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    Driving, FA, random mind wandering

    by , 03-29-2011 at 01:39 AM (981 Views)
    3/27-28. 930. Something about WoW? Then driving at night. Rain? Headlights go off then turn back on. Then looking at stars. Maybe on the 71N before Pine, or on the 15N after Norco

    2ish. FA. Dad wakes me up I think. I look at the clock and it’s 415am, but my alarm is set (4am). Then I’m talking to him while he’s on the couch and he asks, “What did you see after I left?” It had been a dark kind of shadow but passed it off as eye trick, but didn’t say that, didn’t answer. Then I wake up for real

    At some school. I’m in a bed and Cameron from House is there and my mom. Something about some medications reacted and that’s why I got sick. Meds were for stomach pain and something else. Then I’m a super hero and I go to find the Flash. Find him and talk to him. Ask if he could take me back to my class on his back because I was running late. Then it’s a high school in a PE lockers kind of area. Some fire starts and I go grab an extinguisher. Electrical fire and some black girl is trapped in a stall. I walk around the stall and it’s completely open so tell her to come on. Then I’m on the school’s roof. Mr. Hxxxx from middle school PE opens a vent up to let out the smoke. Adam Hxxxxxx is with me and we jump around on the roofs. One of the gaps is too big I think so look for another way. As I finish looking, there is now a hill where the buildings were, hilly and open land, and there’s a ramp I use to get off the roof. I get to my class which is being held outside. I take out my phone and start to turn down the sound. The teacher sees and says, “I hope you’re putting your phone on silent.” “Yes, I am.” “Thanks for being honest.” Then in a Mid East kind of place, sandy and dunes. We’re doing a shot gun project that has to do with mapping out where shotgun shells land. There’s some guy on a piano. Then these raiders come and attack us (hills are green from the area they come from). As the raiders go by, some crawl out of the ground slowly, but very crude looking and jerky. Then I’m watching a MST3K movie and they’re making fun of how horribly the special effect of them coming out of the ground is done. Kind of a theater. Mom, and Kyle(?), there. I have these cards from Joy and Mark Jxxxxxxx so open them and read them

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