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    Timothy Paradox

    1. 18-12-14 Shot in the Face

      by , 12-14-2018 at 06:26 PM
      I was being shot at. The bullets seemed to go in slow motion, but my own movements were slowed as well. I managed to dodge the first one. I tried to avoid the second and third ones, but quickly noticed it wasn't going to happen. The bullets hit me right in the face (not the head). Next thing I saw, was Claire mourning me. My view was in third person.
      Tags: bullets, claire, death
    2. 18-09-13 Claire Character Designs

      by , 09-14-2018 at 12:15 AM
      I saw several design sketches for a character. I knew it to be Claire, and I knew it was the future. Maybe the '30s. She was standing in the street. It was nighttime and raining. She had a futuristic umbrella with a shaft that lit up. Her clothing was era-appropriate. A stylish black/dark grey trench coat.
    3. 18-09-09 College

      by , 09-10-2018 at 12:53 AM
      I was in a corridor of what appeared to be an office building, making out with a REDACTED sex doll. The doll was very advanced and had a weak form of AI. More of a robot than a doll. I quickly hid her under a table because I knew the people who worked in the office would return.

      In another scene, I was with a bunch of college students. I was doing front flips (I could never do that in real life). Not far away, a band of college cheerleaders were practicing. At some point, I asked one of the guys where to find 'building F'. I had to be there for class, I guess. I went outside and saw that it was night. I started flying. My powers weren't fully developed yet, but enough for me to show off by flying low over people's heads (sigh). I glided down a hill and found a large bear cage. Well, more like 'bear habitat'. Like in a big zoo. I flew above it, and landed on a tree inside the habitat. Only then did I notice the bear. My powers weren't strong enough yet and I didn't trust my ability to fly up out of there. I felt a little stuck.
    4. 18-05-16 Claire Kidnapped, 'Game'

      by , 05-18-2018 at 03:58 PM
      I was with Claire and a guy from work, Kamiel. We were in what I think was an empty general store, after hours. An unknown (human) enemy attacked us, and we were forced to fight. I helped Claire fight her attackers, then moved to Kamiel and did the same for him. But once I'd done that, I looked back and saw they'd somehow knocked Claire unconscious and were carrying her away. It felt weirdly impossible, as they weren't there last time I looked in their direction. I figured this was a video game, and this was a scripted event. Either way, worried for her safety, I rushed towards them but was slowed down by more goons who got in my way. I pushed them aside or ran past them, and managed to get through the door at the end. I knew this wasn't supposed to happen. This was scripted and this space was supposed to be unreachable for the 'player', me. I found myself in a large factory, that had people working on conveyor belts everywhere. They all stopped to look at me. The way they did it felt weird and unnatural, and I knew it was because I wasn't supposed to be here. These characters didn't have advanced AI or animations because the room was only supposed to be visible through a window in the door. Anyway, I saw they'd carried Claire through another double door at the end of a short corridor. I rushed after them, but couldn't open the door. I think they probably 'despawned' a few meters down the hall. I yelled after Claire, swearing I'd come for her. Like many dreams involving her character, we knew each other but I had hidden feelings I was too scared to show. Her getting in trouble unleashed those emotions of caring and worry, and gave me the speed and strength to try and save her.

      What followed was another 'chapter' in the game, but featuring a main character other than myself. The character was a young boy (8, maybe 10 years old) navigating a dark alley with a flashlight. I knew the game's chapters were being played in reverse, as this chapter supposedly happened before mine.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    5. 18-01-27 Lots of Hallucinations

      by , 01-27-2018 at 10:23 PM
      I had a lot more of these waking hallucinations I've been having since two days ago. I remember little of their content, but they all felt so... significant. Like it's not supposed to be able to happen. I recall a remote viewing event, wanting to know the time and 'seeing' a clock through my closed eyes, and more cool shenanigans. I had an amazing degree of control over their content. Like I was controlling the story through my fantasies, fantasies that manifested themselves right in front of me. Like I was the character and 'director' of my dream at the same time.

