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    1. About to Die, $120 Billion Dachshund, Tutorial, Half Naked at Shrimp Store, Too Early For Work

      by , 12-30-2015 at 05:45 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      I'm About To Die (DILD)


      Iím inside of a house with someone that looks oddly familiar, and it made me slightly melancholic over who it was, and what would happen later on. The atmospheric overlay of the dream was this blurry yellow that varied depending on the context of the dream, but things were still pretty realistic.

      Weíre navigating through a house, and weíre following someone who seems to want to sell it to us, or at least look around as prospective clients. I believe the person Iím with is wearing a yellow jacket with a dark orange shirt underneath, and some basic, blue skinny jeans. Her hair is tied up, and she seems to be fairly casual in her movements.

      Weíre at the backyard of the house, and I noticed thereís a map in front of us. Itís placed on top of this white stoned stand thatís maybe 3-4 feet tall. The color of the fences are brown, and thereís a few accessories outside, but I didnít pay too much attention to them. I get closer to the map, and started to look at it, and it zooms in to where itís covering my perspective in the dream. I can see all sorts of things from the bedrooms, the bathrooms, and just how spacious this house seems to potentially be for two people wanting to buy it.

      I started to get weird sensations in my dream body that something ominous will happen. We decided to go inside quickly by opening the glass patio door with a black handle, and weíre finally inside one of the rooms that seems like a conduit to other sections of the house. The carpet seems to be this milky white color thatís saturated with the yellow/orange lighting of the house.

      Naturally, one of us closes the patio door, and noticed one of the doors in front of us is moving sporadically near the golden-brown doorknob. Sheís trying to reach out for the door to open it, but is hesitant, but gets tempted the more we have to wait. Iím standing still with my arms around my head looking at her, but not saying anything to her in fear that whoever is on the other side might hear us.

      The tension augments, and her hand gets close and closer, but she keeps retracting. I hear doorbell ringing for a few times, but didnít trust that this encounter would be friendly whatsoever. The girl unfortunately succumbs to opening the door, and out comes an entity wearing a yellow hoodie, and a Scream mask, and was at least 6í to 6í 5íí tall.

      I see their wielding something, and looks like it could be a long gun, shotgun, or even just a metal bat, but whatever the case, I started to panic. They look at the girl first, but I didnít hear any gunshots, but I wasnít able to even concentrate on her existence at all. I was more concerned over mine, and even though it was a dream, I could get over predispositions to want to assume a fetal position, and a state of helplessness. I just wanted to wake up, and even told the entity to just go ahead and do it. Theyíre looking down on me, but there isnít an immediate reaction to shoot, or whatever mode of action of injuring me.

      I just wanted to wake upÖ

      Not in fear over what would happen, no, I'm not going to die in a dream. But more so of what happened to her, even if it may have been a symbolic representation of something else. Whatever it is, it's not good, and is probably something for me to be cautious for.


      Running Away & The $120 Billion Dachshund (DILD)


      This dream is convoluted in some circumstances, and this impression could be that I was shifting my perspective to other people, or something. Iím inside this grandiose educational facility that was revealed to be a rich, High School facility of some sort.

      The first experience that comes to me is being inside of a dark room, but being able to see the auditorium on front of me through an open wall slit thatís about two feet in length, and 5-7 feet wide. I noticed that this area is probably the room for containing some of the musical instruments, and other accessories. I see that thereís some kind of function going on, but it doesnít involve a lot of people.

      Thereís maybe 25-40 people taking a quick glance, and I noticed that I could be on show in front of these people. I can hear muffled sounds for a bit, and then it became a little clearer. The person outside of me would eventually have a Bill Nye type of visage, but there were several nuances later on that would make me think otherwise.

      I feel that I need to escape this area, even though things seem peaceful at first. I just get a weird vibe that I should just get out of this place, but in a casual manner to prevent suspicions.

