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    Sydney's Nightly Adventures

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    1. Dream Drive Thru, It was an Accident!, Where's my Uniform, Plane Ride

      by , 07-03-2012 at 03:40 AM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      Dream Drive Thru (Non-lucid)


      I remember having a dream in where you could go through some sort of drive thru. In this drive thru, you could go anywhere you wanted to go, or have your dreams fulfilled if you like.

      At one point I experienced mild dream sleep paralysis.

      It Was an Accident! (Non-lucid)


      I was outside my church, standing in the parking lot. A sing le car was parked in front of where I was standing. Suddenly, a man rps open the door of the car and tries to steal the car. I scream, letting someone know nearby what is happening.

      A man runs out of nowhere, and flogs the man getting into the car. The thief retreats, and ppulls out a shotugn. He tries to shoot the man after him, but misses. Then he aims for me. I then pull out MY shotgun. The man shoots. I dodge it, and tried to aim for the man. instad, my shaking hand aims for something else.

      The other man's crotch.

      I pu ll the trigger without realizing. Immediately after, the thief is already hightailing out of the parking lot. Out of my vision.

      The man that I shot looked up at me. Rage and anger crossed his face. He started walking towards me. I back away. Then he ran toward me and picked me up by my feet, slniging me over his shoulder. I beat on his back, struggling to get free. He laughed and said, "Let me show you what happens to little girls who shoot me."

      "It was an accident!" I yelled, still struggling from his iron grip. Then I broke free, kicking him in the face. I ran as fast as I could the other way. I heard him runningbehind me. He nearly caught the back of my shirt, but I ran faster. I rounded the corner of the church.

      A small pool of water appeared in front of me. It was attached to the back of the church, and appeared to be as deeps as a hot tub. Lights illuminated the blue water. I jumped in, hiding under the water so the man wouldn't find me. I wated for a slong as I could, then stuck my head above the water, making sure the coast was clear.

      It was, so I got up more. I stood in the water, now feeling its temperature. It did feel like a hot tub. I looked up, and saw two people sitting in the tub, looking at me. A boy and a girl. An uneasy smile crossed my face.

      Where's my Uniform (Non-lucid)


      Cheer practice was starting soon and I had to be in uniform.

      I peeked through the doorway into some room. I wasn't sure where I was.
      All of the cheerleaders were standing in the room in a line, facing my coach.

      I quickly hurried out looking for my uniform. Eventually my coach got mad at me about it.

      Plane ride (Non-lucid)


      I was on a plane. My dad said that it would take 12 hours to get to our destination. I told him that I would just go to sleep for those 12 hours and pass the time.
    2. 4/14/12 A Thief in the Night

      by , 05-14-2012 at 01:07 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      I lay down on the floor, getting ready for bed. I was sleeping over at my grandmother's house in the dream, but it wasn't her real house. My sister and I were sleeping in what looked like a large living room. My other sister, Ken, was sleeping in a bed somewhere in the house. So we slept on a pallet on the floor.

      I "woke up" at around dawn. My grandmother came running in. She told us there was a thief in the house.

      I got up and tiptoed around, my grandmother following me. I didn't hear anything. I looked out of the nearest window, and sure enough there was a hooded figure running through the nearby yard away from the house. He was holding what looked like a Wal-Mart plastic bag.

      He ran into a crowd of people going to school. I shot through the hallway, and out the door, determined to catch him. He was walking by now. I darted in front of him.

      "What did you take!?" I yelled, trying to get his attention.
      He looked up at me. He looked familiar, oddly familiar. He was very tall; much taller than me. His hood almost hid his eyes.
      He sighed, then threw the bag down.
      "Here," he said. "I don't need it."
      He looked at me. I noticed a sad look in his eyes, like he was searching for something.
      He turned and walked away, through the crowd.
      I stood there, my head spinning. How did I do that? I thought to myself.

      I looked inside the bag. There was a shrunken version of my backpack in there, and a couple of books I had at the house.
      Well I better go back.

      I walked back inside the house. My grandmother and my sisters ran up to me. "Are you okay?" They asked. I said I was fine, but a bit troubled. Why would he give these back?

      I walked into a little room on the right. Ken followed me inside. I looked up to a picture on the wall. The boy in the picture looked a lot like the hooded boy, only in the picture it was a younger version of him.

      When Ken looked at the picture, she said she knew who he was. He used to live in this house. I guess he was looking for something but was too embarrassed to walk up and ask or something like that.

      Then the dream ended.

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    3. 5/11/12 Thieves

      by , 05-11-2012 at 07:50 AM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      I was with my friend Julia and a couple of others. We were staying at some kind of hotel apartments. Around the hotel, there were some restaurants. One was McDonald's. I was kind of complaining that it didn't have any breakfast restaurants, like Huddle House or I-HOP. I remember walking down to a sort of tent thing outside of the building and sitting on the top of the jumpy surface. We leaned over and saw some kind of huge pot with what looked like yellow foam in it. I met some more friends from my class here.

      Once we were done, we walked back to the building. We entered what looked like my garage. Julia went through the door in front of me first. Suddenly, I dropped all of my shoes. Apparently I was holding them in my hands.

      I stooped down to pick up all of my shoes that dropped. I set my three bags on the floor; my purse, backpack, and a yellow duffle bag.

      I decided I would put a pair on, but struggled. I chose the flip flops; but I still couldn't put them on easily. So I just decided to grab all three. Julia was waiting for me inside the door, so I better hurry.

      I felt like someone was watching me. I looked up. Sure enough, a boy looked at me from around the corner, then hid his face. Before he could walk away, I ran in front of him. He smirked at me. He held my backpack and duffle in his hand.

      "Hey!" I yelled, lurching for my bags. He stepped back.
      "You don't want to do that." He smirked again.
      "And why not?"
      "I have a bomb here," He pointed into something in his pocket. "That could go off at any moment if you try me."
      I turned around, looking for something to hit him with. But when I turned back around to face him, he was already out the door. I started to run after him, but another boy, a much taller, stronger than the other, stepped in front of me.

      "Seriously, don't." He said.
      I tried to hit him, on the neck, hopefully that could stun him. I missed because he dodged.
      He held up what looked like a chalkboard eraser. "Nested inside here," he said, "is another bomb. Don't mess with me."
      I hesitated. Then I heard the door open behind me. Julia came running out, and started trying to hit the guy. We both were trying to throw punches, but he kept blocking them with his strong arms. Eventually we started kicking him, and he eventually ran away. They still had my bags though.