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    Thread: Physical body awareness keeps me from LDing

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      Unhappy Physical body awareness keeps me from LDing

      Hello! I have been lurking in the forums for a while and I finally decided to try to get into lucid dreaming. I've focused on DILD, but I'm having an issue. Most of the times when I try getting lucid after WBTB and realize I'm dreaming I also become aware of my physical body. In that instant I'm aware of my physical body the dream seams to fade away and I'm not able to become lucid then, as if my body distracted me from my dream, why does this happen?. I've tried practicing DEILD as a secondary method when this happens but I'm either way too conscious to fall asleep or I completely fall asleep without any awareness at all.

      Thanks for reading,
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      For one thing, you may be catching those lds just at the end of REM when your body tends to wake up naturally. While we can't know that for sure, it is much better not to think about physical body while dreaming. Don't make it a habit. Even if you are about to wake up, you can still prolong the dream a bit. First of all, have a pre set goal of something that you want to do and go for it, no matter what you feel may be happening to the dream. You may also try rubbing your hands and then going straight to your goal. After you wake up, keep trying to DEILD. It may or may not be successful, but with time you will get better with it. If it is taking too long to fall asleep, then it can be turned into the other version, i.e. WILD. You can also do a few SSILD cycles or repeat a mantra while waiting.

      Here are some useful links:


      Sageous' WILD Here be sure to check out session 7, which also covers DEILD.

      Yuppie's DEILD guide

      Good luck!
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      When you become lucid, fully engage in your surroundings. Bring all your attention into what you see, feel, hear etc. in your dream. It may take a few tries, but you will be able to overcome that.

      good luck and let us know how it goes!
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