      But, I go ahead and make a dash out of the room, and went to the left side of the auditorium to catapult myself upwards on the black set of stairs that stretch at least 50-60 feet diagonally. For some reason, I noticed one person sitting down casually with their arms pressed against the side of their stomach, and their hands coming together to clasp each other. He was Hispanic, bald, and had a thin goatee. Heís wearing a red worker shirt, and some black pants, and as Iím continuing to dash, he glances at me for a second in shock.

      The audience seems to have their attention towards me now, but I didnít care. I finally reach the top of a semi-dark room with a dim, white/yellow lighting on the top right side of me. As Iím preparing to plan my course of action, I figure that going straight down to the right was practical. At the onset of this, I hear someone telling me,

      ďBrandon, I have pictures from your profile/phoneÖĒ I stop for a moment with eyes wide open, and started to question if there was any inappropriate content, but I reconciled with myself once more that itís nothing to worry about indirectly due to it being a dream.

      I shifted back to being apathetic once more, but took a quick glance over to see the visage that matched the voice that declared this to me. It was a slightly obese, Hispanic female that I work with at the time with long, black curly hair. Sheís wearing her worker uniform, and Iíll just nickname her MT for now. MT thinks said profession would have me tempted to give up, and she tries to look over when sheís like 150-200 feet away from me.

      I continue moving forward, and notice more random dream characters show up, and all of them have realistic visages, and a believable existence so clear and crisp. I could see the detail of their shirts, the sub-surface scattering from where the white/orange lighting is the conduit in emitting it on their body.

      For some reason, I think there was a rendezvous point to meet someone, but for most of the dream, it was me running for my own sake. I noticed other people were following me, but they werenít after me, presumably. I continue running in varying degrees, and moving around in directions I canít really have a mental map over. The first exit outside I see is to my right, and outside is just absolutely beautiful in spite of the bland setting the moment I step out.

      For the first few 20 feet or so, thereís gray concrete along with some gray walls with no stylization to them; just a pasty looking appearance. There are a few fancy umbrellas in the middle of some tables with metal chairs stacked around them that were black barred, or had a gray metallic composition with some strong fabric for the seating and back rest.

      Iím running, and aiming to go up, or down the stairs in this fairly long area of the environment. It leads to other areas inside, as if rooms were built underneath the natural landscape of the region thatís presumed to be a fall overtone.

      At some point in the dream, I noticed thereís this girl thatís oddly familiar, and weíll just nickname her AriW for now. AriW has her short hairstyle that seems to garner a lot of men her way to compliment, but this is just a characterization of her. Sheís wearing this dark, golden leather jacket with this shirt that is a mix of red, orange, and black, and sheís wearing either light blue skinny jeans, or black ones.

      Sheís following me, and I felt a natural ease around her, but as Iím trying to escape, I noticed that sheís catapulting herself to latch onto my back. She starts to get obsessive towards me, and I canít make out what sheís telling me. I just hear her giggles, and she had a strong resistance to hold me back.

      Iím struggling to get her off of me, even though it wouldnít have been difficult to continue running. Her bonding with me seemed way too strong, and it was an unsolicited one. I was going off of predisposition to deter away from her in spite of her attractive visage in waking life.

      Unfortunately, in order to get her off my back, literally, I had to twist around, or something, and use my arms to grab some portion of her body, and throw her on the ground. She still maintains that fucking disturbing visage that I just canít get out of my mind even after what I did to her; just an entity with no soul inside of her; like all she could do was have her eyes open, and the smile implanted into her visage.

      The creepiness lingered on for a few seconds, and I reign in my sense of self, and managed to get out of this area. I noticed that Iím wearing a black shirt, and basic blue jeans at the moment, but the style may have fluctuated throughout the dream.

      Now that this part was accomplish, the next event involves me looking inside that same auditorium, and this time, I think Iím in a spectate point of view where I donít pay too much attention on whether or not Iím in my dream body. Thereís this Plexiglas thatís rectangular, and is around 10 feet tall, and 15-20 feet wide. Thereís someone inside thatís being treated like this circus freak for some reason.