      There was a moment I fantasized about meeting 'her'. The scene that unfolded in front of me was me walking up to a stage, manned by a full crew (like light and sound guys, stuff like that). I thought I'd prefer some privacy for an encounter like this, but I went along with in, anyway. I approached what looked like a wooden shape of an airplane (?) on the set. I couldn't see her, but knew 'she' was in the right seat. I took the seat next to her.

      The story continued and went off some wild tangent, and I wondered if I hadn't strayed too far from the original plot.

      One of the hallucinations turned a bit violent. Some guy did something that made me very angry, and I think I somehow got him onto the ground. I woke up feeling such intense hatred, adrenaline literally coursing through my veins. The hallucination turned to mere fantasy as I woke. I fantasized about smashing his skull to bits with a baseball bat. As my awareness of the real world got stronger, the hate subsided and I calmed down.

      Another hallucination happened while I was listening to the newest album of Carbon Based Lifeforms. I went from dream to wakefulness so sudden, I could 'hear the silence', and suddenly regaining my hearing and hearing the music. Like my consciousness went 'online' a second or so before my hearing did.

      In another dream I was being flown around a tropical environment (I think it was supposed to be the Miami area, but it looked 'flooded' and primitive somehow. Somewhat post-apocalyptic yet fully inhabited. Watching the other guy fly somehow made me realize I could do it myself. I was in the water (hard to explain again, water surrounded by shanty town houses/buildings, and had to scale a high wall. The others just flew up and over it, but I had trouble taking off from the water. I found a chair, partially submerged and attached to a wall, and decided to climb on it to give me a little boost. That's when I woke up.

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    6. 18-01-16 Making Advances

      by , 01-26-2018 at 03:41 PM
      I finally managed to tell Claire I liked her. It didn't go great (not outright rejection, but not enthusiasm either), but it felt like there was at least a chance.
      Tags: claire
    7. 18-01-15 Navigating Dark Rooms

      by , 01-26-2018 at 03:38 PM
      Somewhat nightmarish dream in which I navigate a series of large, dark rooms connected by doors. It was very dark, and silent. I suspect there were monsters around, or at least I thought there were. There was a group of people, but I was pretty far ahead of them, scouting ahead or something. Or collecting objects to progress, like a game of Resident Evil. After a while, I had enough and I told Claire (who was with me) this was crazy and clearly a job for the military. Predictably, she would have none of that and wanted to go on. Not wanting to disappoint (and knowing that with her, it's her way or the highway), I begrudgingly agreed and lead the party further into the maze of dark rooms.
    8. 17-11-12 'Evil' Claire Badly Hurt, Deathmatch

      by , 12-21-2017 at 11:36 AM
      I was with a team of soldiers/mercenaries, and had to check a large warehouse for enemies. I think maybe I'd overslept and I had forgotten to do recon, or gotten to know the guys in my squad I'd be working with. That's what the notes imply, anyway... This is all over a month ago.

      The 'evil' version of Claire had gotten badly injured on an assignment (we were on that job together, I think) and had been taken into an ambulance. I was very worried. The EMT informed me she was lost. Logically, I already knew as I'd seen what happened to her. She'd basically been torn in half, only her torso and head remained more or less intact. The thought she was gone for good sank in and I was pretty devastated with grief.

      Later, I was at a doctor's office, grieving. REDACTED NAUGHTY EVENT. I heard a sound outside, of someone arriving at the house. This scared me (considering what I was doing). Claire was with them. I ran outside to check the street, thinking she left again. Turns out she was in another small building on the property. I worried she'd seen what I was doing. I entered the room she was in. She was sitting on a chair against the wall, next to another young woman I didn't know. I felt so relieved she was okay. Yet I was still too fucking scared to tell her how I feel and he acted quite distant (I think she know how destroyed I was when she died in that ambulance and it was awkward). I made it all more awkward by trying to distract from the awkwardness by petting some random cat...

