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    1. amazing false awakening

      by , 11-20-2014 at 02:00 PM
      Hi Gig*

      Last week Saturday 23 Jan (2010) a long term guest and friend here at the boarding house told me he was going interstate for a month to have a holiday with friends. Later he handed me his key as he enthusiastically pulled a suitcase trolly out the front door, heading off to the Interstate bus station.*

      A couple of days later, say, Wednesday 27 January, I was coming out of my room and as I walked down the corridor I saw the guest (Steve) come down the stairs and turn to the bench, checking to see if he had any mail. As he picked up and looked at the envelopes I thought "he is supposed to be at the Gold Coast for another 3 weeks with friends having a holiday".*

      I distinctly thought:*

      "I guess things have gone wrong for him to be back so soon but I will not pri as he probably won't want to talk about it".*

      I said "Hi Steve" and with out looking up he said "Hi Deb". And I walked passed him to the kitchen and put the kettle on and went on with my day.*

      I didn't see him Thursday or Friday or Yesterday. So, to day, while I was cleaning I asked some other guests if they had seen Steve in the last couple of days. They hadn't.*

      So that was a blinking DREAM.*

      It is as if my mind is going to extraordinary lengths to get me LUCID.*

      There was absolutely NOTHING dreamlike about that experience, except that, in the dream, I knew he shouldn't be there cos he was at the Gold Coast having a holiday with friends.*

      Just thought I'd share that.

      I found that old experience just now as I was reading som of gigs interesting old posts on another old site and decided that I want it in my dream journal.

      Steve returned after his month holiday. That was over 4, almost 5 years ago.
    2. Sideways walking

      by , 10-28-2014 at 03:38 AM
      I am in a large lift. Then it went sideways, backwards then forward. The floor and walls became transparent. Outside a man asked

      "what time is it?"

      I looked at my left wrist. There was a leather womans watch band but no time piece. I said

      "I don't know"

      as I pasee the man.

      So, I thought that next years 1st object would be a watch band?

      I woke from that dream yesterday and thought that watchband was to be the 2015-week one target, but now I donít. Now I think the dream character was asking if the dream game was beginning now.

      I think Our dreaming mind is like and innocent infant. It lives in the now. It needs to be communicated with, gently because It can be easily confused or frightened. And folk don't know that.

      I'll take that into consideration when comunicating with with Our dreaming mind, then, Our dreaming mind will respond enthusiastically and with remarkable results.

      This morning I woke from a dream where I was skipping-sideways.

      When I got up to start pacing my room for exercise, I followed the dream and walk sideways. Then I walked backwards as well as forwards.

      Oh wow

      I just read yesterday's dream. The lift went backwards, forwards and sideways.

      My operation and post-op problems mean I can't exercise or walk far. So I walk for 20 mins, three or more times a day, in my room, resting between 20 minute indoor walks.

      Our dreaming mind is encouraging me and communicating with me to use other muscles by walking backwards and sideways.
    3. crocodile

      by , 10-04-2014 at 01:32 AM
      Here is my precog competition dream that I just woke from.

      Salty old crock

      On a train standind by the doors. I press a big button that stops the train and opens the door.

      I am on a beach. The tide is high. I walk ankle deep into a shallow, isolated bit of water, towards a nice long rock. Then I see the rock is a salt water crocodile. I'm not scared.

      Then I am in an old persons bedroom, the old person tells me they have a crocodile under the bed.

      I walk on the bed and the crocodile butts my feet. Then popps his head out from under the bed.

      There is an unusual place on top of his head to be punched, to settle him down. So I punch gently but firmly. He likes it and goes back under the bed to snooz. (EOD)

      The rock that becomes a salty old crock is my surprising old friend. He is both the old person in his old bedroom and his pet crock living under his bed.

      When awake I figured that out cos the crock wanted to be boxed on a special place on top of his head. Then he rested.

      That pointed to the infamous boxin match that began my old friends psi dream caree.