      Things become equivocal in the dream in relation to the context of whatís going on. Thereís this bald man thatís wearing this fancy gray dress jacket and pants, and a red dress shirt with a white collar of some sort, and a jet black with a mťlange of blue tie. He has this position where he is upright, and is blabbering on about the subject inside the Plexiglas container.

      The person inside seems to be a dimwit; completely devoid of any cognitive ability that indicates that he has some kind of awareness over whatís going on. All heís staring at is this thin bordered green rectangle in front of him thatís probably 12 inches tall, and 15 inches wide. Thereís a holographic vibe to it, and the more he presses it, it emits this voom, woom sound thatís pulsating. He seems to enjoy doing this, and how he gets out is very contrived.

      The man that was outside somehow got his way into the Plexiglas container, and was probably going to do some maintenance for either the person, or the container itself. Thereís this piece of paper that has this small cut at the edge, and thereís random black font around it. Thereís a green strip at the opposite edge of it, and for some reason, I think putting the piece of paper near the green rectangle can activate something. And I donít know whoís doing it, but itís being done, and thereís a gap thatís being opened up to where the seemingly incompetent dimwit is holding it, and maintains a position where his hands are holding both sides of the paper, and he bends his knees to where he dolphin dives his way out of the container.

      He somehow runs and escapes, and everyone starts to panic a bit, but heís no threat. The man that was inside quickly came outside to profess a manhunt for this individual. And he brings out some documentation, or check, and he professes that this ďdogĒ is actually worth $120 billion dollars.

      I zoom in on the check/documentation, and itís at least $120,607,XXX,XXX. It looks like a cashierís check now that I think about it more, and the guy is offering $50 billion dollars that would be divided in 2 if anyone can capture this individual.

      I decided to dissipate from the environment, and felt there wasnít much meaning to it at all.


      Tutorial/Model Melanged Together (DILD)


      Iím looking at a tutorial I made in real life, and navigated through the video only to realize Iím also capable of rotating the model at will.


      Wearing Underwear At The Shrimp Store (DILD)NON-DREAM DREAM LUCID

      So, I and a few people have intentions to go out somewhere, specifically the shrimp store for something. I had a feeling it would be a section from a larger retail store similar to one I work at. It was nighttime in the dream, and things felt pretty realistic, but I had some assurance that itís merely a dream. I noticed that I was paying attention to my body more without even looking at it; there was just these feelings coming out for me to pay attention to my body, but I shrugging it off.

      We end up going inside the large grocery retail store, and proceeded to go to the shrimp store, presumably. We had to sit around for a bit, and the people I was with were probably gone. I noticed that as Iím lurking around the area randomly, thereís this guy that looks like one of my previous bossís boss at another store that Iíll nickname Veg for now. Heís wearing a light blue dress shirt, and has the same bald spot as ever, and is looking at me funny like Iím doing something funny.

      He picks up his phone, which prompts me to want to pick up mine, and I noticed that heís trying to call me, but thereís some difficulty. So I get close to him, and tried to structure a query of what he felt was peculiar about me. He was on his laptop going through YouTube videos of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds parodies, and had a playlist of ďThings to say to Yu-Gi-Oh! Card tradersĒ or something like that.

      I see an image of Yusei Fudo in one of the thumbnails with his face at an angle towards the bottom left corner of the screen, and with the movement of his visage, itís like heís moving fast, or something with huge eyes trying to drawing a card for exaggerated theatrics.

      Then, something came over me, and I realized that I was only wearing underwear, and maybe some long boots. I felt awkward, but the dream characters didnít mind. I believe I called someone to tell them that Iíll be going inside the car for the time being until theyíre done, which they didnít mind.


