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    1. Oneironaut Zero Saves Me, Kicking Ass and Taking Names [DILD]

      by , 07-28-2013 at 12:32 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Oneironaut Zero Saves Me (DILD)


      Listened to a self-hypnosis recording I did with my voice and decided to continue not using WBTB, managed to get a decent lucid. Without even trying, SWEET!!!

      Recall is okay, just the normal if I were to actually do a WBTB and have a decent sleeping schedule. It will only get better when I get more into making more audio hypnosis scripts and/or saying them to myself before sleeping at night. I managed to get my tonality and emotion-pouring down with the scripts, which makes the imagination that much easier. Might even make a longer hypnosis script for myself where I'll make a recording and save it for some other purposes.

      Imagine being in an underground base where the dominant colors are mostly shades of blue and turquoise. The dream itself repeated some aspects for some odd reason, and it was mostly me checking if the person Oneironaut Zero killed stayed dead. But let's not worry about that right now.

      All I can remember as I'm shifting back and forth with third person, first person, and just spectating what's going on over what seemed like watching a movie, I started harboring extreme sensations with adrenaline and fear.

      My recall for this has a lot of patches, seeing how there were so many areas I must've traveled in a short span of time. Most of the double doors were electronic and open, and it seems every time I enter some area, I would see to my right side a wired fence shaped into a cube protecting random electronic objects. Like bases or power generators of some sort, and with how things were going, it seemed the building we're in has some kind of invasion of weird creatures, machines, and such occurring.

      It seemed I was pretty lucky, not having to deal with all of that, yet. Throughout the dream, I felt sensations occurring within my head, neck, and back region. It was a sort of fuzzing and vibrating feeling, it didn't hurt, but it wasn't something I would want to tolerate for too long. It almost as if my senses were just elevated because of the rush and adrenaline surging through my dream body, that it was a matter of life and death, and all that mattered was getting out before I end up dead.

      And as I'm running and dodging without looking back, as if all that was needed was for me to sustain the narrow tunnel vision I had in this dream, Krauser shows up yet again, and his countenance is completely different from the other dreams where he seemed to only show up to scare me, but never had any ambition to kill me.

      He extends his left arm, and seems to be ready to facepalm my face straight into the wall behind me, and luckily, there just happened to be someone right behind me that he ends up hitting instead of me. Either he was still trying to scare me, or he just had crappy aim. I waste no time and immediately dashed to the open double doors to the left about 10 feet away from me.

      Suddenly, I find myself accidentally tripping, and it's really, really hard to get up.



      While Krauser is trying to get his hand out from the person's head he slammed against the wall, I'm still struggling to get up. I felt like this dream was going to end up being miserable until someone in a blue-black jacket comes in rapidly, and the dream character looks a lot like Oneironaut Zero who's just waiting for a good fight with Krauser.

      He indirectly signals me to leave, but I'm still trying to process how he came about. Eventually, I managed to finally get up from the floor, still looking at what Oneironaut has up his sleeve to deal with the Krauser dream character coming after me. And before I managed to get past the same left door that's now to the right of me (since I braced against the wall), Oneironaut Zero goes through some mutation while Krauser does the same.

      There seems to be tentacles gradually coming out of the left side of O's face, then some grows behind his back, and after that, I was too afraid to really see the full transformation from both dream characters. I wanted to help, but it seemed O can hold his own, especially since I have no chance against a fully mutated Krauser that probably would end up twice the height of the original.

      Now things shift back to me watching the events as if I'm looking at a movie or something. I noticed I started to pick up the pace with running away, but not only that, feeling more agile, flexible, and even ready to do super-human jumping as well. The scene that was previously saturated with a turquoise and blue atmosphere now changes into a mustard-yellow atmosphere.

      And things are getting even more hectic as I'm trying to avoid the random machines and other-worldly creatures that are just too hard for me to process their visage and composition because of how I only cared about getting out of this place alive. I still worried about whether or not O would be fine dealing with the Krauser dream character, but I guess some kind of instinct kicked it telling me he'll be just fine.

