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    The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey

    Hello and welcome to my dream journal. I try to journal all my most important dreams here, especially my lucids.

    I have a dream guide named Juliana. She takes the form of a twenty something witch that that looks a lot like Vin from Mistborn.

    Juliana also became a tulpa in October of 2021. Together we plan on fighting the evil witches in my dreams who seem to also know that is a dream.

    1. Eating Chocolate Cake

      by , 06-01-2018 at 01:24 AM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      02:40 AM
      Eating Chocolate Cake (Lucid)

      I am at a motel with my girlfriend and we heard banging of footsteps outside and go out to see whats going on. There is a huge swat team raiding on of the hotel rooms and a gun fight starting. I somehow have a gun now which I leave in a holster. I leave carefully with my girlfriend but we are stopped by some police officers and are taken to a table with a guy in a suit and tie for questions about how it went down. The strangeness of the situation makes me consider if it's a dream. This is enough to make me lucid even without RCing.

      I start out by telling the suit guy that I have a gun and putting it on the table. I then tell him to stop and think because this is a dream. He asks how that is possible so I prove it to him by pinching his nose for him. He believes me. I then remember my goal which is to complete the basic task of the month: eat chocolate cake. I reach behind me a whip out a slice on a small plate. It is a basic chocolate cake, not the chocolate mousse kind I hoped for but I give it a try. It is really good anyways! I think about moving on to my next goal but then realize I should have a lot more cake than just one slice since its a dream. I look away and look back and there is a full chocolate cake on the table. I eat it half of it one handful at a time and leave the rest on the table.

      Now, lets summon Juliana. I look and see the Millennium Falcon is around the corner though and run to that instead. Well that is interesting I think I want to explore that first. Maybe Juliana is in the cockpit anyways. I run in but loose some stability since the corridor leading to the cockipit is confusing.
      I loose most of lucidity and the next thing I know I am piloting the ship in 3d person like it's a video game. I am flying around a space station and docking with it. I wake up and know I have to write this dream down. I remember it pretty well but I feel close to the most tired I have ever been. It is 2:40 which means I am less than 3 hours into sleep. It takes me 20 minutes to wake up enough to fully type out notes on my phone and I fall asleep a couple times and I dream some more.

      I am on a cruise ship with my girlfriend. There is a show with a mentalist who also is a motivational speaker. I am sitting up front and when I say one thing to a guy near me the mentalist stops and gives me a look to try and say that I am being rude. I think this makes me a little semi lucid because it just felt weird he would be so dramatic about it. I barely made any noise. My girlfriend and I are chosen to be in the show. We get strapped into a amusement ride with us on rotating seats at the end of a pendulum. We have to answer questions and based on those questions while the ride is spinning and the mentalist will be able to read our minds. The ride gets going and its really a lot of Gs. I like the ride but man it just keeps spinning us non stop while he asks us questions. I actually start to get dizzy which rides usually don't do to me. I can't even focus on his questions. I tell my girlfriend I am going to phase through the seats and fly away. She says something, alarmed. I start to fly out of the seat and wake up again.

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    2. Pokemon, Pants, and the Speed of Light (TOTM)

      by , 07-08-2016 at 03:56 AM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      Pokemon, Pants, and the Speed of Light (SSILD)


      Pokemon go came out last night! My roommate, girlfriend, and I walked around the college campus untill 11pm and found a lot of pokemon. I was really close to level 5 and was about to take over an unclaimed gym but then the servers went down and we had to go home. I had so much fun that I decided to give the pokemon TOTM a try.

      I had to get up early to move my car for the street sweeper and then stayed up a bit to read about updates about Pokemon Go. That made me WBTB. I did some SSILD and some quick mantras and tried to WILD.

      I don't remember if I succeeded at WILD or had a false awakening but I am in my living room and I am lucid. I had put my matress in the living room for the night because the air conditioning is better. I remember that I am trying to do the Advanced Task i which is to catch something with a Pokeball. I put my hand behind me and point it towards the door to my room. I pull with telekinesis on a pokeball that I imagine to be in my room. I feel a ball fly into my hand. I pull it forward and look at it. It look much cooler than I expected. It's so polished that it's reflective. I remember to telegrab another just in-case I miss. Now all I need is something to catch. I fly out though the window. I don't bother opening it. I just phase through. I fly down the street and find a woman walking her child in a stroller. I throw the pokeball at them but it goes to short. I throw the other and it goes to far. I keep telegrabing them and trying again. "This is to realistic to pokemon go", I think so I use telekinesis to push it into the woman. It makes a dink noise and doesn't work. I really should catch a pokemon and not a person I think as I start to wake up.

      I DEILD and end up back in my living room. My girlfriend is there and talking to my roommate. I do a nose plug and confirm I am still dreaming. I look ou the window and see Shadow the Hedghog in the apartment complex? Wait, no, thats a Zoroark, an actual pokemon! I am summon a pokeball and fly out the window but wake up. Another false awakening. My gf is stil there. I just try the pokeball on her. No luck. I see my dog and think to try it on her too. Wait, don't they have to be weakened first? I consider beating up my dog until I realize how crazy that is. I take another look at my pokeball. For some reason I think to run it under the sink. It turns into a blue dive ball. If I see a water pokemon I will use this one. I fly out the window and explore. I hear some rumbling in a bush and find a Lapras. Cool that's a pretty strong one for my first wild pokemon. I throw the dive ball and it breaks open and sucks in the Lapras just in time before I have another false awakening.

