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    Thread: getting shivers when talking to god?

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      getting shivers when talking to god?

      My family isn't religious so I can't really talk to them about this stuff. I'm 18 and I've only just recently decided to let God and jesus into my life. I wish did it sooner. Anyway, I prayed to god to help me find my dream/passion because I've been through a rough couple of years and I lost who I was because I went down a bad path (that's another story)
      I feel in my stomach that singing is my passion, I feel like I need to do this but I have a fear of success and I feel like I'm bad at signing. I prayed to god again and I said I am scared and that I need help, I started to feel shivers down my spin. I really opened up to god, I was almost crying and i felt all these shivers right in my heart. It felt weird but nice. What are these shivers?

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      Feelings of a religious nature can have a drug like effect. I love those 'shivers'. They are actually electrical impulse racing along the spine. It is also related to the 'energy' Eastern religions talk about.

      My caution to you is to feel this connection to God, but not to a certain religion. Too often someone experiences spiritual feelings, which do not 'belong' to a specific religion and take it as proof that that religion must be true. ALL spiritual paths be they east or west can produce that spine tingling effect. It is of your own connection to what ever is above you, be it God or higher self.
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      Once I was working on my chakras and asked God to heal/align my heart chakra. At first nothing happened. But the next day was the most emotional rollercoaster of my life. My heart was bare, everything was out! It was a lot more powerful than when I try to work on my chakras "alone". Suddenly the rollercoaster was over and I felt clear happiness for many days *before life brought me down again.....*

      That's what your experience reminds me of. The tingling sensation down the spine and into the heart to the point of tears, that's all consistent with chakra healing. I know chakras aren't a part of the christian tradition, but simply put, chakras represent your physical body's connection to your spiritual self.

      And asking questions like "what is my passion?", well that's asking to be aligned to your spiritual self. So you prayed to God, and received a necessary healing chakra experience, at least, that's what I believe happened!

      Anyways, it doesn't sound like you're quite done, otherwise you would be wholeheartedly sharing this passion with us. I would say, keep going, don't stop the momentum here!

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      Not sure if this is entirely relevant, but was having a deep conversation with a friend yesterday. We were talking of the nature of reality, and I was saying how it felt like there was a guiding force in life, and how I had run into certain situations or met people for no apparent reason. Just coincidence or chance that I met them (although I don't think there's a thing as coincidence) and they turn out to dramatically change my life in directions I couldn't imagine. I felt the shivers, or waves as another friend affectionately calls them, when talking about those events and people that just appear in life without our conscious intention. Like if I didn't play cello or be involved with music, I may not have been here right now!

      I do think that there's some divine force in this universe, however it is labeled, and definitely get those moments (though somewhat rare) that I feels shifts within myself and more emotion than usual. So yes, those shivers! And agreeing with the posts above, spirituality and your mindset/beliefs are what align you to your particular religion or paradigm, but I think feelings like this are universal and happen regardless of the type of faith we have.
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      I don't believe in god so I don't think those shivers are anything magical in nature. I think they are from you either being really excited, or scared by the thought of singing. I say, if that is your passion, then go for it.

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