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    1. My Anti-Social Dream Guide

      by , 06-17-2010 at 01:24 PM (Hazel's Boiler Room)
      Sometimes, my dream guide really irks me. But yay, lucidity!

      1- Scary Lucidity
      I am listening to a song on my mp3 player that was written by someone on MM. It's very creepy... Makes me think of Alice in Wonderland. Eventually I get tired and turn it off, intending to go to bed. As soon as I lay down, the song starts playing. Ugh, not THIS song again. Wait, didn't I take my earbuds out already? I sit up and RC. Lucid!

      Suddenly it is very dark in my room. I vaguely think about lights, but I cannot focus enough to make the darkness go away. An aura of fear, of pure terror, weighs down the air, making it somewhat difficult to breathe.

      Annoyed, I walk to the center of my room and stand perfectly still. I picture what I will do to any attacker, even Leroy (who I know is behind this), for coming to me in such darkness with the obvious intent to scare me. But it's just so freaking dark, I can't hold the dream together.

      ((Note: I know it was Leroy, because fear is his "energy signature." Why he has to be so anti-social, I don't know.))

      2- A Dream of Wakefulness
      I am in MM chat, telling everyone about the lucid dream I just had. Moonbeam tells me that the person who wrote that song is banned from MM, because he stole our "void game." I am appalled. How dare he!?

      Later, I am a guy wandering around a college campus. I hear a "Hey, you," behind me and turn around. A girl is standing in the doorway, looking at me. "The manager told me to look for a Junior, and you're the only Junior around here. Even though you look more like 17 than 20. If you want to join our ranks, go meet Nelson by the band house."
      ((This is pretty much an exact quote of what she said, as I woke up afterwards and wrote it down as quickly as possible.))

      3- Alice in Dreamland
      I am cleaning out my grandmother's house; apparently she's moving. We fight all sorts of strange things in there, my favorite being some type of primitive war machine. It is a cart, with a catapult attached to one side, a removable spiky club attached to the other side, and spikes in the front. Useful for both long ranged attacks and ramming into enemies.

      Later, I am no longer myself, but a girl named Alice. I am standing in a graveyard with friends, sanctifying the grave of our deceased friend, Whisper. I say a spell which animates the concrete Angel used as her gravemarker. It now has her spirit. She thanks me, and offers to help in times of need.

      I am following some weird storyline as I wander further into the graveyard, away from my friends. A narrator says I will get attacked by the thugs who are after me, and my friends won't be able to hear my cries for help. The rational part of me realizes that I could leave now before the thugs find me, but this Alice part of me isn't aware of my future predicament.

      I see my (Alice's) father walk around the side of the church.

      Rational me: *gasp* My father has something to do with those thugs!

      Alice: Hm, I wonder where he's going?

      As I sneak closer, I spot the thugs loading some things into a car. Too late to hide: the short fat one has spotted me! I run, and he give chase. How can he run so fast!? I see my friends over the hill, leaving the cemetery. As predicted, they cannot hear me calling to them.

      Suddenly another of the thugs is standing in my path. This one, however, I know to be friendly. "Alice!" he cries out as I collide into him. He catches me and holds me with my back against his chest.

      "Being... chased..." I pant. Shorty walks up to us.

      "Neil! Good, you got 'er! Let's take 'er to the boss!"

      Neil doesn't move; I can tell he's debating with himself about what to do. Set me free, or follow orders? Right now, I don't really care which one he decides. I know that he'll save me eventually, if not now. Besides, I'm feeling very comfortable in his arms... "Neil, what are you waiting for?" Shorty growls impatiently.

      Neil suddenly lets me go and puts himself between me and the other thug. "Go! Run!" I don't want to leave him, but I must follow the storyline.

      "Thank you," I say, taking off down the sidewalk. I think I am going to get away, but at the intersection I am intercepted by another thug, who looks like Fabio. Damn it! Neil got in trouble for nothing!
      ((At this point, my mom's phone goes off, waking me. No fair... I was going to end up having a romance with Neil...))
    2. Once Upon a Midnight Dreary (DV version)

      by , 06-09-2010 at 03:10 AM (Hazel's Boiler Room)
      Quote Originally Posted by Hazel View Post
      I try to forget, yet SHE is constantly reminding me... *sigh*

      1- A Kinship with the Queen
      I am standing in front of a cemetery, talking to the Queen. Some of the graves are walking around, talking to the other graves. One of them looks like a small, long-necked dinosaur. The Queen warns me not to get too close, because some of the graves aren't yet resigned to their fate and may be aggressive.

      Next to us is an enormous shelf filled with countless cards. On each card is a name. The Queen explains that this is an index of everyone in the entire kingdom. She says she must draw six cards for execution. "Wait a minute," I say, "how many people did you execute last time?"