      I remember a kind of deathmatch game in harbor area. Claire was there too. I tried to impress her (I guess?) by trying to kill her (just a game, remember), but she was too fast (scaling rooftops easily) for me to get a proper shot at her (with a sniper I found in a doom-styled castle parapet area.

      I also recall flying a plane at low altitude across very rough terrain (canyons). Oh, and sailing a speedboat in a slalom between cop speedboats trying to lose them (GTA-style), but they saw me anyway.

      Eventually, after all of this, I stood on a kind of pier or dock in the middle of the water (hard to describe). The sun was shining and 'the others', presumable competitors of that deathmatch game we had earlier were there, too. I felt great. I had that 'vacation feeling'. But with that came the sharp realization this would not last.

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    9. 17-10-28 Left in Freezer

      by , 10-28-2017 at 07:25 PM
      I was hiding (or my point of view was, I wasn't me) in the back of a freezer truck. You know, like a truck that transports meat. When the rear door closed, I remember this could be dangerous. Eventually the dream went into third person, and it was *REDACTED* who was left in the freezer. I was supposed to set her free but forgot. So I guess she froze to death. Good thing she can heal...?
      Tags: claire, freezing
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    10. 15-10-XX Various

      by , 10-24-2017 at 12:59 PM
      I procrastinated for 2 years to write out these dreams. Yes, really. I barely remember any of them, so many will just be the one-word description I wrote down after I woke up.

      October 17: Time travel, home 2007. This does vaguely mean something to me. I'd somehow wound up 10 years in the past (8 from when I had this dream), and I'd gone to where we used to live as a family (now only my dad live there with his new wife, Debby). I think I ringed the doorbell and talked to my mom. Who didn't seem to notice I was 8 years older. Or was that a different dream...? Not sure.

      October 18: Time travel, Mexico.

      October 19: Miami, jet engine + cockpit - killer robot, Stig/Claire/Debby.

      October 20: Lava, Travis Dane (villain from "Under Siege 2")?

      October 21: Going nuclear.

      October 23: Chased by killer CIA (?), Eros (old friend of mine), car - school, 220 km/h, LA, Green Mile - cloning, restrained, grey alien.

      October 29: Hallucination, guy hits me in face repeatedly (brother?), knocks me to ground, sits on me, keeps hitting nose hard, I feel nothing/little, realize must be bleeding.

      October 30: Escape from huge research (?) building, 30 floors under the water or under ground, 160 above. I was chased by something on stairs, I jumped down. Elevator, slow down, roll away?

      Final boss robot, defeat, next game - walking through Las Vegas, remember/miss Claire, have to contain tears (powerful sorrow).

      October 31: City destroyed and on fire, airships and normal ships, landing at airship, difficult approach, hook won't attach, ship crew doesn't want us there.
    11. 17-10-12 Full Episode of Reborn + Other Show, Hypnagogic Episode

      by , 10-13-2017 at 04:46 AM
      I basically dreamt the plot of a full episode of Heroes, basically the first episode of a new season of the canceled 'Reborn' series from 2015. It focused on the father of Nathan and Malina, and showed a bit of his origin story. Most of it took place in Italy, 2006. His name was Pierre Gasly, which also happens to be the name of a Formula One driver (a racing series I follow religiously). He was in Italy with his wife/girlfriend, who eventually turned on him and became the villain of the story. The story started with some comic-book style narration (some of the scenes literally played out in front of me as pages of a 9th Wonders comic book), in which he spoke about his powers (it was implied he was ludicrously powerful) and said how his mother always said he was special. Anyway... the evil girlfriend was eventually defeated. I saw the next scene through the eyes of Pierre, where he approached Angela Petrelli, who was sitting on a bench just outside the Italian village. She showed him a 9th Wonders comic, featuring the exact scenes I just witnessed earlier in the dream. There was also a scene with Claire Bennet, who was apparently on vacation (with her folks) to Italy in 2006.