      It is very dark now. The tv is on with netflix still playing. I am trying and find the remote to turn it off when a middle aged man comes in through the front door. He looks confused as to why I am sleeping in here. He asks if we have met. Oh yeah, this is my roommate's dad, I have met him once. I haven't. I don't even know what he looks like. I find the remote and mess with it until I remember turning it off last night. I do a RC and become lucid again. I might as well do the basic task. I pull down my roommate's dad's pants and underwear. I fly out the window before catching his reaction. I need that to complete the task so I look through the window. He stands there blankly and then says something I can't hear. Probably "damn it." I fly back inside and find my gf is still there. I pants her too and we have some fun for a little while.

      I have another FA or two. They are very realistic. It is still dark and I am with my dad and sister now. There is a bright green shooting star and some other strange lights. Suddenly, the moon flys over the horizon. I do a RC and become lucid again. I decide to try the task that I suggested which is to fly faster than the speed of light and investigate where the moon went. I fly into the sky. I remember in my last lucid I covered the center of my vision. It is easier to see how fast I am going in my peripheral vision. I fly as fast as I can and all the stars at my peripheral vision streaks for a second like in star wars. I stop and turn around. I am outside the entire galaxy. I feel like I am really big now and can easily fly back. I go back to where I think our sun is. I find the earth but it looks super tiny. I look for the moon but start to wake up. I decide against DEILD because the dream is getting so long I can hardly remember the begging. As soon as I wake up I remember that I was suppose to summon the pokemon so it doesn't count but I still completed a basci and an advanced task!

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    3. Trick or Treat? (Task of the Month)

      by , 10-08-2011 at 07:26 PM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      Trick or Treat? (DILD)


      I am out of town with my mom at my sister's and brother in law's house and I slept in my nieces bed so It probably helped me get lucid to be in a different place.

      I was in a non lucid and I forgot it now. Later on I was at my house and I realized it was a dream. I decided to do the Task of the Month. I needed to go trick or treat at someones house. I couldn't do that without a costume and sense my tf2 spy costume isn't made yet I decided to do something a little easier. I ran down the hall and stabilized as I went. I turned the corner into my room. It was dark and I flipped the switch but like always the lights didn't go on. That didn't bother me though. I grabbed the foam monkey mask that I got at the zoo In third grade. I thought it would be pretty fitting seeing as I am MadMonkey. I put it on and bent part of the mask wasn't a problem in the dream and it fit fine.

      I went outside and flew down the street looking for a good house to trick or treat at. It was mid afternoon and I was extremely hungry. I was craving rice for some reason. I saw a house that looked good enough so I flew down and rang the door bell. A woman answered the door so I said, "Trick or treat?". I saw that the family was eating dinner. She handed me a blue lollipop. It looked tasty but then I noticed they had a bowl of rice on their table. It looked sooooo good! I asked if I could trade my lollipop for a little bit of their rice and the woman yelled no as if I had done something offensive. She snatched the candy out of my hand and slammed the door in my face. I said, "I guess that you choose trick instead of treat."

      I walked down the street wondering what to do now. I didn't really think to try the advanced task now. I instead tried running as fast as I could. I found i could run even faster on all fours like a dog. I started to wake up and loose lucidity.

      A new dream started in which I was in a massive airsoft war with hundreds of players on each side. I ran out guns blazing and started taking out tuns of the enemy. A few of them tried to get past me so I threw a grenade that took them out. I threw another grenade into the masses of the enemies. That took out another chunk. They started to retaliate and eventually I got shot down. I got teleported back to our base as if respawning in a video game. There was a machine that could turn your gun into a bigger better more upgraded gun. You could turn a wimpy little pistol into a massive machine gun. I started wake up and I remembered that I had been lucid. I let myself wake up so I could wright down my dream.

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    4. Guitar Task Of The Month

      by , 07-07-2011 at 08:42 AM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      Guitar Task Of The Month (DILD)


      After a good long WBTB I attempted WILD and didn't do to bad but still lost consciousness right before I fell asleep.

      I woke up and believed that I had failed my WILD attempt. I wondered if I should try again. For some reason I got up and walked out of my room. I realized that that was illogical so I did a reality check and became lucid. I was in the hallway so I walked into the family room. My mom and sister were watching the TV. I thought about how I should spend the dream. I saw the mirror and was tempted to walk through it in an attempt to teleport to my dream guides tower. I decided it would be better if I tried making an energy portal again so I can master teleportation once and for all. Then I remembered the basic task of the month which is to play a musical instrument. I planned on playing my electric guitar. I thought I should do that first because it was a task that I know I could complete.

      I walked back down the hallway toward my room. I was amazed at how much it felt real even if the visuals weren't especially vivid. I could have sworn I was awake before I did a RC. I went into my room and picked up my guitar. It wasn't plugged in but I didn't really need the amp to complete the task. I played the Song of Time from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. One of the notes sounded wrong even though I played it right so I replayed it and it sounded great. Now that I had completed the task I thought I might have some more fun so I plugged in my amp and turned on distortion. I was curious if I could make the notes sound like what ever I wanted them to no mater were I pressed. I hit random frets and imagined a song as I went but it still sounded random. I grew bored and wanted to try teleportation again so I put the guitar down.

      I didn't feel like going to the family room so I stayed in my room which has much less open space. First thing I needed to do was to accumulate the energy to make the portal out of. I held out my hands in front of me and imagined energy flowing through my body, out of my hands and into the space between my hands. I didn't see and aura like I did last time. I kept trying and I noticed that my hands were gradually getting fuzzy. The whole dream seemed to be going out of focus. I was to interested in watching the dream get all fuzzy and forgot to rub my hands before it was to late.

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