      I'd say the precog dream target is a salt water crocodile

      Dream tags

      Train, sand, sunny, sleepy salt water lagoon, soft long rocks, crocodile.
      Old person, bed.
    4. Cusp's 1.

      by , 04-20-2014 at 05:32 AM
      Quote Originally Posted by The Cusp View Post
      I'm walking across a parking lot in RL when something shiny catches my attention. At first it looks like a christmas ornament, but as I get a little closer it looks like a pop can. There was a moment it literally changed. Then as I got closer again, i saw what it really was, the wrapper to some european chocolate bar.

      When you try to fly in a dream and get stuck with shitty swimming physics. In real life, probably 99% of the movement you do while in a horizontal position is in the water swimming. Sure, there is a source of fictional flying to draw on bringing down that 99%, but it's not quite as strong as actual swimming. It's not just random that we get stuck with swimming physics when we try to fly, it's just a strong quantum probability. Unless you've never done any actual swimming. You can guesstimate these things.

      The end result of collapsing one of these puppies depends entirely on it's assiciations. Like with the swimming example, if you've never gone swimming, odds are you won't get swimming physics when you try to fly. THese systems or probability waveforms are based on random events you've been exposed to. You either take the chaos magic approach of taking stock of what that archetype means to you to guesstimate it's outcome, or you take the ceremonial approach and plan out your experiences to build a structure with probabilities tilted in your favor.

      If all matter exists as a particle and a waveform, and we are made of matter, then we should also exist as a waveform. I say that's what dreams are, the waveform counterpart to our waking particle reality.
      Above is post 21 of this thread:




      I'm sick and sleeping too much. So happy that I have no family or close friends to nag me about my extreme laziness.

      just now i Woke from this dream where I was standing with others in an auditorium, listening to a speaker. Then I am half awake, standing-up. Then I wake, a couple of times, standing with my head leaning on a metal, vertical, auditorium, pillar.

      Then I woke a couple of times curled up on a couch, with my head propped up on my elbow.

      Got up in a library.

      Found a little diary 2011 "somebody male" Dixon. I'm a female Dixon.

      I want to steal it to read it then return it like a library book.

      Next I'm at a long, horizontal, coat hanger-bar. Magically, (as if moved by invisible psychic-ghost), the coats on hangers move (impossibly) into a different order.

      Others who saw this start discussing the frightening, weired phenomenon.

      I smile inside cos I thought I was the only witness and had better shut-up cos no one would believe me and they'd just think me mentally ill.

      Then I feel cheeky and tell a lie. I say, in a false, deep voice:

      "I did that" I've only been doing it a thousand years".

      Wickedly!!! I was hoping that I could dupe them into believing that one of my "multiple-personalities" is a thousand year old Psychic (telekinetic) ghost.

      I woke feeling happy, cheeky but secretly guilty for trying to dupe these folk by aggrandizing meeee.
    5. Tiny Bubbles

      by , 02-21-2013 at 05:38 AM

      I just appeared in a large room. I was looking at three beatiful King Charles Spanials in a big sectioned off part of the room. One was pushing a pillow along his polished floor boards. It was a posh, spacious place to leave your pedigree show dog. They are fed, looled after and played-with, for you, for a price. You only have too pop-in dailly for an hour to spend time with them and also go with them to public shows.


      There was another dream where a man was riding a bike. He said he peddles 200 rounds at a time. I asked "how far does 200 peddles take you?" He said, "Oh, mmmm, about 200 yards".

      I think he peddled from home to where his show dog was kept. I might have dreamt about him before I appeared inside the very clean show dog house.

      Then I drank from a larg wide glass. The water was not cold enough. When I put the glas down there was a big black, brown and white goldfish in it. It looked cramped in the big glass. I had drank half its home. If I dont get it a bigger home with colder water it will kind off smothercate and die.

      Next, I' filling a tank fot it. Then I find three packes of "tiny-bubble" ice cubes (the kind in cellophane) and quickly start popping them out into the new fishtank to make the water nice and chilly for the small atlantic salmon.

      The salmon talks to me because the cold, clean water brings him so alive and happy.


      Then I notice the bike man took a bridle and hung it up in a horse stable. Half the bridle was soaking in clear water or oil so it would be very clean and comfortable for his show horse. I didn't see a horse.