      There's a long metal chain that happens to be one of the few ways to get out of this place, and I immediately jump up to grab onto it. And as I'm slowly taking my time climbing up the metal chain, there seems to be random fighting below me. I noticed Wonder Woman (the Justice League version) seems to be taking pretty hard hits from whatever entities she's fighting. She's being thrown left and right and still while recovering each time to go back fighting full force.

      All of this is still occurring while I'm looking at myself and the background scene in spectator mode. It seemed the dream character of me was so fixated on climbing upwards without looking down, and the more I focused wanting to get out, the more intense the fighting is below. I can hear the slashing, clashing, and all the punching sounds along with the grunts, moans, and screaming as well.

      I wondered how the hell I got myself into this dream environment, and I'm presuming I finally made it to the top and I'm hopefully free and safe from all the chaos beneath me. My train of thought, or at least me being able to visualize myself starts getting patchy again.

      I start seeing a few glimpses of areas I've been before, and I take advantage of this ability to check to see if O was okay. All I saw was Krauser's dead mutated body, so I'm presuming O managed to seal the deal and get out perfectly fine. But I didn't have time to speculate and try to again some assurance that he's alright, seeing how the monsters and machines most likely are tailing me by climbing the long metal chain as well.

      From this point, I don't know where in the world I'm headed, all I remember was just jumping off somewhere very high. The dream environment and setting shifts completely now, and that's probably because I forgot what happened in the middle.

      That's what I get for not doing a proper WBTB.

      Anyway, I'm in a different scene, and my feelings are less anxious and intense, so I'm assuming things are safe now. Imagine me now being within a large and spacious area that resembles a base for small planes and helicopters to traverse. Surrounding me about 400 feet to 2 miles are large garage type buildings, as if I'm near some miltary base.

      But it doesn't feel like that, it feels more like some type of training ground for people who want to pilot flying vehicles. And I find myself noticing that I'm waiting in a short line, and I quickly shift my head to the left to see who I'm waiting in line to meet.

      I noticed there's a lady that looks like she's in he 30s, she has bowl cut hairstyle that's orange-red with a slight shade of black near the front regions before stopping to the side of her face. She's wearing a classic secretary black dress shirt and skirt that's a about knee-level.

      She's filling in applications and signing forms I'm presuming, and while I'm waiting for my turn, I take the time to just look around and stare into random space. I noticed how it's early morning within this dream, and I can see the sun rise up slowly to my left side. And as I turn to my right, you know how you can see the heat waves or whatever from a distances where the light gives the illusion that the objects are bending?

      It was like that for a a minute, and as I'm turning left and right occasionally, I turn to my left again to find an elderly man sitting about 5-10 feet away from the same female that's busy with the people in line. He has his back faced to her on her right side (my left side), and is sitting perpendicular from her.

      It seems he's waiting for something, and I begin to notice how he's holding some kind of certificate in his left hand. I didn't want to pry into the information within this certificate, but because he's holding it in a way that makes it look like eye-candy, I can't help but zoom from far away to see that he's most likely trying to get his driver's permit or something.

      The man is wearing thin-framed glasses, a few jagged features sustained in his visage, and is a bit obese, maybe 250-400lbs. He's wearing a green cap with a small streak of orange, if I remember correctly, and he's just casually reading this certificate to himself, probably to kill some time.

      Then he finally gets his turn, and quickly gets up to meet the secretary like female I'm waiting for as well. She declares to him the type of license this man will be getting, and she stated some things that are hard to process, jargon most likely. I believe he had to have a restriction on his license or whatever it is he's trying to get because the female stated how he had some kind of disability.

      She states this a bit loud, not too loud, but just enough to make the man feel ashamed for his disability. He quickly tries to cover the topic by questioning her randomly, but it's not really working out for him. I don't really pay too much attention to is situation with her, and I'm sure the dream characters I'm behind in line didn't really care, or at least pretended they didn't hear the conversation.