      Too Early For Work (DILD)


      So, Iím inside a store again, and this feels like a continuation of the previous dream. Itís morning time, and I feel that I need to arrive to work around 11:15AM or so. I start doing things around the store, but nothing related to working at all. Iím walking around with a blue shirt, and brown pants, and I noticed a co-worker, that Iíll nickname ShaP, who tells me that theyíre a little t
      Naturally, I look down, and theyíre kind of saggy, and donít really feel tight at all. She starts professing other stuff in this trailing voice as if sheís really into me. I shrug this off, and get pissed off at her apprehension for personal reasons that I rather not talk about. I move on, and turn around to get away from her. Then, I realized that I work at 12PM instead, and quickly ran to the nearest person that could be in a similar position as I am.

      I see itís the short girl that should be a cashier in waking life, and sheís holding the iPhone with the scheduling for co-workers. I try to tell her about this, and she seems pre-occupied with things, or maybe is flustered with people coming towards her for help, and other inquiries. I try to tell her several times again, but gave up, and presumed she got it.

      I go outside while feeling ShaP is still glancing over me, which is really different than the other dream above this one where I thought we were going to die. Ugh.

      So, I go outside to my car, and decided to start it while thinking of where I could go for the time being.

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    2. Miley Twerking Cyrus Look-a-like is My Cosplay Partner

      by , 12-10-2013 at 08:44 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Miley Twerking Cyrus Look-a-like is My Dance Partner (DILD)


      I'm inside of a mall with a group of dream characters that are closely related to the Teen Titans main characters. I wasn't aware of this immediately, but they showed up later on in the dream.

      I had brief moments of lucidity and shifting back into a non-lucid state, and was surprisingly experiencing as if I passed out at some point.

      I recall that I ended up doing a cosplay of Cyborg, and apparently there's some kind of costume event or competition. Apparently I was supposed to gender bend with the Miley Cyrus counterpart within the dream, and I started to feel myself turning into a female for some weird reason.

      Though it was mostly just people putting a wig on me and some awkward occurrences I probably don't really need to remember at all. They finish at some point, and then I felt like I was passing out, and the dream started to get blurry.

      At some point I wake up in the dream and found myself inside a very restricted room. I get up slowly and found myself back to my original dream body. I believe I was wearing a vanilla suit with a light blue dress shirt along with vanilla dress pants. The room I'm in consists of a basic turquoise or aqua blue color, and it felt like I was in some kind of containment more than being in an actual room.

      I open the door in front of me slowly and poked my head out. The environment beyond the area I'm within consists of a contrast warm color of various shades of red. It's obvious that this is a large auditorium, and I looked at a group of individuals sitting in the front section about 20 feet diagonally to the right of my current perspective.

      I saw all the Teen Titans characters except for Robin, and they glanced over to look at me most likely as a reflex to see who's coming out. It seems that there's going to be a lot of individuals coming out eventually, so I took the initiative to get out and find a seat as quickly as possible.

      There's not really much goals I had in mind other than to see what was going to go on here. I ended up picking a random row and seat that was about 30-60 feet away from the door I was originally at. I could feel a sense of warmth within the dream environment, which was fairly surprising considering how an area as spacious as this would generally be a little colder.

      I sit down, and I had a feeling someone was going to sit next to me. I looked to the right and saw a Miley Cyrus dream character counterpart wearing an absurd hairstyle. It was as if her hair was plugged into an electrical socket to try to emulate a Don King hairstyle, except it was more spread out laterally in this case.

      She was wearing super short shorts that consisted maybe of a dark swamp green color along with a V-blouse that was light swamp green without any sleeves. Then her visage started to change and deviate a bit to resemble someone very familiar, I just can't put get it out of my tongue unfortunately.

      She has bleached blonde hair streaks along with a dirty blonde color as the dominant color. She's looking at me and smiling, which somehow makes me smile and then laugh uncontrollably on how silly she looks like. I laughed so much that I had to put my hands over my face and started using my left or right hand to tap my knee rapidly.