      All this dream seemed to reflect how I can't have a pet were I live. All these nice pets where housed and cared for at a place, for a fee. And folks could visit their beloved pet (dog, fish or pony) after school or work before going home to sleep.

      tiny bubble wrap ice cube thingy made this song pop into my.mind.

      Tiny Bubbles

      (2:25) 503,771 views

      I don't drink (!!!)

      But may be the dream is saying "buy a Siamese fighting fish. They happily spend there lives in tiny puddles so are happy living in jars so long as the water temp is good.

      I dont have family or friends and I can't have a pet. I gave my mouse back to the pet shop after 4 weekes because his strong sent was betraying him to the landlady.

      Maybe I should try again with a secret

      Siamese Fighting Fish (an introduction)
      (3:57) 110,476 views

      That dream gives me plenty to think about.

      In the dream called " " my Tulpa did turn into a siamese cat.

      I had that dream on 12/12/12 It is titled "Invite to Wonderland"

      Heres the bit where my Tulpa leaps into my arms chsnging from a mouse to a Siamese

      It lunges toward my arm. It is a Smiling chessire cat but it is fast asleep and much slimmer than the Alice In Wonderland Chessire Cat and it's Siamese brown.
    6. Cofin

      by , 02-08-2013 at 02:39 PM
      Nice dreams. Young man collects cards. He has many beautiful decks and he makes a red and gold pack spiral. Later, I'm inside (behind) the (circular, oval) pub bar, a pub competition has finished but he (the card guy) walks up to the bar wanting to compete. He believes what he can do his card thing and will win the comp.

      He begins spreading a big personal card deck all along the top of the oval bar. I am embarrassed about knowing him and lie down inside the oval bar. It feels confining.

      Then there are sounds of approval because the card boy has won. I get off the grownd and stand up.

      Then a real prince has grown and won a horse cross-country comp. But the news says the mother can't be found. Everyone is happy and proud for both princes especially the king-one. But I feel a but incredulous and say to the prince "You have won, thats good, I know. But your mum is lost" (???) He smiled a rich-honest-knowing smile.

      Then I am outside, near a park, in a city, and the lost mum is there. It is Queen or Princess Di. She is tall and happy with a big spring feminin wide brimmed straw hat on.

      So, she is found (not lost).

      It is time for me to leave by crossing the road. People are collecting at the pedestrian lights, waiting to cross. Suddenly I see a place, in the park, close by, to wash my hands.

      I dart over to wash my hands at the horse trough. I hope I have time to wash my hands and get back to cross the road with the others.

      At the the very big, hand washing horse troughs, a yogi dressed in blue jeans and blue flannel shirt. He gave me five photoes. I went into my purse and gave him a $5 note.

      He said that "to do what he could do with his legs (full lotus position) his son (personal trainer) tortures his legs. The yogi could to amazing things with his supple legs.

      I reached into my purse and counted out $12 in big coins. I forget why, now, but what he "said" and gave me was worth much more than the original $5 note.

      I woke.

      Once awake I felt when I hid by lying down inside the oval bar...(in the dream) it was like a coffin. But he won so I wasn't dying of embarrassment any more.

      It took minutes (after I was awake) to remember that the real Princ's (Harry and William) of Britain lost their mum for real.

      It was a good healing dream, for me. I woke relaxed and happy. As opposed to how grief struck I was when I woke from the dream before.
    7. Grief

      by , 02-08-2013 at 07:48 AM
      I woke out of horrible dream where I was grabbing an open (celophane) pack of three candles. The pack would have originally held six. I was talking to my young brother saying I cant stand the loss of our mum. I was crying. I woke up grief-struck.

      Mum's been dead since January 21st 1981 (32 years) and look, I can still grieve as if she died yesterday.

      Then, I remembered what that monk said in this Youtube:

      (point 34:30) of Episode 3 of "Sex Death and the Meaning of Life"


      He said:

      Happiness is "when you know how to "stay alone" and go within.

      I was shocked at the "Staying Alone bit

      That was the Deli Lama's secretary.

      After waking from my horrible, grievious, dream I thought and thought about "being alone and just observing" and I became more than just ok.

