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    1. dogs & snakes

      by , 12-21-2014 at 01:02 PM
      Saturday 20-Dec-14 Dream I woke from about 6am.

      I was asleep. I heard a knock on my door. I called out, "Wait a minute!"

      I pushed out of bed and stumbled in the dark to put my nightgown on. My ballance was good because I clambered-over my been bag (in the dark) without falling.

      I opened my bedroom door and there was a man with a nice dog. He said, "I just thought I betterlet you know that I'm keeping this nice dog in my room and it don't matter if the landlady finds out and kicks me out because I'm leaving in 2 weeks".

      Then I saw another 2 nice dogs in the corridor near the courtyard. I got down and hugged the silky, floppy-eared, medium sizee, very calm and friendly dog, sitting next to the man.

      Next, I was dreaming about a different man with 3 baby snakes, snuggly wrapped around hiswrist and fingers. I wanted one. Next he had a large (thick) 2 or 3 foot snake (black and yellow) on his chest. I wanted it. It jumped onto my chest, turned into ashadow, fell on the floor and the snake shadow disappeared. (eod)

      When I woke I went to the calendar on the back of my door. Counted 14 days and circled the 3rd of Jan 2015 to see what happens to that guest here at my boarding house. Will he get a lovely dog and move out? He has lived here almost as long as me (about 20 years.

      He hasnt knocked on my door for years but I see him lots around the boarding house. A few hours ago he knocked on my door to ask if the pension comes early when its due on a holiday day. I told him yes then told him about the dream. He's not a dog person and none of the 3 dogs mean any thing to him.

      Just now 10pm Sun 21/12/14 I heard for the first tim, a TV add about a lotto megga-draw to be drawn on Saturday January 3rd


      I'm going to ask Our-Dreaming-Mind to give me dreams of THAT lotto mega-draw. Then I'll give that guy the filled-out coupon with my dream numbers on it. Then give him the money to play the coupon. If the numbers come-up, the winnings are exclusively his.

      So now I can fall asleep till the 3rd of January with that excitement, in the pit of my stomach, wondering if my dreams will hit the target.