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    1. #0 August precognitive dream

      by , 05-18-2014 at 01:15 AM
      I had this dream the night before reading this thread. I may have precoged the thread (hahaha) So here is the dream.

      I am asleep and as I wake, I and others, are sleeping on little sleeping platforms directly over a massive, (tall) space rocket.

      The rocket is primed and resting in it's silo. I and the other sleepers take for granted that sleeping on top of such a dangerous thing is normal

      Then the others are up and heading out on a Geology Excursion. But I'm finding it difficult to move or keep up. And I have a pad to write on but can't find a pen.

      The last two Geology student's are leaving the sleeping quarters above the rocket silo. I can't walk fast enough to catch-up with them.

      Then I bend over backwards. I go down into "the crab". Now, on all fours and moving backwards, I can move fast.

      I am runing in this peculiar fashion.

      The other Geology Excursion students are saying

      "Don't worry Deb, we won't leave you behind. We won't leave you. We can wait for you to catch-up. Relax, take it easy. ... "

      But now that I found a new way of moving I am happy and determined to exert myself and excell. I know that with this new way of moving I will not let the Geology-clsss down. (End of Dream)

      Yesterday, I posted that dream on another site and said:

      We are sleeping on top of a Tall space Rocket. Wow!!! It ain't over. It ain't even begun

      Then I looked at Youtube to see if I could demonstrate how I was moving when I was catching-up with my Geology class mates. I found a few but this was the best:

      Wow Look!!! I ran "this way" in last nights dream. This real kid (Danica) can walk down steps, (at school) bent over backwards. Maybe it is possible to learn to run fast, bent over backwards, like I did in last nights dream (?!?)


      exorcist/spider walk down stairs: http://youtu.be/6MzrZsbpIv4

      ♣♣♣(00:41) 27,846 views last night


      I recon a huge (perhaps underground) silo with a space rocket in it.


      A fast moving human spider catching up.

      I'll put this in my dream journal as Precog number zero (cos I had it before I new about the dream experiment).