      When I "be alone and just observe" the pain is gone ... Because "I" am gone.
    8. Triplets

      by , 01-24-2013 at 05:11 AM

      Talked about twins then met my brother who was going to a job interview. I told him if he knew the twins, he did but he didn't know that they were born at the same time and place as Al, Perhaps the other two were adopted out as babies because I am Al's older sis and didn't know had two other brothers born with him. Al was a hansome teenager in the dream with golden curly hair. I met him as I opened a front door. He was happy and telling me of the job interview his was going too, rihht now. when I asked him if he knew he was a triplet and I had met his brothers. All three triplets looked very different. EOD.

      I had a nap p. It is now 2:37pm Thurs 24-Jan. I wonder if this dream is about the Mythic Tarot card I wrapped in tin foil (unseen) then put in my specticle-case and carry around with me?
    9. Darts - Denzel

      by , 01-23-2013 at 09:31 PM
      6;30am Thiusday 24-Jan-woke out of a dream.

      I was married to a mediteranian looking hansom man around 25 years old. He needed to kill a man for government. But the taget had a good wife so my husband posponed the killing. I PUT ON A Coat then a rain coat off an open rack. I coulden't reach so my husbant passed them down to me. The first thing he passed down to me was a lihht purple dress but I was dressed and just wanted the coat and rain coate..

      Putting them on was interesting as it was a bit difficult. Once on the coat turned to ... solid clay ... like protective to bulets or something.

      then my very good lookng movie star looking husbaned asked what we could do for the day. He said "Do you want to do "Darts"?." I wondered if he meant, go to a pub and play a game of darts. But he said Denzel Washington is in that movie "Darts".

      I said "yes.

      First we went to see friends of his.

      They were doing something with the inside of his throat. I could see vocal cords and a healthy, pink throat.

      The dream began in the night with him already my husband and him needing to kill a bad-man for work. He didn't do it because the bad-mans wife was there. Then it was dawn, we hadn't slept and werenot tired. He asked me what do I want to do. He recommended seeing the movie "Darts" it had Denzel Washington in it. First we went to see a frien of his who looked into his throught. (EOD)
    10. tiny snippets WoW (!!!)

      by , 12-22-2012 at 10:10 AM
      Snippets Mouse and Legs

      poor dream recall for ages now,


      just now I spontainiously was thinking of my (gone) baby mouse Buckello. Then I made a fist. Then gently relaxed the fist. then imagined a warm little furball (furby hehe) Then put my nose to my opening fist and imagined Buckello's sent. Then imagined him poking his cute, friendly, head out of the tree-hollow of my open fist. He tapped my nose with his tiny hand.

      At this point I realised I was in deep reverie, (a waking dream) and then, the reverie broke (like a soap-bubble popping).

      Then a got the briefest snippet of a dream I had last night. I remember picking- up buckello (in a fist) and putting him in a cosy tunnel which was a soft olive-green coat collar.



      in this dream-snippet, I am with him as a baby mouse, looking at him eye-to-eye. Oh! it couldn't be Him. I'm a cosy mouse looking at a very friendly *brown-grey* mouse.


      Maybe I was white-Buckello

      looking at my friend Brown-grey mouse. (?!?).

      posting this snippet immediatly so I don'forget it.

      only other dream snipet I got (first thing after wakkng) was sitting by a pool and l looked down and those legs and feet were not mine. then I realised a nice woman was sitting beside me and she had put her manicured (but a bit dirty) feet where mine should have been.

      She was smoking. She knew me. I didn't recognise her. (EOD)

      MUM died of smoking related pancriatic cancer. This woman was a teenage version of my loving mum. She is aware of my uncomfortable legs (diabetic neuropathy). She wishes she could give me her strong, pain free, teenage legs.


      You don't need Lucidity or even much dream Recall to get over-the-top results from dreams.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    11. Tulpa 1

      by , 12-03-2012 at 07:15 PM
      Woke 3pm no dream 3:10 rembered non lucid dream.

      second half of drram found Buckhello. (My Tulpa)

      was going on bus with a mum with 2 or 3 chidren. got off bus with them and short walk to their house in quiet outer suburb.

      next it was chidrens bath and bed time..