      I just couldn't take it anymore, and other people started laughing at her as well, but she didn't seem to mind it too much. She started to crave the attention and walked a bit more confidently as if she was going to pump her arms in a semi-circular motion. I take my right hand and tapped the empty seat to the right of me to make a gesture that she could sit there.

      She continues looking at me while she's going through the small gap in the row I'm at and seems to pass up my offer, but eventually sits to the left of me.
      I can't recall anything after that, so I guess we ended up watching whatever was going to happen on stage.

    3. Attempting to Snipe a Huge Guy, Blonde Becomes an Attraction for Everyone, No Check for Me..........

      by , 08-02-2013 at 06:35 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Attempting to Snipe a Huge Guy (Non-lucid)


      Dream recall of this is a bit patchy, and seriously, this was one long freaking dream with other dreams that seemed to go in synch with it. I've been putting off trying to recall it for a few days, but I'll try my best to recall what's left of my memory of it.

      I'm within a building that has a composition where it's easy to into tight and awkward situations. I'm wearing a light gray, a very light gray suit that's unbuttoned and light gray dress pants as well. I believe I have a milky and light yellow dress shirt that's buttoned and tucked in, and I have a sniper rifle as well.

      Apparently, I have to shoot some large dude that can be seen over an opened vent. I would have to climb up a bit to reach it, aim, and hopefully kill him, however, I wanted to plan this out a bit more. Just imagine for a moment of me near a wall, and the left and right corners are openings to get into the room where the large guy is.

      Then you have the vent in the middle that's opened, so I decided to go to the right and peek to see if there's anything I should be aware of, like guards or anyone that might try to inform others that the guy is dead, if I were to shoot him. It seems he's pretty much the only one there, but then I noticed some small entity that I can't really make a good description of seeing how the place is pretty dark.

      The only decent lighting in that room is the large screen that emits a milky light blue color, and I think the large guy is busy eating random food. At this point, as I'm trying to prepare to snipe him, and HUD comes up quickly, as if I'm trying to choose which perks to choose, like in Call of Duty games.

      There was some skewed logic going on when I was mentally picking which perk and package to choose from, and I'm informed somehow that I can use the Specialist Package along with parts of an Assault Package? Didn't really make sense to me, but I just went with it and picked a few things.

      Then I'm distracted again and have some random display show up mentally that shows a map with a white background and black curvy lines along with a legend display of what seems to be the same large guy I have to shoot down.
      The dream doesn't really make sense to me after this point.


      Blonde Becomes an Attraction for Everyone (Non-lucid)


      As I'm walking inside another random building that has a general color of light gray and hues of gray painted on the walls, flooring, etc., I noticed some chattering in a room nearby. I peek in a bit and see a blonde female is the center of attention for everyone in that room, and she looks like she wants my attention as well, but she's also shifting her eyes back and forth with the group she's dealing wtih as well.

      I felt kind of jealous of her for some reason, and the more I look around at her and the group, these people kind of look familiar to me. There's random flashes of clips, images, and all sorts of things I can't make a cohesive description of.

      The dream shifts to where the blonde is sitting down, and she's wearing a light turquoise-green dress with a V-shaped lining that shows her cleavage a bit. She has long, curvy, and wavy hair and has soft skin as well. I just remember her sitting there on a black chair with no handles to rest on along with the random dream characters with her as well.


      People Rewarded in an Auditorium and I'm Confused On What I Did Beforehand (Non-lucid)


      Not sure if I was recalling this dream on August First or the day before that, but whatever.

      The dream I had before with the battle-ox thing and the whole list of random events before that with the thought-forms and Naruto stuff, this one felt like it had some connection with that. I find myself walking into an auditorium, and I noticed there's a lot of people sitting down already. I take a seat and watch to see what's going on, and apparently there's people on stage that are lined up to be prepared to be given a check for their efforts of saving everyone from some monster.

