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    Thread: Astral Projection VS. Lucid Dreaming?

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      Astral Projection VS. Lucid Dreaming?

      I would like to know a few questions (: please take your time to answer them as clearly as possible.
      Question 1 ~ " Everything that I am able to do in a lucid dream, may I do it once I have astral projected into the astral realm?"
      Question 2~ Is there really much Of a difference between astral projection and Lucid Dreaming?
      Question 3~ If you had to pick One , which would it be and why? (:

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      Based off of what I know, I'll try to answer your questions.

      1) What I've heard, in both lucid dreaming and astral projection, what you imagine will become real. This is why I've heard warnings not to think about the scary monsters that may be out there in the realm, otherwise they'll appear. Since this happens so easily, I would imagine your thoughts have stronger influences in the astral realm than lucid dreaming. Because with the latter, you have to will it more than just think it.

      I don't think you could everything. One reason is in the astral realm, you could actually go to real places, but can't interact with them. As far as astral projection exclusives, I've heard there are some places that only exist in the realm, like temples of learning, things like that.

      2) I think the former is the world outside, experienced in a different way. While the latter is the world inside your mind, shaped however you want.

      3) I'd go with lucid dreaming because it would feel more surreal and honestly, safer. In the astral realm, you're not alone. Whether you're worried about privacy of someone just randomly passing by and observing you, or a less honest character whose looking to manipulate you.

      With lucid dreaming, the limit is your imagination as to what you can experience and learn about yourself. But in astral traveling, you don't create the world you experience, you just choose what kind to explore. But that also means there are things and people to discover that you would have never imagined in a lucid dream. For example, I heard you could encounter the spirits of the dead in the astral realm if you're so inclined.

      It depends on your goals, by the end of the day. But again, there's risks involved in astral projecting unlike lucid dreaming because you're not alone, and can't control the actions of the people you encounter. I haven't heard of anyone dying in there. Just "psychic attacks" where their "energy" gets drained.

      Don't quote me on any of this. There's a lot to know about astral traveling, especially if you haven't done it yourself. This is just a bit of what I've heard from those who have astral traveled themselves.

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      1) Yes, sometimes. The laws of most of those realms are based off thought like forces. Your thoughts can often effect the reality much like in an LD. However, some areas have strong gravity, so flying may be very hard and draining or not possible. Other entities may over ride your desires, so you may not be able to make something disappear that they have created. Currents can be powerful and whisk you along like a river, and many other things. So, in some cases you can use all your LD powers, but not always.

      2) you may not even notice the difference unless you get experienced, but most astral space is wild and turbulent, so the effect would be weird and confusing and very unlike a regular dream. However, many stable realms are maintained inside this chaos. In one of those it may seem almost identical to an LD.
      3) Astral stuff can be terrifying. I would like to say "at first" but I still get creeped out now and then after a couple decades. As the member above mentions, privacy and fear of manipulation is an issue. I still think after one excels at LDing then astral stuff can offer more challenges and wider experience.
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      I don't think you can do everything in the astral realm like you can in a lucid dream. There are some things you can not control in the astral realm.
      Yes there are differences between a lucid dream and astral projection .In astral projection it is taking place in real time for waking life, the only difference is that you are not physical anymore however in lucid dreaming what you are expriencing is a hallucination that you can control at will. What you see in astral projection is something that is actually happening while when you lucid dream there is nothing truly going on.

      I would choose to astral project because I would like to truly have a different way of expriencing Reality and to know that it's real, to know that I actually gain something in this Reality and to destroy theory of mind.
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      I feel distinct differences between astral projection(OBE) and lucid dream. Different state of mind, different feeling of reality. Different states of mind means different ways how to do things. Generally I feel more free in OBE but at the same time there are constraints whose are not problem by lucid dreaming. For example, when I do OBE, I try not to use imagination. Using imagination it feels like I'm loosing touch with reality. I feel to be less and less aware. Awareness in LD is like that of normal waking life by me... But it is weak in comparison of OBE.
      I would everytime choose OBE. I feel much more alive than otherwise.

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      Astral projection is not *actually* leaving your body, it just refers to connecting to the universal mind through a dream and thereby receiving information that one couldn't have known. It is labelled this because we don't know what else to call it. It's the same thing as a dream physiologically, but that isn't to say it doesn't exist.
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      Hmmm. I have never experiences AP in a dream state. I know some people do. It is an altered level of consciousness. I agree that the subtle self leaves the physical body. AP is completely different from LD foe me.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Jabre View Post
      Astral projection is not *actually* leaving your body, it just refers to connecting to the universal mind through a dream and thereby receiving information that one couldn't have known. It is labelled this because we don't know what else to call it. It's the same thing as a dream physiologically, but that isn't to say it doesn't exist.
      That is how I experience it. We're dreaming of that connection with the universal mind as we conceive of it, and extrasensory information is received, but the dream itself is a lucid dream.

      You experience your thoughts as being in your head for the same reason you experience sounds in your head when wearing headphones and outside your head otherwise. The sounds are not in your head with headphones and outside otherwise. Its a projection. So if I project my experience of my thoughts to outside of my head, are they going out of my head? I think that nothing is moving anywhere. Likewise for my astral body. If I fly out of the galaxy, how is it that I never get lost or stranded, that I always arrive back in my body when its time to wake up? Its because I'm not moving any 'finer matter' anywhere, notwithstanding that I may be 'moving' my attention in some way and getting information that way.
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