      I got into a large metal bath with the 10 year old boy. i was fully dressed. bath water was almost cold. I rubed my trouser legs to wash trousers and me at same time.

      then I eas out of bath wet, and cold but dried quick. Talking to 10 year old.

      It was bedtime. Dry but fully clothed I get to sleep on matress on floor sharing with the mum and dad.

      Cant sleep. roll onto floor get up and go oitside.

      people are comming on front lawn as if waiting to catch an early bus to school and work in city or town a long way away..

      a young plump aboriginal mum holding hands with her children sits down on the grass.

      I notice the scenery is lovely.

      the weather is changind.

      very low clouds the size of a mans fist appear, travelling hesitatingly towarde us.

      An old wise woman standing on the porch says "get inside quickly the dust bunnies are comming." She meant those small low clouds are dangerous.

      I ran around the back of the house to come in. when the small low flying clouds hit they solidified. they becam like styropfoam and grew.

      Inside I found my mouse Buckhelow on the floor and picked him up. He wa happy and it.felt nice to.have him walking and snugling on my sholder.

      I tell the family I will never take him back to the pet shop ever again.

      Buckhello seems a bit slow and I realze he hasnt eaten since I saw him last and hes weak from hunger.

      I put him on a table with dog kibble. he picks up some kibble in his.cute little hands and eats.

      I think its too dry so I gently pick him up and he runs onto my shouder and we go looking for nicer food. then he is walking all the way down my clothes to the floor. He never done that befor.

      I gently pick him up. He seems to be so hungry he might be starving to death.

      The table now has big fish steaks on it.

      I put Buckhellow on it and first he bites and swallows a lot of big fish stakes.

      Then, full of energy, he tackles some thing different. its a dead large snake. he bites and is.pulling at tough snake skin. he likes snake. then he likes and swallows more big fish stakes

      He is lying down sleepily again but this time he is.not weak from starvation he is sleepy with satisfaction.

      I put him on my safe shoulder and he snuggles up to my neck for a snooze.

      when I remember this dream 10-15 minutes after waking I realize that I was looking at Youtubes yesterday of mice. I saw two distressing Youtubes. One was the comical Matagascar one wher a shark chases Mort on land to eat him. the other was a white mouse being crushed and swallowed by a pet snake.

      In the dream I witness my dream tupla mouse Buckhellow biting and pulling at a dead snake's skin then eating some of that snake and also swallowing big fish steak (probably shark).

      Wow! what a dream.

      bloody long dream for me too.

      to recap:

      I think I was taken by bus to a house in the outer suburbs near beautiful country side by a family.

      I got to know the family a bit, had a.bath and went to bed with them (fully clothed).

      Went to sleep. Woke up. Rolled out of bed. Went outside, it was still dark, so very early morning.

      Watched as people came to wait for buss.to take them to school or work. weather changed it was getting light and I noticed nice country scenery.

      Wise old woman warned me to get indoors because the low flying clouds the size of a.mans fist were dangerouse (storm) dust bunnies. (I think this dream character needed to guide me into the house where my Tulpa awaited).

      I go inside and meet my Tulpa, Buckhellow.

      He needs to eat. He needs to eat what tried to kill and eat him (from the Youtubes I saw yesterday).

      Here is the link to where the discriptive Youtube are. I am not oncluding the one where a pet snake crushes and swallows a cute white mouse.

      Deam Lesson (°°°)

      I think I need to be more carefull of what I do with my waking life now that I have "Tulpa". (!!!)

      Posts 15 and 16.
    12. Delivered

      by , 11-07-2012 at 04:54 AM


      I step into a large, empty lift.

      Doors close but I can't see any buttons to press. Lift ascends a long way and doors open to a very spacious floor, light grey/silver. I don't want that floor because it's too high. I want ground floor because I want the real open spaces of outdoors.

      Lift descends. I see buttons on lift mechanism, Square, metal buttons. I press one hoping I don't break the mechanism. I push it with my finger but it keeps going and falls out the other side.

      Now I have a pleasant ventilation hole where the button was.

      The lift is becomming transperent. It also is not descending but moving straight ahead, forward.

      This feels right.

      Then the lift slows and stops and dissappears.

      I am standing barefoot on green broken glass but it doesn't hurt.

