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    Thread: Interesting Dream Characters

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      Question Interesting Dream Characters

      What are some interesting dream characters that you have encountered?

      Unfortunately, I'm unable to recall a lot of them within my dreams, so I thought it would be interesting to see what other people have encountered.
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      There was only one thing that jumped to my mind. It was a LD quite some time ago, in which I flew over a field. In the dream it was fall and in the distance I could see four old men. They waved and one of them got a walking stick. I didn't interact with them, but they somehow felt mighty, like gods or something. It didn't feel intimidating, it's more like they were wise. Nothing too special, but I can still remember it, even though the dream is pretty old.
      Also something interesting that happened in multiple dreams already, is that I see a DC that looks unfamiliar but I still know exactly who it is. For example in a dream I saw a girl from my school once that looked and behaved differently than in RL but after waking up I still knew who it was.

      Other than that, I don't remember many strange DC's. In my dreams, most DC's just loose their personalities. But that's quite an interesting post and I'd like to hear some more stories, because I know that DC's can be quite funny.

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      I have had quite a few memorable encounters in dreams, but there is one that stands out the most. She's my significant other. She has passed away in the waking though. Oddly enough not long after the event I have encountered a hyperconscious entity that claims to be my significant other's consciousness or soul essence. Whenever she appears she has a radiant glow emanating from her. She even embodies other dream characters including her own dream character and plays along with the dreams. She has helped keep dreams stable too. I haven't made up my mind if it's really her or not, but she is a welcome company.
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      the Dream Guide: Kind, warm-hearted, a reality warping, shape-shifting pacifist, he is the best friend you could ask for. Unless you're trying to ask for help by calling him via phone. In which case he can't help you DX

      The subconscious: Logical and blunt, another reality warping character, but not afraid to fight you head on, he is powerful and useful in grounding dreams or doing tasks.

      Mastermind: Mysterious, clever, resourceful, he seems always a step of the organization hunting him, and even has a touching backstory.

      The Soul mate: Sexy, cool, and nice, the soul mate is a hell of a girl, even compared to my crushes.

      Fhanz: Being the most powerful character, despite him claiming to be neutral, he contradicts this by helping me twice in dreams.

      John McGonnell: being my alter-ego, he is similarly skilled in everything I'm skilled at and can even beat me in a duel. What is most interesting is that he draws abstract while I draw photorealism.
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      I used to have a reoccurring dream where this black, blob-like thing would meet up with me. Think Slimer from Ghostbusters, but black, and with no face. Almost every night, for a couple months, it would meet up with me in a tunnel full of holes, and show me around different parts of its world.

      It was so long ago, I donít remember much of those experiences... but I do remember there being a lot of sadness, death and destruction in the places it took me too. It would always show me burned down cities, or rubble piles, or dark, boarded-up houses, and explain the horrors that happened there.

      Looking back now, it sounds pretty freaky, but I donít remember ever being afraid of it (or of any of the places it took me too). It always seemed like it just wanted a friend to talk too, because no one was left where it lived.

      Eventually the dreams stopped, and I have never seen it since.
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      Speaking of full roaming vapors, and other ghosts like entities, I had a dream about the ghost of Harold Ramis about 2 months ago at my aunt's house. It was a warning of something coming.
      Anyways, The dream characters that stand out for me, are the dream characters of my friends, Boothy and Kevin, who I when to school with. They appear to help with some lucid dream tasks.
      When I was about five I had a dream of an old wise man. To me: he is the "MAN IN THE MOON". It was a very vivid dream of what I could remember. I was a kid we had a wooden bench near the tree that was near our mailbox. I remember that he was sitting there, with a long flowing gray beard and he wore a white and gold robe. He said that I was gifted and that can grant me a wish but, I remember not believing him. " Gifted, what does that mean, to a five-year-old? I don't know what this strange man was saying?" I still don't have a clue what he meant by that. I remember the moon was full and it was like a spotlight on us.
      Then there is Katie who started as a nightmare character, I knew her when I was little, in real life. Now she is just there, she shows up. in the dream she is short with red hair, she looks a little like Elizabeth Olsen and Hilary Duff mix together?
      Not to mention my clone(s) Once I got in the fight with all 12 of them in all places, a rollerskating rink, it was my birthday in the lucid. They all have different personalities. then my whole family found out. Even my clones were better at rollerskating than me. I remember the music that was playing in the dream was the song, "Tom Sawyer" from the Rush. I remember watching the group of clones approach me, rollerskating to the rhythm of the music with weapons in hands.
      Yeah, like I said... I have so many.

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