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    false awakening

    False Awakening

    1. My bed really is a magnet... (DILD) 8/1/15

      by , 08-01-2015 at 03:13 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)

      I remember laying in my bed at my dad's house. By the white light coming from the window in front of me, I could tell that it was morning. I also noticed something else in front of me. A black shape. It looked like a silhouette because of the light behind it. However, it did look like a person.

      The thing talked. It was my brother. I did a nose plug RC just to make sure I wasn't dreaming. At first, I didn't realize it. But I had breathed like it was nothing. I was dreaming!
      I was now aware that Sam was in my other sister's bed beside me. She was awake, talking to my brother.

      I had to keep myself calm. "This is a dream." I said to myself out loud.
      I tried to get up out of my bed, but, it was as if there was a hundred pound weight on my chest. I could barely move one way or the other. I didn't want to try too hard, either, for fear of "breaking" the dream.

      So I tried to through expectation. I looked over to Sam, however, I could barely see her because my fixed neck wouldn't allow me to look that far. "Sam," I said, "I can get up out of bed, right?"

      I saw her look over at me, "Uh, yeah." she said with a snort.

      I tried to get up, but to no avail. I was glued to the bed. I tried again.

      "Sam, I can get up, right?" I said with more force.

      "Yes!" she hissed.

      I tried again. I was actually able to get up this time, but very, very slowly. I also found myself unable to lift up my head at all. It was as if I looked down at my navel and my neck became fixed in that position.

      Frustration overcame me as I slowly made my way around the bed. Suddenly, it felt like something was pulling me back towards the bed, like a magnet. I tried to escape it, but within a split second, I found myself back in my bed in the same position.

      "I am DREAMING." I said a little louder. "I have control!"

      I flicked my eyes over to my brother, who was still, creepily, standing in my doorway.

      "Hey, can you help me get up?" I asked.

      I saw him move a little, but he didn't come near me. I sighed. I tried to think of something that I could use to almost "gravitate" my body towards. For some reason I thought of my computer charger. It seemed to work, and I was suddenly beside my bed with the charger in my hand. However, one of the ends was snapped off, revealing open wire.

      I don't know why, but an urge overcame me to put it in my mouth. I did, and a small electric shock coursed through my body that started in my tongue. It scared me at first, but I wanted to try again. I did, and held it for longer. It was a very weak electric shock that tingled my tongue, and I could almost imagine the individual currents that were running throughout my mouth and down my spine.

      I tried to take a step forward, but suddenly, I found myself back in my own bed again. I silently cursed. I had to do something even more rough to get myself out of this predicament, but I didn't want to end the dream entirely by doing it.

      While I was still thinking about it, the dream ended.
      lucid , false awakening
    2. Another FA (DILD) 7/16/15

      by , 07-16-2015 at 12:46 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)

      I remember being in my room at my mom's house. My older sister was asleep on my bed, while Sam was under my bed (the bed was slightly taller) on her laptop. I walked into my bathroom. My sister had woken up and followed me in there. "I'm about to take a nap." she told me.

      She then made to go back into my room, but then I became annoyed. "Go to sleep in your bed.." I growled. She gave me a pissy look. I looked on the floor. Percy, my bearded dragon, was looking up at me.

      Suddenly, I wasn't in the dream anymore. I was back in my bed.

      'This had happened to me last night,' I thought. 'I woke up from a very short dream and I had a false awakening. Maybe it's happening again. Nah, maybe not...'

      I was laying on my side with my left arm under the pillow. I heard my family downstairs, talking low; 'probably getting ready for breakfast,' I thought.

      'That can't be right, though. my step mom has work, and my brother wouldn't be up at this time...'

      I slipped my hand up through the covers, clasped my nose, and breathed in just to make sure.

      Sure enough, it was like my fingers weren't even there.

      Before I moved, I remembered where I was. 'You're in a dream. Hang on..' I tried to prop myself up on my elbow, but was having a very difficult time doing so, like I was stuck to my bed by a very large wad of chewing gum. So I tried to take it slowly. I still had my 'eye mask' on, and I didn't move to take it off yet. I remember feeling the coolness of my pillow as I was trying to get my arm out from under it.

      I reached out my right arm with much difficulty, and felt for my bedside table. The cool corner of the table brushed my fingertips. At first, I was grabbing on for support, but then I just placed my hand fully on it, trying to ground myself and increase my sense of touch. To test it, I wanted to see if I could 'break' the corner with expectation, but before I could finish expecting it,
      I was back in my regular bed in RL.
      lucid , false awakening
    3. An FA from a WILD (DILD 7/15/15)

      by , 07-16-2015 at 12:44 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)

      I remember I was doing my WILD technique, when suddenly I found myself in my bedroom at my dad's house, sleeping in my sister's bed. Sam called my name. She sounded close. I grunted in reply, because I was "asleep," doing my WILD attempt. She threw something at me on the bed. I opened my eyes and looked at it. It was her phone. A message was open on it that was a conversation between her, my mom, and some guy that wanted a dog [that we didn't have]. I read the messages for a moment, then I found myself back doing my WILD attempt again, in my bed at my mom's house (where I started). A couple seconds passed. I realized where I had just "been."

