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    1. Wk 3 Target 2 (Pyramid)

      by , 12-19-2013 at 03:48 AM

      Size - same size as (walking) people. It was moving with a group of people. People were in a group-line like a wide gate was about to open so no need for single-file.

      Colour glass slightly frosted. Three sides visible with back side clear glass but blue.

      light yes

      shadow non, like it was bright, sunny, midday.

      People walking behind the 5-6 foot pyramid might see this:


      glass pyramid - Google Search


      I can't find a google image of what I saw at the end of my "What's the target, dream" but it was a living, mostly white, glass pyramid, moving with the crowd of people, to somewhere good.

      I was looking at the relaxed, happy crowed moving from left to right in my field-of-views.
    2. 54 today. Dreamdrought broke

      by , 10-12-2013 at 07:19 AM
      Birthday Bonanza of dreams

      I woke out of lots of fresh dreams this morning. I wrote them up then checked my phone for date and time. I was excited about the sudden break in my dream drought. The phone read noon Saturday 12-October-2013.

      Wow I am 54 today.

      In one part of the dream this woman (who looked a lot like the hard working, motherly, host of the pdc) caused my bed to disappear and a heavy (drawing or painting) easel was in its place. She threw a new single matress at the heavy easel and it turned into a slightly slopey bed.

      She said:

      "try in out"

      So I got on the bed. I liked it.

      When I woke I thought maybe the pdc host (or a part of me) wanted to use my dreaming mind as a canvas to draw or paint desired dreams on.

      Lots more but I'll keep the rest in book I got today. I hope to write out all my remembered dreams till I'm 55.
    3. Lucid walking

      by , 06-22-2013 at 04:35 PM
      I am using this phone and the back came off. I am just pushing it hoping the back would just click back on.

      I go out side my room into the corridor of this boarding house. Every ones door is open but no room looks right. All the regular folk are gone and everyone is a stranger to me.

      I talk to two guys in one room. I tell them your room is a tiny broom closet.

      I start to think that this is so wrong it must be a silly dream.

      Then I am walking around a huge disk. I am indoors like on a ... spaceship floating near ground level.

      I see a large field of brown ponies. They begin cantering in the same direction. I look again and now I see ostriges. They start lifting wings out behind them and running in the same direction.

      I am walking on the disk platform, knowing that I am dreaming. I want to fly and start jumping.

      I jump a long, long time because I know this is a dream and therefore I can fly.

      But like the ponies and ostriges I dont fly.

      So I walk.

      I lift the long white stick I am carrying and poke up to the sky. The stick tapps on a cieling far above me.

      Ugh. I'm not free to fly. I am inside something. I think the ponies and ostriges are outside.

      So I keep enjoy knowing that I am in a dream and I walk and walk till I wake up.
    4. OH! "lucid gift" not an attempt

      by , 09-24-2012 at 09:07 AM
      OH! Had a supremely rare short lucid last night. DILD. Wanted to cross a road and my body slowly lifted and I was winding in the air slowely, like a snake. Then I thought I can't fly so I'm dreaming. I didn't feel excited because I remembered that this kind of thing had happened several times before in my long lifetime but never last long. Then I thought I should be brave and float in front of an oncoming car since I was dreaming and therefore coulden't get hurt. As I was floating toward an oncoming car I slowely landed then lost lucidity and continued the dream not knowing that I was dreaming (or not careing).

      Felt more like a little lucid gift more than a successfull personal attempt.
      lucid , memorable
    5. Disgusted with child of mixed marage, wished it dead

      by , 12-24-2011 at 11:28 AM
      I don't like it when I go lucid. I go lucid about twice a year, (naturally, as in, spontainiisly) but I feel yuky in the dream and I feel yuky when I awaken from a lucid dream. I went lucid night before last her it is:

      The lucid reminded me of that dream ceromony rvdc did where folk had to confront, (in dreams) how they felt about a mixed marrage.

      A black guy and his white little son sat next to me on a tram/train. I felt disgusted and tried to ignor them. As I got off the tram I was whatching an ugly, deformed but innocent human baby thing. I was watching it hoping it would just die. It was almost floating on its back with a fat belly and very short, skinny arms and legs. It was around, under the tram/train wheels. I didn't attemp to help it. I ignored and tried to forget it cos it shouldn't live.

      Walking down a back street I said out loud to myself, "I want to live here".

      I then knew where I really lived, here at Chipps House, and wondered why I would want to leave my small, cosy and comfortable abode.

      I saw several densly-packed-wire sculptures on an unkept dry lawn. Then things felt odd and familiar. I began to jump and floated up.

      A lady 50ish watched me, (redish fur coat and hat). She said "I will to join you".

      I said, "if you can then this is not my lucid dream cos only I can float in my lucid dreams. She didn't join me so I was satisfied that I was lucid.

      I enjoyed floating but it was hard, (as usual) to do. I began using the side of a buildind to pull myself along and lost lucidity.

      I got onto a tram to go home but it was too posh and it was a dining train cart. A nice man was talking to me, encouraging me to stay but I explain why I had to get off.

      A very gentle knock on my real door. The softness of it let me know that it was nothing urgent so I stayed-still to remember the dream as advised.

      When I am lucid I dont like who I am. And when I wake up I feel dissappionted with who I am when lucid and normally I want to forget the dream. But since I am on Lucid Dreaming dream site I supose I should record any lucids I regretably get.

      Date was morning of 23rd Dec 2011. Here in Adelaide Australia.
    6. my waking life memory invaded dream

      by , 08-18-2011 at 08:18 PM
      4:09am woke, with sight headache so didn't go straight back to sleep then remembered unusual dream.

      Lady came and told me and others, she said I married GM 40 years ago. In the dream I went along with it for a while cos I couldn't remember where I was or what I was doing 40 years ago. She seemed to know so I trusted her memory.

      Then, within the dream, I remembered something of who I was and what I was doing 40 years ago.

      I said, "Wow, I didn't marry GM. I remember getting the news of his marriage when I was among the hippies in Cairns.

      The marriage was emblazoned over the front page of the morning paper and I dropped to my knees in the front lawn.

      Oh, you've got the wrong person.

      I walked off with a couple of friends, in the dream. I hoped the journalists woman would find the right woman who married GM, but I clearly remember now, where and who I was 40 years ago, and it isn't me.

      In the dream I was amazed that my memory came back to me. I wasn't expecting that cos it was a dream and, don't I usually go along with the dream scenario, memoryless?.

      I.wake, then cos this slight headache stopped me from just dropping back to sleeo, I remembered this remarkable dream incident, of getting my real memory back within the dream.

      4:29am Friday 19/August/11 now and I will post this phone not, in my dream journal now.
      lucid , non-lucid