      I'm on a wide light grey stone street before very wide steps leading up to a very large light grey stone building. Many people around.

      I see a mature short womam with a small contraption on her. I know she was the lift.

      I try to go to her to talk with her. I like her but she turns kindly to me and I say "Even the Best of Friends must Part"

      It felt like she spoke her thoughts through me.

      She had delivered me now she (as a lift) wanted to deliver others.

      I went looking for a YouTube and found this:

      Wally Cox - There's a Yavern in the Town. (2:17) 24,078 views

    13. Sweeping

      by , 11-03-2012 at 11:02 AM
      Wokefrom this. 8pm Sat 3-Nov-22

      I'm sitting in an old living room of old, kind, people who offered me accomodation. Suddenly I go to the bedroom that they said I could rent. I begin cleaning it. It wasn't dirty but the shelves and mantle place was really full of nicknacks.

      I am using a straw broom to sweep the nice nicknacks off the shelves.

      They gasp.

      I am saying to these kind folk "I won't break anything and I will wash, dry and box all these lovely nicknacks, for you."

      They, a married couple, relax.

      I continue sweeping off the nicknacks. Most were figurines of about 10 centermeters (4"). Some are cute toddler figurines.

      I wake. It's 8pm
    14. 1st MMD(MutualMouseDream)

      by , 10-27-2012 at 03:55 AM
      MmD1 (MutualMouseDream1)

      Bed after 10:30pm here Friday 26-Oct. Several dreams, I only remember one. It's noon where I am recording noe.

      In dream I have a grey/white half grown toy poodle-labrador-cross gentle doggy. I'm in a small bed-sitting room and doggy is quietly checking place out.

      I go out leaving half-grown doggy locked saftly in betsit room. Doors were double and took conscious efort to securly shut (so doggy would be safe.

      Outside I walk down small country town street and walk into shop to buy doggy some food. I see big open top cage in middle of small shop and there is sick little puppy in it and I pick it up. Next I'm instantly back in bed sit room showing half grown doggy the sick little puppy I bought. The get on well.

      The light-weight thin boned sick little puppy is white. He walks around a bar heater (for wamth) and lies down. He looks cuddly but I realise I didn't get the dog food and now I got two to feed and this white pup looks weak amd might die if I don't hurry up and feed him/her.

      I'm back at the shop (instantly). A girl asks me what I want and I say "a can of Pal dog food". She goes to get the can of Pal.

      To my left I see my old purple material shoulder bag. Odd because I am also wearing it. I take off the one I an wearing and put it on the counter. Now there is two identical material purple shoulder bags. I know in reality there can only be one.

      The puzzle almost makes me realize *I am dreaming* but I take in for granted and begin seaching for coins in both bags.

      I walk out the shop, cross a very quiet road and get on a buss but I'm alone on the buss their is not even a driver. All is sunny and warm.

      The shoo girl get on with a plate of sausage meat. She says the can of Pal is ok for the half grown doggy but the sick puupy needs this.

      I think there was more but I can't remember. Wouldn't bother recording this I want my 40 pionts
    15. "Salt" (password) 1

      by , 10-06-2012 at 05:58 AM
      Password: "salt"


      Squarish chunks of colour moving towards me with spaces inbetween like in an invisible soft tube. Out in space not inside fluid or underground. 12:44pm Sat 6-Oct-12.

      As I happily became aware that I was having a hipnapop (waking image) I got the word "Salt".

      Wow- just got up and started puting a sock on my right foot and there is a indigo bruise under my big toe nail. That immediately made me remember a dream snipet from last night:

      I was picking at my big toe nail because in the dream it was way-too-long and dry. Then the whole big toe nail peeled-off painlessly (oops). No pain or discomfort and as I poked, cuiously at the my big toe where the nail should be, it was only soft for a second. It was hardening up quickly.

      Wow my dreaming brain informed me last night that I was loosing a big toe nail but not to worry because there would be no pain and it would harden-up again in no time.

      (I have diabetic neuropathy in feet. Thats why I don't remember bumping my toe hard enough to bruise under the nail.) I am thrilled that my brain informed me before I saw it, wow.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
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