      'Dang, I was just dreaming.' I thought.

      About a minute passed. I could feel slight vibrations in my body, and, now that I think about it, I didn't really feel anything at all. I almost felt "wide awake."

      I heard thunder roll outside my window, and rain began to pick up. I wondered what time it was. Then I heard my sister and my brother come into my room. They were talking about the storm, "It's starting again." I heard my sister say. I wondered why they were in my room, but my main curiosity was about the thunder and rain. Were we under a thunderstorm or tornado warning? I decided to call this WILD attempt a bust. I sat up, and RCed just in case.
      I almost knew it before I even did the RC. Sure enough, I was in a false awakening. I tried to control my emotions and actions, but they had already begun to take over me, and I started to rush like I normally do in my lucid dreams. I was ripping my sleep mask off and getting off my slightly larger bed before I told myself that I need to stabilize and remember where I am. I stopped myself moving with MUCH difficulty. I was excited. I could see a little bit of white light coming through my window.

      "Okay," I said out loud, to myself. I closed my eyes (which was probably a mistake) for a second, then opened them again. "You are in a dream right now. You can do anything..." But before I could finish grounding myself, the desires of myself started to take over. I walked over to my bedside table and tried to turn on my lamp. But of course it didn't work. I almost told it to light itself, but something else occured to me. I realized I was halfway hunched over, staring at a stuffed animal on my bed. It had a frightened look. I realized what was making me hunched over was my hair. It weighed a good 10 pounds on top of my head, and was all in front of my face. I tried to move it out of the way, but it would barely budge.

      So I said, "Hair, UP!" Suddenly, my hair began twisting around to the back of my head. I felt around for my hair. Sure enough, it was "up", like the direction. I don't know what was holding it up. And then I added, "like in a ponytail..." Then, my hair began twisting itself all around and formed its own crude ponytail holder. It felt a little loose and I could see that it was bumpy in my mirror that was now very close to my bed. I then said, "Erase bumps."
      But I didn't get to see what would happen, because, before I knew it, I was back in RL, in my bed, still doing my WILD attempt. My chest felt hot. My heart was pounding. 'This can't be good to feel.' I thought. I tried to stabilize my breathing and focus on the lucid dream I had just exited. But, to no avail. I decided I should probably get up and record the dream, anyway.
      lucid , false awakening
    4. 5/28/12 DILD: A Party of Sorts

      by , 05-28-2012 at 03:07 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      Type: DILD (FA)
      Clarity: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

      I was in a dream. I remember it having some sort of red theme to it. All of a sudden, a thought sprung through my mind. "Wait, is this a dream? I could be dreaming!" Excitement rushed through me. But then the dream started to fade, every time I would blink I would see my room, illuminated by the morning sun. And then, the dream was gone.

      "No!" I thought. I layed there for a second where I awoke, staring at the wall. But then somehow, a pixelated line ran across my line of vision. "What the heck?" I thought. "Wait... what if this was a false awakening?"

      I did the nose RC and I was lucid!
      From where I was laying, I sat up and tried to get out of bed as slowly as possible. I stood up in my room. It wasn't as vivid as I had hoped.

      I wanted to stabilize. But I forgot to do the crawling technique. So I just looked up at the ceiling and shouted, "Give me more vividness!" Nothing. So I tried again. "Vividness, now!" Then I tried, "Clarity, now!" Nothing.

      I don't remember doing much in my room, or how I got outside. But I remember walking up through the grassy field, not really looking at anything but trying to find my Dream Guide. I felt that I wanted to fly just a little. So I pushed off the ground as hard as I could, but I didn't really get anywhere. It was just like jumping on a trampoline really. So I tried again, this time with more gusto. While in midair, I closed my eyes and imagined me floating. Sure enough, when I opened my eyes, I was hovering about 2-3 feet above ground. "Pretty cool," I thought. But then again, I've always done this in dreams. I glided a bit up the field, then landed.

      I saw a group of people inside what looked like a plastic space ship looking thing. I entered it, and yep, there were indeed some people dining. I saw a group of people and decided to go talk to them.

      I approached them. They all looked at me. I can't remember what I asked them, but I think it was something about my Dream Guide. They shook their heads. I also asked them about one of my fears and how it could be solved. One of them sighed (a fairly skinny lady with brown hair, and wore a red dress with dangly earrings to match), and mumbled something. I don't remember what it was.

