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    computer games, bar scene

    by , 03-06-2011 at 08:19 PM (853 Views)
    The first dream was probably because I've started playing a new MMO called Rift. Also, I had a dream earlier in the night, but the last few days I've been so tired that I don't write them down many times. Hopefully it's just a phase

    3/5-6. 3. Playing WoW on dad’s computer on the couch. He comes in and says, “Are you at a stopping point? I need to get on” “Yah, I just have to loot these guys.” Get off. Dad gets on and logs into HIS WoW account (he plays in the dream). His character is lv55. “Wow, you’re 55, huh?” (graphics look amazing). Then I want to show him my character when he’s done. Use his computer, but ends up taking too long and he doesn’t care anymore. I start to play a racing game. Cars are based off of Toy Story characters. A setting was set to “real” so if you crash, you blow up. I make a racer blow up in a pile of rocks

    1030. Theresa and I are in a hotel in Amsterdam. Take out the keycard and our room is 17. We walk by a door with 2 girls. Look on the wall and there’s a 17. They had just opened the door for someone and I peek inside. One of the girls at the door gives me an odd look like I shouldn’t be looking. “Oh, this is my room… 17.” We walk in and it’s huge and open(50-75’ ceiling at least). Girl shows us around the place. Starts with the front and there’s a heart shaped bed. Then an open space and the lady starts to dance. I think to myself “I hope I don’t have to dance with her.” Then the room is a bar and lots of people. We find Michelle Xxxxxx and hang out with her. See a Kelly Xxxxx guy around. We go to some table with a few guys and talk. Guys start to act like dbags, so we kindly leave and get our own table. Theresa is now StacEy, but named Brianne. Another girl is Brianne Xxxxxx. StacEy is now Theresa again. I’m sweating a lot for some reason and trying to use my shirt to wipe off the sweat. Shirt is long sleeved and light blue. We then start to leave. Kelly guy seems mad at us. We decided to head up some stairs and go to our room. I’m back on the 1st floor and some guy bumps me. Then Kelly again. I head to the room since a big fight seems to be brewing

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