      I presume it was the monster I had to run away from, but something struck a nerve for me when I saw these people getting these checks. My recall is horrible in this dream, but I had a strong feeling I contributed towards eliminating or defeating whatever entity these group of people went through together. I wanted to stand up, but I didn't want to, I decided to just let these people get what they deserve while I end up being puzzled on whether or not I should deserve some merit or monetary value for whatever I did.

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    4. Paper Earrings, Snake Creature, Flirting Sucks, God Lecture, Dream Guide Feigns Desire to Kill me...

      by , 12-17-2012 at 09:33 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Paper Earrings (Non-lucid)


      I didn't do a WBTB, so my dream recall is kind of skewed.

      All I remember for this one is that I'm helping something create some kind of poster for a presentation.

      They also seem to have their earrings made of paper as well since I colored in two dark gold ovals and quickly glued them on her ears.

      I told her good luck, and she doesn't really say anything to me, or at least my recall of her saying anything is bad.


      The Prehistoric Snake Creature (Non-lucid)


      I'm walking in a random neighborhood that seems to be derived of the one I'm currently at for winter break.

      I'm casually walking around in the morning time of the dream, and something feels weird near my feet area.

      I look down, and about 3-5 feet away from me is a creature that looks like a Prehistoric and fossilized Snake structure.

      The head of this creature was like semi-circle in a way, except there's a bump in front where the sides would crown around it.

      It has a transparent body structure where the body organs are easily visible; most noticeably the big glowing organ near the head and the start of its flexible spine.

      The best thing I can associate this thing's composition is the Resident Evil 4 Las Plagas parasite, especially the one that shows up when Leon starts hallucinating inside a shack where he would encounter the big sea creature later on.

      It had a slight light brown color for its body structure, along with a scaled lining that seems to be stacked under the head. The head was basically shaped like a broad arrowhead.

      It continues to follow me, and I try to walk slowly to see what this thing can actually do. I noticed that its arrowhead composition obviously points me out like a sore thumb.

      And if I try to make quick movements, it would sling itself like a slingshot and get even closer to me. So small movements definitely were the only option I had until I figured out a better plan.

      And I doubt I was able to find that "better" plan.


      Flirting is Not Working (Non-lucid)


      I'm talking to this girl that I used to have for my English AP Lit Class in High School, and she seems to be kind of dull and stoic.

      I tried having a decent communication with her, and I believe there's someone else that we both had to meet to talk about something. I tried flirting with the girl, I think?

      Whatever happens, she leaves the area without saying anything to me, she didn't even portray any kind of emotion that she was concerned about me or anything at all.

      I watch her open the door, and she quickly gets on a Maroon Bicycle that looks like the University's default bicycle service model. She rides the bicycle awkwardly, but that probably pertains to the actual model in waking life making one ride strangely in the first place.

      The trees outside are full of life, and even though the leaves are covering the sunlight, it's apparent that it's bright outside. It also seems to be slightly windy outside.


      God Lecture with Grandma (Non-lucid)


      I'm sitting at an auditorium of some sort, and the overall atmosphere is saturated with this yellow color.

      My grandmother goes on with this speech of the Christian God, and I'm really bored trying to listen to this. I try to block it out of audio, and there's a lot of people that are getting out of the area.

      I remain in my seat because of some weird reason of not trying to make my Grandmother feel bad.

      Eventually, I do leave, so HA!


      Dream Guide is Going to FREAKING KILL ME!!!! Or Not? (Non-lucid)


      I remember the dream starting out where I'm walking around an area that's close to my apartment in waking life. It feels like its 4-5PM in the dream, since the sun is close to sunset.

      I go to the left and end up walking to the curve that goes in a "C" motion, with me starting at the bottom of the "C."

      Then I ended up going to the right side of the other "C" shaped path, and I hear a police car coming nearby. The car ends up being some kind of old car model that's bulky and a little too large to be in the car category.

