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    Thread: hypnagogic imagery before sleep paralysis

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      Question hypnagogic imagery before sleep paralysis

      Hey, i have a few questions on the topic title. let me start with what happened last night:

      What i did was went to sleep and planned on waking up through my alarm. i did, waking up at 5 (i usually go to sleep at 10 or eleven) and i moved around a little. then i followed yoshi's wild technique. what happened was that i started seeing colors of red and black moving like i was in a tunnel (sorry, if i could explain any better i would). i did not go into sleep paralysis but i know why.

      the questions i have are the following however:

      - arent you supposed to experience HI after you go through sleep paralysis?
      -If so, what was it i experiencing? a sign that i was about to go to sleep paralysis?
      -What should i do when i see these colors again?
      - (this one is kind of random) when you breathe, For WILDing, do you use your nose or your mouth. or a combo of both. can you please explain?

      let me say that these colors don't come just from me closing my eyes and waiting like a min or so. i have to be relaxed for it to happen. I would like it if you can answer all my questions but will be happy if you only know a few. Thanks in advance!!

      btw i do plan on posting here alot more!!!!
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      After I see colors and shapes behind my closed eyelids, I just wait for them to evolve into more complex items and then into pictures/movies/dreams. When I see a fully developed movie/dream playing out underneath me ( I usually see it from birds eye view) I pick a spot in the dreamscape and slowly and deliberatly say: 'I...am...there'. Then I'm transported closer and closer to the ground untill I land and I'm in the dream.

      I breathe through my nose. If I start some breathing excercises to get relaxed, I usually discontinue them by the time I start seeing swirls and colors and just breathe regularly. In general, you should try falling asleep as you normaly do. So If you breathe through your mouth, you shouldn't change it. You have to be comfortable to fall asleep.

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      HI also happens just before you fall asleep, so yes they are HI Next time, try focusing on them, then you might enter SP, or not.

      Regarding WILD, I don't even know if I'm breathing or not when I WILD What I'm saying is I'm not giving any attention to it. After I wake up 4 hours of sleep, I enter SP easily because I would be on the brick of that thin line btw sleep and awake.

      Note: Forgot to tell you, I never breath with my mouth when I sleep, at least not that I'm aware of.
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      Here is a link to one of my threads. I explain some of those things so take a look at it. My answers here will be short.

      1)HIs are generated by a portion of your brain. You can see them in meditation or even when just resting your eyes if you have developed that part of your brain. The moment you start to relax you may start seeing shifting colors long before SP.
      2)Here is a link to another thread of mine that talks about what to do when you see them, and how to use them in your training. http://www.dreamviews.com/f12/train-...-wilds-128960/
      3)You can do either, but if you breath through your mouth, it will get very dry. That makes me smack my lips or try to swallow, which can be a real distration.
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      When I see Hypnagogic images (colored blobs and patterns) I just imagine them as something I recognize. Blobs become clouds, cross-hatch paterns become fences. Hypnogogic images are the primordial ooze of dreams.
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