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    Sydney's Nightly Adventures

    Hope you like.
    Just a regular dream is in blue.
    Lucid in a dream is red.

    1. The Prince of Light, Exploring

      by , 06-21-2012 at 02:59 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      The Prince of Light (Non-lucid)


      I remember being picked to be in some sort of class. I walked in. The room was pretty dark, and only ominous light shown from hidden places around the room.

      Each desk was set on a stair step, and their were also desks opposite those desks on the other side of the stair step.
      I walked around awkwardly, trying to find a desk. Almost all of them were taken. I decided to pick one right beside a girl I thought I knew.

      After everyone had settles, a weird air set over the place. All of a sudden, everyone turned into a different person. They were their same "person", just different attitudes. They became very slow and almost unresponsive. For some reason, I was unaffected.

      The "camera" went up to the top of the stairs. It showed an immediate drop off to the floor below.
      A shining boy flew in. The "camera" focused on him. He had snowy white hair. He was standing up on something. I assumed that somthing possessed magic that gave him the ability to fly. He had kind eyes, and a dazzling smile. The whole being of him just sparkled with pure white light.

      Exploring (Non-lucid)


      I remember being in some sort of small cave, exploring or something. A boy was with me. He had brought two flashlights with him. Ignoring the other flashlight, I just shot light out of my hands. I thought nothing about it.

      Another little creature was with us. It was very hyper, and we had to shine our lights on it wherever it went, so we wouldn't lose it. My lights started to dim, but I quickly renewed them by willing them to brighten and extending my arms out further.

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    2. My First False Awakening and my 3rd lucid! And my other dreams..

      by , 08-18-2010 at 11:01 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      I am so excited to share this with you, even though it was really short. :/ But here's my 3rd lucid: *giggle*

      Now, before the series of dreams and then my FA, I had woken up and decided to WBTB. I just went to the bathroom though. Then I laid back down, and tried to think of nothing. My mind kept wandering off but I tried to keep as many thoughts as I could out of my head. It kept going on like this until I fell asleep I think, when I had the dreams. At the end of the dream before my FA, I saw an iPad that didn't look like one far away. I looked closer and it had the cover of my phone around it. It was a red cover. So I sorta thought to myself. "Hmm..this is weird.. do you think maybe i could be dreaming?" Then the dream ended. That's when I had the FA.

      ONCE AGAIN, this dream was hardly controllable. I really didn't feel like I was in it, I just remember feeling the RC. All of my LDs so far i have had little controllability (if that's a word) and little feelingness.


      I woke up in my bed, It was really dark except for the dim light on in the bathroom. Like I was taught, I did a reality check to (just in case it did happen) catch a false awakening. As soon as I plugged my nose and breathed in I thought, "Holy crap I'm dreaming! I've never had an FA before!" After this, for some reason I started daydreaming about Taylor Lautner with blonde hair, lol. And once again, I was scared that I would see something scary around the corner, or that something would pop up freaky, or that I would be just plain afraid. I don't know why. I guess it's just because anything can happen in a dream. And to my bad luck, my alarm rang. I woke up with a start. I was happy that I got lucid for the third time, but not happy it ended so quickly. stupid alarm!

      I'll post the dreams I had last night in the "MILD Class Dream Entries" post. Thank you for reading DV members!

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