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    Thread: My second lucid dream - most vivid & longer

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      My second lucid dream - most vivid & longer

      13th May 2022

      I'm in an studio apartment room with other people, I look around and see everyone having a good time. I start having conversations with them, but I feel something isn't right, I have a sense this is a dream, as something is just odd. I'm standing and decide to do a reality check by looking at the fingers at my hand and notice that my index finger is bending. At the moment, I got confirmation, yes, this a dream! I stay calm, I tell someone that "this is just a dream" and I think, from what I can recall, he just smiled. I decide to try levitating (I'm consciously aware not to get too excited as this can wake me up), but I can't go up. I say to myself "that's fine, don't worry, remember what I read about taking small baby steps." I continue walking around and remind myself I'm dreaming (to stabilise the dream). I tell others in the room "hey, my body is back in bed asleep, how cool is that?", they look at me with an encouraging smile. Next moment, we're all walking out of the room and into a long corridor, I see an object that looks like a large bowling cone in front of me, I decide to focus my attention to make it move...it moved! I'm observing around and the colours are so vivid in the hallway. As I continue walking along this hallway, I have this sense that my thoughts are mirroring this dream reality, why? because as I walk each corner of this hallway, there appears old jukebox playing music and the theme changes to match my thoughts and intent. Next moment or scene, I'm walking with someone next to me entering enter a big mansion house that has a large entrance door, as I step in, the dream starts to fade and I wake up back in my bed.

      Thereís other aspects that I cannot recall, so this report is the best I could do.

      All the research from books, podcasts, articles I read the past three months as helped me tremendously as I brought all the knowledge, tips and awareness into the lucid dream.

      I'm confident that I'll have many more future lucid dreams as my brain and my subconscious is finally developing this fascinating skill.

      One last note, I didn't put any intention before going to bed, this all happened randomly. In fact, I've been taking a break from inducing lucid dreams before bed for the past month, maybe this helped? Letting things go and allowing it to happen effortlessly. The past few days, Iíve been having some intense, vivid and weird non-LDs, it was inevitable to become lucid, theses dreams were becoming so obvious to my conscious mind, that very soon I would become consciously aware.

      We have the POWER within us!!!! 😉
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      Well done! Though it may appear random, itís actually the result of your own persistence and effort, so give yourself a pat on the back for making it happen.

      Staying relaxed and going with the flow certainly does help Iíve found. You need to ďtryĒ but do so very gently, donít force it and be excited about whatever dreams you may recall, lucid or not.
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