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    Timothy Paradox

    15-10-XX Various

    by , 10-24-2017 at 12:59 PM (268 Views)
    I procrastinated for 2 years to write out these dreams. Yes, really. I barely remember any of them, so many will just be the one-word description I wrote down after I woke up.

    October 17: Time travel, home 2007. This does vaguely mean something to me. I'd somehow wound up 10 years in the past (8 from when I had this dream), and I'd gone to where we used to live as a family (now only my dad live there with his new wife, Debby). I think I ringed the doorbell and talked to my mom. Who didn't seem to notice I was 8 years older. Or was that a different dream...? Not sure.

    October 18: Time travel, Mexico.

    October 19: Miami, jet engine + cockpit - killer robot, Stig/Claire/Debby.

    October 20: Lava, Travis Dane (villain from "Under Siege 2")?

    October 21: Going nuclear.

    October 23: Chased by killer CIA (?), Eros (old friend of mine), car - school, 220 km/h, LA, Green Mile - cloning, restrained, grey alien.

    October 29: Hallucination, guy hits me in face repeatedly (brother?), knocks me to ground, sits on me, keeps hitting nose hard, I feel nothing/little, realize must be bleeding.

    October 30: Escape from huge research (?) building, 30 floors under the water or under ground, 160 above. I was chased by something on stairs, I jumped down. Elevator, slow down, roll away?

    Final boss robot, defeat, next game - walking through Las Vegas, remember/miss Claire, have to contain tears (powerful sorrow).

    October 31: City destroyed and on fire, airships and normal ships, landing at airship, difficult approach, hook won't attach, ship crew doesn't want us there.

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