      After waking, I decided to close my eyes some more. I immediately got hypnagogic 'flashes', like a dream while being awake. I saw two kids, no older than 8, walking along a waterfront promenade. I knew a certain event would happen and they would fall in the water and (presumably) drown. I decided to watch, and see if 'destiny' would really happen. It did. Like clockwork, right when they were supposed to, the kids smashed through the low wall (!!!) separating them from the water, and fell into said water. I decided I couldn't just stand there and let it happen, and decided to jump in and save them. I was half awake at this point and it felt like I was controlling every aspect of that dream, not just my own actions.

      I dreamt an entire episode of a show I invented myself, right there in that dream. I don't recall anything about it, other than that the plot appeared to make sense.

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    12. 17-05-01 Too Many Dreams

      by , 05-05-2017 at 02:22 AM
      Boatload of dreams this night, a lot of it XXX-rated so expect to see a lot of "redacted". We start with a fully redacted sex dream featuring REDACTED.

      I'm held captive in a room up high in a skyscraper. I remember seeing a painting (?) and thinking the bad guys are the developers of the game "Hitman". Random, I know... The jail had bars that somehow "rotate" (hard to explain) which makes it impossible to break out. A jail guard sees me move and assumes I wanted to escape, so he comes in and installs an additional neck restraint which secures my neck to the wall. At some point I escape anyway, and jump through a window and fall down. But I somehow knew I'd be fine. The skyscraper looks quite futuristic.

      In this dream I was flying outdoors, using a poncho I was wearing as a cape that helped me fly (it generated lift, somehow). I landed, and continue a previous plot by talking to a Spanish girl (something about her high-heeled shoes?).

      Zombies attacked our old house. I was in the garden with my mom. I tried to fight, but my guns would not fire (I couldn't pull the trigger, typical in scary dreams), so I had to resort to using an improvised melee weapon.

      I remember REDACTED & a T-Rex, and I saw in first person from her perspective how it bit her, holding her in its maw (still on the ground). Her sight went black, and I saw her body on the ground with a bite taken out of it.

      I was watching TV, watching REDACTED by dinosaurs and giant wurms (like the ones from 2005's King Kong). REDACTED, thinking my dad and his wife Debby (who were in front of me, also watching the movie) wouldn't notice. I asked them what these wurm-things were. My dad simply said (in that typical tone): "Could you stop that, please". I knew he knew REDACTED." I simply replied "I'm not doing anything".

      I remember a scene in which I recalled I'd forgotten my bicycle somewhere in southern France... I figured I should leave it there, as the cost of retrieving it would be higher than the price of the actual bike.

      Dream that started in a gym and has way too many small random details, I will not bother to even *try* writing this all down. REDACTED on catwalks above the ground, waiting for them to start fighting (and REDACTED), but it doesn't happen.
    13. 17-02-01 Arthur's Castle, Animals Switching Bodies

      by , 02-09-2017 at 06:00 AM
      It was the Dark Ages, and I was involved in a battle for a castle in Britain on a cliff. Kind of reminds me of Tintagel castle now that I think of it. Enemy soldiers were trying to use rope to scale the cliffs and reach the castle. I informed Arthur (or did I simply propose the idea?) of traps we'd installed in the cliff. It's hard to explain, but the edge of the cliffs (on the top) was "on hinges" and acted like a trapdoor. When the soldiers reached the top, it "flipped" down and sent the soldiers falling to their doom. I felt pretty pleased with myself. I thought I could do well for myself in this age, building crazy traps for Arthur.