      I also hear some parts inside jingling and close to coming off as well. Don't know what the cop was going to do, but he left to do whatever it is. I thought it would be for me since I just happened to hear the siren out of nowhere.

      The dream shifts where I'm apparently going out with this blonde girl (inb4DreamGuide), and she's kind of cute. However, I can't verify her age, so I don't try to do anything weird with her. She does seem obsessive over me, requiring that I'm with her, or else she'll threaten to kill me.

      She looked a lot like Catherine from the game Catherine, the succubus one. She looks like she's 16-18 years of age in this dream. I remember being at the top stair level in an auditorium, and she's sitting around the front area to get a good lateral view of the stage.

      I look at the back of her head, and she quickly turns around and locks in on me. I don't think she's trying to kill me, she's just using that so I can get her attention and possibly do a reality check. Unfortunately, I didn't do that, and she turns her head back to look at the stage.

      I believe that I decided I should go ahead and sit next to her, and she's obviously a big contrast from the dark room of seats with people in dark clothing. The stage is the main attraction with the yellow lights shining on the shiny brown wooden floor layering.

      The glow emits all the way until it hits the Catherine dream character that's wearing her default white costume, or at least just a white nightgown.

      There's a part where I'm taking out a sword out of a sheath, but it doesn't seem logical that the sword can come out properly if the design is having "X Y Z" stick in the middle. It's practically impossible in waking life, but it slides off the sheath with ease.

      I don't know where this part came into the dream, because my dream recall is slightly off right now after not paying too much attention to remembering my dreams.

      Considering she was one form I wanted my tulpa to be in, maybe I should use her characteristics for tulpaforging.....excluding the "pretend to kill you" part.

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    5. Disturbing Board Meeting, Runescape Clans, Young and the Restless Stabbings (SDE Pt. Day: 18)

      by , 10-23-2012 at 06:07 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      This was yesterday's nap on the 22nd

      Disturbing Board Meeting (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside a vehicle sitting on the left back seat with my father in the driver's seat on the left. I had to do some fancy maneuvering to get out of the door. I had to twist my body in a very weird way, but I managed to get out.

      It seems I'm going into a large Board Meeting of some sort, and it's kind of like an auditorium you would see in a High School. The flooring is consists of carpet, and it's purple all over. I'm assuming the seats are all a very dark color of turquoise, or just Black. I go down, sit at a random chair, and after a while, the Q&A finally commences.

      There's one guy standing on the center of the stage. He's wearing a red shirt, black shorts, black sneakers, is Caucasian, and has dirty blonde to brown hair. He seems to be the one taking in the questions, and there's a few people that give him some questions that really gets him thinking. Even when he responds, they basically show him how much the University they're in is based on some kind of derivative of my University's funding.

      To make it easier to explain, basically Texas A&M University at College Station promotes some kind of propery management for Texas Tech University, at least that's how it looked like from the dream. The guy tries to avoid the question at times, and even tries to restate what has been refuted, especially he mentions the property management thing again.

      After a while, the meeting in the auditorium comes to an end, the guy on the stage looks like shit after the questions being slashed at him back and forth. I recall there being some kind of resentment for Texas Tech University students on Texas A&M University overall, but i've distracted myself for so long that I can't recall the details. All I know is the property management was stated a lot.

      As I'm going through the row of seats, I noticed there were pens on the floor, and they looked pretty random to me. Not many people were around at this point, so I decided to pick one pen up, and then looked at the others scattered on the left side of the Auditorium as I was trying to leave(right side if you were coming). I realized that these pens look familiar, they looked like the ones in waking life.

      One that I remember specifically is the blue ink pen with the gray cap, Black color base, and had a fine tip. I tried writing something random on my hand, but the ink is clearly on the verge of running out completely. I picked up another pen, this time, it had the Transparent dark gray base where you could see how much black ink was still contained, a black bottom base for the ink point to stick out, and a cap that can be pressed in and out.

