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    An FA from a WILD (DILD 7/15/15)

    by , 07-16-2015 at 12:44 PM (714 Views)

    I remember I was doing my WILD technique, when suddenly I found myself in my bedroom at my dad's house, sleeping in my sister's bed. Sam called my name. She sounded close. I grunted in reply, because I was "asleep," doing my WILD attempt. She threw something at me on the bed. I opened my eyes and looked at it. It was her phone. A message was open on it that was a conversation between her, my mom, and some guy that wanted a dog [that we didn't have]. I read the messages for a moment, then I found myself back doing my WILD attempt again, in my bed at my mom's house (where I started). A couple seconds passed. I realized where I had just "been."

    'Dang, I was just dreaming.' I thought.

    About a minute passed. I could feel slight vibrations in my body, and, now that I think about it, I didn't really feel anything at all. I almost felt "wide awake."

    I heard thunder roll outside my window, and rain began to pick up. I wondered what time it was. Then I heard my sister and my brother come into my room. They were talking about the storm, "It's starting again." I heard my sister say. I wondered why they were in my room, but my main curiosity was about the thunder and rain. Were we under a thunderstorm or tornado warning? I decided to call this WILD attempt a bust. I sat up, and RCed just in case.
    I almost knew it before I even did the RC. Sure enough, I was in a false awakening. I tried to control my emotions and actions, but they had already begun to take over me, and I started to rush like I normally do in my lucid dreams. I was ripping my sleep mask off and getting off my slightly larger bed before I told myself that I need to stabilize and remember where I am. I stopped myself moving with MUCH difficulty. I was excited. I could see a little bit of white light coming through my window.

    "Okay," I said out loud, to myself. I closed my eyes (which was probably a mistake) for a second, then opened them again. "You are in a dream right now. You can do anything..." But before I could finish grounding myself, the desires of myself started to take over. I walked over to my bedside table and tried to turn on my lamp. But of course it didn't work. I almost told it to light itself, but something else occured to me. I realized I was halfway hunched over, staring at a stuffed animal on my bed. It had a frightened look. I realized what was making me hunched over was my hair. It weighed a good 10 pounds on top of my head, and was all in front of my face. I tried to move it out of the way, but it would barely budge.

    So I said, "Hair, UP!" Suddenly, my hair began twisting around to the back of my head. I felt around for my hair. Sure enough, it was "up", like the direction. I don't know what was holding it up. And then I added, "like in a ponytail..." Then, my hair began twisting itself all around and formed its own crude ponytail holder. It felt a little loose and I could see that it was bumpy in my mirror that was now very close to my bed. I then said, "Erase bumps."
    But I didn't get to see what would happen, because, before I knew it, I was back in RL, in my bed, still doing my WILD attempt. My chest felt hot. My heart was pounding. 'This can't be good to feel.' I thought. I tried to stabilize my breathing and focus on the lucid dream I had just exited. But, to no avail. I decided I should probably get up and record the dream, anyway.

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