      "Six," she replies. "And six before that, too." ((I didn't realize the number reference until I woke up.))

      "So you're just executing six RANDOM people for your own pleasure!?"

      "Yeah... That's how we choose people for jury duty, too."

      A bit later, I come back to find that the card system is gone. She... got rid of it because of me?

      *lapse in memory*

      I return to the kingdom a while later, confused about how long I've been gone. Also, this seems to be a computer game... I get a picture from my friend Goldenwolf of a purple T-Rex. It's cute, but definitely not up to par with her real talent. We meet up and explore the world together. To start with, we're on a beach, and I find some cool looking coins in the sand. One of them has a unicorn on it, which is Goldy's familiar in the game. She says that her unicorn was the one who minted this coin.

      After coming out of a toy store, I tell her that I have to pay a visit to the castle. "Okay," she says, "see you later."

      At the castle, the Queen is waiting to greet me. "Sarah!" she exclaims in delight, hugging me.

      "Um, I wanted to thank you," I say to her, a bit awkwardly.

      "Thank me?"

      "For getting rid of the card system."

      "Oh, that... Well, I didn't want you to be unhappy." She leads me into a back room, instructing me to stand on a ledge in front of a curtain. She warns me not to step backwards, because the *unremembered word* is behind the curtain. I'd had a bad encounter with this stuff earlier and don't want a repeat experience, so I watch my footing.

      The Queen pulls back the curtain, revealing a tub filled with tar-like swirling liquid. An evil voice is coming from it, from the very depths of Hell, telling of events yet to come. After a while, the Queen closes the curtain. Her body has now swollen up like a balloon, a temporary effect of the *unremembered word*. She can't even stand!

      My fingers are suffering the same abnormality, but this seems to be my only side effect. I know for a fact she bathes in this stuff, much to my disapproval, so I assume this is why she is in much worse condition than I am.

      She asks me if I'll help her move a refrigerator, and I say that I will. I walk out of the room. When she comes out, she is once again her slender self. "We have to wait for my fingers," I say, watching as they slowly shrink back to normal size.

      "Why did you gaze into the *unremembered word* with me?" She asks abruptly.

      "Because you told me to," at her almost sad look, I add, "...and because I wanted to see what would happen."

      She smiles at me, but it doesn't reach her eyes. "You know, you could be Queen if you wanted to." At these words, my real life comes to me in a rush. My name... the Queen... Leroy... regicide... Could I really take her place?

      "I don't know if I could," I answer, thinking of how stressed she looks. Still, the idea is intriguing.

      "The last person who was in your position had his head permanently shrunken three times smaller than it's normal size. Only your fingers were affected, and they're better now. You're a natural."

      Paranoid, I feel my head. "Oh God, it feels smaller!" <<partially joking, partially being a hypochondriac

      The Queen glances down and mumbles quietly, "There is no God here..."

      I want to say something, but I cannot think of a good response to that.

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    3. Once Upon a Midnight Dreary (DV version)

      by , 06-09-2010 at 03:04 AM (Hazel's Boiler Room)
      Quote Originally Posted by Hazel View Post

      1- The Zombie Dance
      I become lucid while shooting jets of water out of my fingertips, and immediately remember my task. I MUST speak with Leroy. He's being an @$$ as usual, ignoring me when I call out his name. "I KNOW you can hear me!" I call out in frustration. Still no sign of him. Annoyed, I go outside in hopes of finding those creepy kids again. Maybe they'll be of some help this time, sice I eliminated their penguin problem. When I get to the road, I see that they are no longer in their usual spots. I do, however, spot two figures walking away from me, to the west. Quickly I catch up with them.

      The first one is my lab partner from Chemistry. The other, while physically unfamiliar, seems...

      "Who's your friend?" I ask my lab partner, though I'm fairly sure...

      "I thought you knew him. This is Le----"

      "Leroy!" I exclaim, with more delight in my voice than I had intended. "You look different again. Like a street punk." (Still hot as ever, though...)

      He greets me in some kind of weird slang, making fun of my observation.

      They begin walking quickly, so I latch myself onto Leroy's arm in order to not get left behind. "Wait, I have a lot of questions---" We suddenly make it to the graveyard, and I am startled to see that there are zombies everywhere.

      "Welcome to The Dungeon," Leroy tells me with an evil grin. I just know he's going to leave me here to fight the zombies all by myself.

      Because I'm clinging to Leroy's arm so tightly, my lab partner assumes that I'm afraid of the zombies. He's partly right; an aura of fear is coming from the zombies, and it radiates from Leroy as well. I'm terrified of them both, but it's easy to ignore. My real fear is that Leroy is going to leave me again. He STILL hasn't answered any of my questions!

      I can tell he is about to go, so I act without thinking. I tackle him to the ground, and we begin fighting again. As usual.
      This forces me into a false awakening, ending the dream.

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