      I looked up after picking up a few pens, and found that they were contained in a very small vase, or pot. The pot is kind of hard to recall, but I'd say it was a light faded teal color, or something along those lines, and that it was tipped over. It looked familiar as well, like one of the objects in waking life where I put in a lot of pens and pencils that were probably useless.

      I noticed some people in waking life were there as well. There was a lady who looked like Gem. She was wearing a Black and brown tank top or something with a black jacket over it, along with black dress pants as well. She's bending down, at least that's what the image of her keeps showing up in my head as I'm recalling this. After a while, everyone leaves, but I decided to stay near the entrance to the auditorium.

      Suddenly, the seat capacity gets over-filled, and all of them seem to be the Band and Choir of the University. I saw one distinct person that was the counterpart of someone in waking life. He lookd a lot like a guy named Robert S., except he looks a lot younger in this dream. He had the hairstyle where most of his eyes would be covered.

      Anyway, his face looks cheekier, and then I get bored of this event that happened right after that large meeting. I go outside, and see my father inside the driver's seat. The door to the back seat is vacant, and in order to get in, my father tells me that I have to go inside the front, and then slide my body on a small slope to get inside. It was weird, it's like he disappeared, and a light green slope going downwards appears.

      After that weird entrance to the vehicle I can't remember what happened next.


      Runescape Clans (Non-lucid)


      I was talking to someone about the clans I've been part of in Runescape. I talked about the recent one before I quit, then one before that, and then one more before that one. The last one involved me doing some Corporeal Beast killing, though I doubt I did that with the last one, or any of them for that matter.

      That's because I always had to go to sub-clans meant for everyone with the right stats to join temporarily if they wanted to do Corporeal Beast killing.

      Boring stuff indeed.


      The Young and the Restless Weird Killing (Non-lucid)


      Sharon from the Young and the Restless is posing as Adam Newman. She goes up to some woman that I can't even get a facial recognition of, and she starts stabbing and slicing her with a knife.

      All that shows up are cuts, and the other one is doing the same to Sharon I believe. There's several cuts on the two females stomachs, and chest region, it them not showing any kind of pain is frankly disturbing.
    6. Auditorium, I need a Condom, Naomi Russells, Zach, Rolling in Grass

      by , 06-05-2012 at 11:06 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Auditorium (Non-lucid)


      It's fairly dark in this auditorium, and I'm not sure what is going to be presented at the time. It seems everyone is focused at what's occurring behind them, and I turn around to see what it is, but I can't remember what it is.

      Whatever it is, the though of interest encroached my mind, and I think I get out some kind of electronic device, probably a camera, to take a photo of whatever it is.

      I'm presuming it's a statue of some sort, because there isn't a lot of movement going on. People start to leave, and I swear there was one group of DCs that I heard that made me think about something, but I forgot that as well.


      Spoiler for 18+ Material:

      Spoiler for 18+ Material:
      Zach from Saved By the Bell (Non-lucid)


      I only remember Zach, me, and a small group of people walking together somewhere.
      Rolling in Grass (Non-lucid)


      I'm watching that guy that plays as the main character in "Everybody Hates Chris," and his mother wanted him to go find his sister I think.

      It's late at night, and I'm wondering why the mother would send her son to do something like that. Chris dashes through this fairly high grass area that goes all the way up a few inches past his ankles. He lays on his back to roll in the grass, and to avoid farmers moving around with their tractors.

      Then I think I take on the form of Chris now, but I felt like I was in my own dream body though. Very confusing.

      Then I get up and the dream shifts to where it's way brighter than it was before, and some guy comes up to me that looks like he would be a teacher in this dream setting.

      By this point, I think I'm back to spectator view and see Chris again talking to that same guy I met. He said something about him going somewhere to get in trouble, but tell the truth, or be called gay.

      Wait what? Okay...

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