days I keep having this type of dreams and I look into it and thatís when I found about lucid dreams, I starting reading and studying the subject and seen videos of people telling their stories, I then decided that I was going to try it. I spent all of that day getting myself aware of the reality checks constantly practicing 2 of them (the counting the finger one)(and the holding your nose one) it was said that it would take the average person between 3 days and 2 weeks to actually get a lucid dream after following all the guides but for some reason, I knew that it would happen to me on the first day.

      I went to sleep that night and set my alarm to wake me up after like 5 hours of sleep, when the alarm woke me up I was awake like 20 minutes and try to go back to sleep I keep repeating myself that I was going to have a lucid dream, that soon I was going to be on a dream that I was going to be aware of it, I felt asleep again and woke up and nothing happened, I started to say it again Iím going to have a lucid dream, I started to feel like I was going to fall asleep when all of the sudden it felt like I fell really quick and landed on my body and it felt like I just woken up, I felt extremely heavy all my body and I instantly knew that I was in lucid dreaming without doing a reality check, my heart was beating extremely fast as if I was excited and scared and knew what was happening, I tried to calm myself by telling myself calm down, you are dreaming and going to wake up, calm down. I tried spinning around like many subjection's I read the day before to calm down, but I was too heavy to move, I was in my bed and I could feel everything (the bed and pillows) as it was real, I saw a pillow I usually hug when I sleep, but in this dream it had color stripes for some reason, just to make sure it was really a lucid dream I did a reality check, I went to count my fingers to see that I had all 10 of them but when I tried to do it my hand was completely invisible. I could feel that the hand was there, I could feel moving it, but it was completely invisible, my heart was beating fast so I tried to move again to calm myself down, but I couldn't move I was still too heavy, I went to see my hand again and it was still invisible, this time I decided to touch my chin with that hand to see if I could felt it, and yes I could feel my chin been touch by my invisible hand and at this point my phone got a message, that woke me up for real this time, but it felt like the first time that I woke up on the lucid dream, like I went a little bit back in time to where all started, I did the reality check and I saw my hands with all 10 fingers, I was awake. I check my phone and I did actually got that message that woke me up.

      It felt so real, like I knew it was a dream but it still felt real like everything my body and the touch also it felt exciting knowing that it was a dream and u were complete aware of it. Guys leave any feedback or subjection's on what I should try to do, also your personal or similar experiences.
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      Congrats on your lucid dream! Having a lucid dream on your first night of trying is rare, and having a successful WILD on your first try is even rarer.

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