      The next dream. A weird one. It took place in this "park", some kind of zoo where creatures of various animal species lived... except their souls would be randomly swap bodies! I encountered a man, who was actually a bird living in the body of a human. He said he hated it. In the beginning of the dream, I was in the body of a big ape (orangutan I think). I was climbing a tree (or something resembling a tree, the "branches" were quite thin and straight). Despite having all the ape's climbing abilities, I was not comfortable hanging from that branch fifty feet in the air. I also remember encountering a group of elephants. Later in the scene, I found a group of men (humans, I think I was human myself). I think these men were enemies, or at least rivals in some way. Their "leader" said he knew who I was. He said he knew I was involved with a major battle over a thousand of years ago (he said the name of the battle, I forgot), referring to my previous shenanigans with Arthur.

      I was with *REDACTED*. *MORE REDACTED DETAILS*. I kissed her, a slow and long kiss - and it felt great. My recent real-life experiences augmented this experience. And that's all I say on this subject.
    14. 16-11-12 Scissors Kill, Electrocuting *REDACTED*, Strange Hotel Rooms

      by , 11-15-2016 at 04:54 AM
      I was Googling REDACTED with my mind (a controllable hypnagogic hallucination), to find out who REDACTED's significant other is. I only found the (useless) Dutch version of Wikipedia, which didn't have what I wanted to know.

      In another scene, I'm in the middle of a fight between two rival groups of super-powered mutants. One group of mutants even had tails (!!). At some point, I forced a guy to the ground, and stabbed him in the face and forehead a pair of scissors. It went through his skull. I was furious, and kept stabbing him again and again, and again... even after he was obviously dead.

      I'm with REDACTED in an outdoors area, like a park. There's a long (white?), wooden gazebo, which is where I was standing. I faced REDACTED (who was on the grass), picked up two ends of electrical wire, and brought the two ends together. I was electrocuted, the electricity traveled through the ground (was it wet?) and also electrocuted REDACTED. He was knocked to the ground. I approached him. Suddenly (still on the ground), he pulled his gun on me. I was glad, because this was a sign his memory was returning (he had forgotten everything, who he was, and that he had a gun). The camera moved elsewhere, and the sound of gunshots sounded throughout the park. I knew he was just popping off a few shots in the air, not at me.

      I'm in some kind of hotel room, or rather "hotel apartment", because it had several small rooms linked by a corridor. I was watching REDACTED on TV, and immediately noticed how gorgeous she looked. Like I do in real life, I REDACTED it. I didn't watch much, I had to turn off the device I was watching it on, because it had to recharge. There was another electrical device already recharging (my PS Vita?). Bored, I tried to think of something to do to pass the time. I went to the "TV room". Something else in that room was making a lot of noise (a radio?), and combined with the TV it drove me nuts. So I turned it off.
    15. 16-11-13 Aerial Chase, Lost in Forest

      by , 11-14-2016 at 02:26 AM
      I'm flying, but I'm being chased by someone (or rather something). I think my pursuer was humanoid, but definitely some kind of monster. It got close. I turned around mid-air (while continuing flight in the same direction) and tossed something in its direction to distract it or slow it down. It got even closer. I managed to squeeze out a burst of acceleration and create some distance between me and it.

      I recall a dark room or cellar. There was some kind of invisible (or barely visible) demon/entity in there. I was on a flight of stairs to a higher floor/ground level, backing away slowly.

      This one is only fragments. People were cryogenically frozen in a freezer. This had strange effects on them. An old guy was turned into a dwarf or sorts... REDACTED was affected too.

      I was lost in a big forest with a bunch of others. The trees were far apart, and there was plenty of light. It was possibly autumn. It's also possible we were only children (aged 10). I walked off to the right, and found a road. We followed it, but it was long, very long. It was possibly a coastal road, following the coastline. We went around a bend, and I could see many miles into the distance. The road stretched on and on, and there were snowy mountains on the other side of the road (the road was between the sea and the mountains). I thought it was pretty, but felt desperate because I was trying to find people. I didn't want to starve.
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