      The dream sped forward again and I was at my school, still lucid. The same woman in the red dress was here, but she had a sour look on her face. She didn't like me for some reason.

      There was a ton of people on one of our soccer fields, probably having a party. I saw a group of people and I walked up to them and see if they would tell me something. I don't remember the things they said to me, though.

      I remember running up to the soccer goal, and a soccer ball was in front of me. I yelled, "Soccer!" and I tried to kick the ball as hard as I could. But something stopped me.

      I then lost lucidity. I thought that I had woken up at my school. "Darn it!" I yelled; unaware of the people still around me.

      I never regained my lucidity, and woke up.

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    5. 3/30/12 Trying new tech - SSILD: immediate results!

      by , 03-30-2012 at 04:40 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      Clarity: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

      Oh my gosh. This technique is amazing!
      So last night, I woke up after 5 hours of sleep, went to the restroom, then got back in bed. I did about, 5 cycles (If I remember correctly.) Then I got comfortable and did one cycle for some reason. After a few minutes I turned over once more (now on my stomach) and fell asleep.

      I woke up.. and my body was completely paralyzed! I could not move. I think I could open my eyes, but I didn't want to! I got really scared (as I always do with SP. T-T). I heard these weird wind sounds in my ears or something, and my body just felt heavy and numb (it was a bit hazy at this part, can't remember much). I just decided, "What the heck, I'm getting out of this!" (I've done this before, and I ended up in a FA) So I tried wriggling my head, then my arms, then my fingers, and finally "broke" out of SP. I lay motionless , still lying on my stomach in my bed. Then I thought to myself, "Crap. I shouldn't have done that." But then I RCed out of reflex, and what do you know, I was in an FA! I got really excited. Still laying on my stomach, I used my arms and "pushed" me out of bed. It was extremely hard to do this. It was like pushing a rusted lever or something (kind of like I was "stuck" to the bed). Then I saw it was dark in my room so I got scared once more (I'm always afraid of seeing scary things in my dreams, like weird shadows and such).

      I sat on my bed, looking around in the darkness for my lamp. I shouted, "Light!"
      Nothing happened.

      I remember that electronics do not work well in dreams, but I turned on the lamp anyway. Light immediately flooded the room. I wanted to see myself in my full body mirror, but was too scared. So I kind of "danced" in front of it to blur my body but see myself in it anyways. I didn't take notice of all the details in my room, I just simply walked into the bathroom and tried to turn on those lights as well. Once I turned it on, the lights shone very dimly. I walked into Sam's room and did the same. Dim.

      I shook her awake (at least I think I did), and told her I was dreaming, and to come on with me. She muttered something, but I was too excited to listen to it, and ran out of the room. I stood on my balcony, looking down. It was almost daytime now. I said I would jump off of it. I was afraid I would get hurt. But it was a dream; it couldn't hurt me.

      I jumped off of the balcony, landing on my feet. I only felt a mild shock travel up through my legs.

      I then walked out our front door, which was a large archway with no door. It was daytime out now. I looked up at the sky, it was clear and crisp. Then I started losing lucidity bit by bit, but I didn't notice. The grass was as green as ever. I saw my mom sweeping the pavement, and my dad was just walking around.

      I tried to fly down the steps. Instead, I hovered down them and hit my toe on every single one of them. Since they were brick stairs, it hurt a little. Then I tried to fly around the front yard, but I wasn't making any progress. I tried with all my might to "flap" my arms, but to no avail. Not even if I ran and jumped could I fly.
      I gave up and walked over to the side of the house. My house was bigger than usual. I heard my sister, who was outside now. She yelled to me, "Imagine something!"

      Good idea. I tried to summon a Lamborghini. Big mistake on my part!

      I turned around and visualized what I wanted. A Lamborghini. I wasn't specific, though. I turned around and faced the garage. A really long car, like a limo, was there. It was an ugly shade of green and yellow, and looked like it was made out of coke cans. Ugh.
      I tried again, this time it was a longer car, but was an ugly shade of blue. Somehow, the green car had rolled itself down into someone else's driveway.
      I tried once more, this time being specific. But it didn't come out as I wanted. A brown car appeared, and it looked like a Model T. I gave up. This was just too hard!

      The dream sped forward. I was with a group of people in a grassy field. My lucidity level got even lower, I could hardly control anything. I just had to go along with the story line.
      All of a sudden, a nest of "cracker jackers" broke open and swarmed around us. Someone yelled, "Get the powder!" (Apparently, this powder was supposed to ward off cracker jackers) I imagined this white powder. It started raining down from the sky, and the cracker jackers swarmed away. It was kind of like bug spray for mosquitoes I guess. We were careful not to step on the dead ones. They could still sting.

