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    You are Lost

    by DropTherapy on 11-17-2021 at 02:35 PM
    I remember being in this sort of dream world where different passageways lead to different parts of the dream. In one faithful instance of stupidity, I found myself going through a tunnel with some people that lead to a relatively large, dark expanse and then coming out the other side alone. The setting I found myself in was a roller rink's food court/resting area, but minus the actual roller rink itself.

    I tried to leave, but as I went further into the entrance I came through, I felt like I was being impeded by a stronger version of the same pitch black material that my trailer's blinds are made of. It felt as if I was completely enveloped in it the harder I tried to power through it. Eventually, I decided to call upon the help of a tall, vaguely emaciated looking figure who must have been the god of this realm. He told me that in order to get through, I needed to maintain a state of absolute calm, and only then will the passageways to other parts of the dream be opened to me.

    I decided it was worth a shot. I walked in as far as I could, already missing whatever I was doing before I found myself in this predicament, laid down, took a few deep breaths, and suddenly I felt as if I was no longer being crushed like before. The first few attempts to leave were unsuccessful due to me losing my sense of calm and/or focus, but eventually I did make it to doorways that lead elsewhere.

    The problem, however, is that none of these were desirable locations. A lot of them featured nightmarish creatures and dead ends, causing me to have to make it back to the roller rink area. A lot of them featured an entity resembling a very short old african american lady with no arms, although its human appearance was only a fluke. In actuality, it was as far removed from any kind of humanity as possible, acting either as a cunning, highly manipulative predator or a mindlessly cannibalistic one.

    After what felt like at least an hour of searching, I made it to a small room with heavy green lighting and an old-fashioned wallpaper that featured vertical stripes and other decorative designs. The room itself was probably slightly larger than an average closet space, and across from me was a door that I presumed to at least lead to somewhere more feasible. The issue, however, was the presence right next to the door of an instance of the afforementioned creature and another, much larger and bulkier one that might have been wearing a tuxedo and had a face similar to the vaguely insmuth looking people from tool's music video for parabola. behind them was a chair and a few food bowls full of what looked like cat food.

    I thought that maybe I could dart past them and open the door, however I didn't consider the possibility of it being locked, and once they spotted me, they both attempted to attack/take bites out of me, to which I got angry and adrenaline-filled and knocked over the chair and food bowls, eventually causing me to wake up. I remember thinking to myself, "oh thank god finally".

    Updated 11-17-2021 at 02:52 PM by DropTherapy

    non-lucid , nightmare


    by DropTherapy on 10-12-2021 at 01:33 PM
    I remember talking to a couple of people from new zealand that I hadn't talked to since freshman year. They were about to enter a video call and when I asked if I could join they profusely apologized for not letting me on it back in freshman year.

    Afterwards, I made my way to my trailer, where Edynn and her friend came around a couple of times when I wasn't looking. I remember one occasion that night in which I almost got to talk to Edynn but she ran off with a smaller version of herself and they had both changed their name to John. Whoever I was with gave me a cheap christmas decoration to hang up on the door while they played christmas music and by the time Edynn came around again I started jokingly doing devil horns with my hands to the music and headbanging. The person sitting in the driver's seat (guess my trailer became an RV?) Started honking the hilariously off-key horn. I laughed hysterically until I woke up, after which I'm I noted how non-hysterically I was actually laughing in real life and just how much I was drooling in my sleep.

    Updated 10-12-2021 at 01:35 PM by DropTherapy


    Band Rehearsal

    by DropTherapy on 10-05-2021 at 02:58 PM
    This first fragment took place after another part of the dream. I was reading a webcomic with some live action elements until it slowly turned into peter griffin watching historical baseball games in an isolated room.

    The next fragment featured me and Chris in what looked like someone's back yard. They were advertising a product meant for motor vehicles from around the 1920's and 30's. When I was explaining this to Chris, I pointed to an old rusty broken down Ford truck from that time period that was directly across from us. There was also a large, hollow green plant that I tried using as pants but there was only one leg's worth and it didn't fit me anyway.

    In the next part, me, Chris, and some other people were in a band, and we were going to play Lake Song by Window Girl at an open mic night. Before we played we went around a local shopping center looking for stuff. I remember there being a store for highly advanced watches, although everything was out of my price range.

    Eventually me and Chris were at my work and I was on my computer looking for files on it. There were some cursed creepypasta type videos for some reason, along with some older videos from the early to mid 20th century. I then realized that I was in the public documents section and went to my own private files and found what I was looking for, which was one of our work in progress original songs. He said the subject matter was a lot darker than what he usually likes and I took the feedback. After reviewing it with chris, he left and went back to the rest of the band.

    Sometime before he left, he said the open mic night started at 7:30PM. It was just before then that I realized that I can't sing and play at the same time, no matter how simple the bass line to Lake Song is. I started panicking, frantically texting chris and pacing around my work's warehouse until he said they'd just cover something without me, which if I remember correctly, actually stressed me out way more.

    Somehow this led to a totally unrelated fragment where I was a male asian doctor partaking in experiments that were being done on me. There was a chair with mutiple different settings on the side that I was asked to sit in among a room of researchers that treated me like a colleague except for the head researcher. I sat in the chair and the head researcher turned it on, which caused a lot of electricity to be expelled. I frantically got out after seeing what settings were there, which included "autistic", the R slur, and something else. I told him that I was already autistic and he said "well that explains why your ex fiance was your husband", or some more coherent yet somehow harder to remember form of that. The researchers all got mad at him and started to speak up about the homophobic remarks.

    Gamers' Castle

    by DropTherapy on 09-25-2021 at 07:24 AM
    In this new dream, I was in a fancy castle of some kind. It was a very racist and generally bigoted one with a lot of rules, not all of them inherently racist. I remember breaking a few, and after I broke one about associating with a black person, a chase started. I don't particularly remember if I was caught but I remember this sequence of events happening again a few times. The group they sent to capture me was associated with either Dead Space or some other similar game. Eventually, I learned how to fly and took that to my advantage. Once that happened, the dream took a weird turn in which I was both simultaneously flying and viewing myself in third person in a way that implied that I wasn't the character that learned to fly. The people chasing me went from dead set on capturing me to just annoyed that I was flying. Under me I had some computer code or something while I was flying among voxelated forests. I remember eventually learning how to fly really fast by diving down on occasion. Eventually that stopped and it was back to first person where I was getting ready to find the headquarters of the people associated with dead space. A guy was briefing me on the mission and then I woke up.

    Updated 09-29-2021 at 07:30 AM by DropTherapy


    Shit, the Car Got Impounded Again!

    by DropTherapy on 08-14-2021 at 05:04 PM
    I remember being out in the parking lot of some place with my mom's boyfriend's car. I had to go and get something and when I returned a shorter mexican person told me it was being impounded again. I freaked out and started crying profusely, thinking about what my mom or her boyfriend would say considering in the dream we had just gotten the car out. He said I could make an appeal to get it sooner and until then there was a guy who drove a truck who I could call to get to school beforehand. That person came in and it turned out to be an acquaintance from sophomore year of high school. They said "hi Madison", and then left.