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    Thread: What happened? Post Your WILD Attempts, Good or Bad, Here

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      Question How do you perform WILD without staying awake for hours? - Wild balance

      Pardon if this has been posted before but there's just so much misinformation and mixed signals I'm getting, I'm not sure what to follow.

      So I've been following Lunar's WILD guide which is the main one that most people recommend, but what I don't understand is the WILD balance. Like how can you keep yourself concious whilst falling asleep? For me it's like an on/off switch. If I'm trying to think about absolutely anything at all, no matter how "light" I try to keep my awareness, I just end up staying awake for hours.

      I attempted WILD last night as well and the same thing happened. I woke up after 6 hours, stayed awake for 5 minutes just to meditate and think about lucid dreaming, and then performed WILD afterwards.I ended up just laying there for 2 hours. Although it didn't really feel like 2 hours, after I checked the time I was surprised by how much time passed.

      That's besides the point though, what I want to ask is if anyone else has had the same issue with WILD and how they managed to overcome it. I've been meditating for quite a bit so I thought this wouldn't be a challenge for me but I just cannot get the proper mix of awareness and sleep in. Like I said before if I'm even slightly thinking about anything I stay awake indefinetly, but the moment I stop caring and give up on attempting the lucid dream for the day, I'm out within a minute or two no joke. I've tried multiple different things as anchors including: Heartbeat, physical sensation of my blanket, ocean sounds on my phone, and paying attention to my eyes, but nothing seems to work. I've also heard somewhere that inner monologuing is a bad thing? (Aka talking to yourself in your head), so that might explain why I can't sleep as I'm talking to myself a bit.

      In conclusion though I've been trying WILD for weeks now and I've had no success. I have had a few lucid dream experiences in the past so it's not that I physically can't lucid dream, it's just that with this method and the WILD balance, those seem impossible to me.

      Edit: I tried WILD again and I think my problem might just be that I talk to myself too much. Today I tried simply existing in the moment and not caring about anything else outside thw flow of my breathing, and within a few minutes, I went unconcious and concious a few times and then was in a dream scene. Unfortunately it did end abrubtly, but I did make some progress which is cool.
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      Woke up for wbtb, scanned etwold barcode as alarm task, read a few words and already felt awake enough.
      Lied down and very soon after my body was in full vibrations mode already.
      Did mantra every now and then and some mind wandering in between which was a lot easier during wbtb
      Then suddenly the vibrations were more like electricity and I was in a dream, with electric arms fighting with someone else in a dark room.
      But there were no blue sparks sadly so I tried some dream control but to no avail and woke up right after.

      Next time I'll remember to DEILD
      WILD time

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