      The dream sped forward once more, and I was sitting with a group of people. My lucidity was almost gone now. They were being rude to me. I just walked away, not knowing what to do.

      I woke up. I remember going throughout the morning, kind of sad that I didn't have any more time to use the technique in the night, because of school. My mom handed me a piece of a Reese's. I tore the Reese's apart, and it revealed rich peanut butter and chocolate chips! Then the dream faded. I woke up in my bed.
      I was paralyzed again! I just decided to really get out of SP now. I did, and I didn't have an FA.
      I looked at my clock. All of this happened in less than 2 hours. Wow.

      Dream: Don't kill them!
      I was at my dad's house. His house was made into some sort of arena, and they were going to kill two innocent people. A little tanned skinned girl, and a tall boy. I don't really remember the most of this dream, I just remember that they weren't really killed. The people in charge of killing them were playing a trick on everyone.

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    6. 8/19/11 - 24th LD: First WILD

      by , 09-18-2011 at 07:33 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      I was in my room. I sat up in bed and RCed, just to make sure that it was a dream. It was! I tried not to get too excited. My room was dark (since it was nighttime), and I tried to "turn on" the lights. I yelled, "Light!" Didn't work. I closed my eyes, pointed at the light, and said, "Light!" Still didn't work. So I gave up, and walked around in the dark. As I walked down my living room stairs, I saw these weird bomb-omb looking animal things. They were different colors. I assumed that my mom made them.

      Where my kitchen was, there was a tropical bar; and in front of that were little pools of clear water, with candles and lily pads and flowers on top of the water. It was pretty. I saw my sister and told her that I was dreaming, but she didn't think anything about it. I walked into the little bar place and tried to summon.. guess who.. Taylor Lautner.

      I looked up at him. He was ugly. So I tried again. This time I closed my eyes and thought of his face, then summoned him. He was just a tad cuter this time; but still not good looking. So, I summoned a chocolate bar instead, which kind of looked like Hershey's, but had a yellow wrapper.

      I looked at the words and entertained myself by looking back and looking at it again. I eventually ended up throwing the chocolate bar away for some reason Lol. My mom was outside, and she was talking with my friend's Aunt. They looked a ton alike, except she had longer hair than my friend.

      I wanted to fly out in the same spot; which I noticed we were on our church's sidewalk. The Aunt stood by me and yelled, "You can do it!" So I ran, closed my eyes, and jumped. I felt gravity flip me over in the air as I hovered. It was awesome. I didn't open my eyes which was a bummer.

      Somehow, I had flown back into my own bed. Or transported there. My "dream" bed that is. I looked out my window, to see lights in a circle like fireworks, and I wanted so bad to go out there. I was thinking of breaking through my window, but I got sleepy.. and lost some of my lucidity. I sat there thinking about it and eventually "fell asleep" and found myself awake in my real bed.
    7. My First False Awakening and my 3rd lucid! And my other dreams..

      by , 08-18-2010 at 11:01 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      I am so excited to share this with you, even though it was really short. :/ But here's my 3rd lucid: *giggle*

      Now, before the series of dreams and then my FA, I had woken up and decided to WBTB. I just went to the bathroom though. Then I laid back down, and tried to think of nothing. My mind kept wandering off but I tried to keep as many thoughts as I could out of my head. It kept going on like this until I fell asleep I think, when I had the dreams. At the end of the dream before my FA, I saw an iPad that didn't look like one far away. I looked closer and it had the cover of my phone around it. It was a red cover. So I sorta thought to myself. "Hmm..this is weird.. do you think maybe i could be dreaming?" Then the dream ended. That's when I had the FA.

      ONCE AGAIN, this dream was hardly controllable. I really didn't feel like I was in it, I just remember feeling the RC. All of my LDs so far i have had little controllability (if that's a word) and little feelingness.


      I woke up in my bed, It was really dark except for the dim light on in the bathroom. Like I was taught, I did a reality check to (just in case it did happen) catch a false awakening. As soon as I plugged my nose and breathed in I thought, "Holy crap I'm dreaming! I've never had an FA before!" After this, for some reason I started daydreaming about Taylor Lautner with blonde hair, lol. And once again, I was scared that I would see something scary around the corner, or that something would pop up freaky, or that I would be just plain afraid. I don't know why. I guess it's just because anything can happen in a dream. And to my bad luck, my alarm rang. I woke up with a start. I was happy that I got lucid for the third time, but not happy it ended so quickly. stupid alarm!

      I'll post the dreams I had last night in the "MILD Class Dream Entries" post. Thank you for reading DV members!

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