      You know how you wait in line for something, and there's someone somewhere at the far corner of the area you're in that shows off or does something loud that makes every avert their eyes towards them? And then when things settle down, they quickly turn back so the person doesn't feel like people are staring at them like hawks? It was kind of like that, and as the man eventually has his situation covered, it's finally my turn to speak to the lady.

      I honestly don't know why I'm standing here, but it seems the lady knows I'm here for something fortunately. She tells me that O gave me a letter, and I was puzzled for a bit. She tends down while still sitting on her black rolling chair to open a drawer and hands me a letter. I quickly tear the seal and read the glanced at the content for ab it.

      Then I tried to re-read it to absorb whatever content the O dream character that saved me tried to give me in this letter. The letter is folded into thirds, hot-dog position, and as I'm trying to sustain my vision and make things a bit clearer, I find it difficult to read the content.

      It starts getting blurry, and no matter how hard I tried to calm down, relax, and let the word trailing shift back to their original position, I can't really string together a cohesive train of thought from this letter. I believe I decided to put this letter in my pocket by folding it the opposite way after folding it back hotdog style and gave my thanks to the secretary like dream character female.

      All I can remember from the letter was that O stated he was alright and didn't really have much injury from before, but he was more concerned that I hopefully got out alive without any injuries myself.

      I can't recall what happened from this point, and I guess I tried to leave because I didn't want to stall the people waiting in line behind me.

      Sucks I don't know what the O dream character was trying to tell me. It seems whenever there's a message being given to me, especially letters, I always end up having to save them for later only to forget them and never really getting the chance to see them before I try to have a dream where I can find the letter again without worrying if it was going to be a false copy.

      If only I recalled this dream earlier, I'd probably be able to get out a few chunks within the letter, but that's my fault.

      I felt even more guilty that despite of this O counterpart being a dream character, that this entity still cared enough to risk his own life to make sure I got out safely. It's happened before with a female that takes a laser cannon shot to her chest and stomach region, and a few others I can't recall off the top of my head. I'm personally glad O was just fine and things didn't end up where someone's life is taken away, compared to the dream I had months ago where the lady that pushes me off before possibly dying from the laser shot.

      Those types of dreams where someone has to take their life are always hard for me to process honestly, even if it's all just a dream.

      I wanted to do much more in this lucid dream, but I guess all I really cared about was seeing how the dream plot would unfold instead of sitting around doing nothing but wondering what to do.
    2. Michael Duncan Can't Clean, Insect Sadism, Flipping Tables, Half-naked and Party Starts Early...

      by , 01-06-2013 at 01:27 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Michael Duncan Doesn't Dish wash Properly (Non-lucid)


      I find myself inside of a random room, and I meet Michael Duncan who's near the kitchen sink.

      I assume this is his household, have no awareness that he passed away in waking life, and I ask him if I may have a bottle of water from the fridge. He allows me to instantly, and he seems to be in a fairly positive attitude.

      However, he has the blank state most dream characters have where they just go neutral after you don't give them any kind of attention. It almost seemed as if he was senile or something, and I was wondering if he had a mental disability.

      The fridge was white, the floor was white, and the sunlight shining on the tile floor a bit made it look like it was a milky sky blue color. The actual kitchen light wasn't on, it was mostly visible because of the natural sunlight.

      Instead of drinking from the random water bottle, which looked vivid and detailed in terms of plastic and water reflections, I was going to search for a glass cup to drink it out of. I honestly don't know why I couldn't have used the bottle itself, but I picked some random dish that wasn't even a cup.

      I tried to remove the red stain on the plate, and it felt like it was hardened gum or something of that nature. I was using a sponge with two sides, one for basic scrubbing that was yellow, and the green side for more grittier scrubbing for metal objects, etc.

      It's not working, but somehow the stains are getting on the green side of the sponge, and this is really confusing me because I see the plate still has the same amount of sticky residue on it. So I decided to get down and dirty and started to use my fingernails.

      I'm making better progress, but damn, it's really difficult taking out these sticky and hard stains out of the place. I managed to get half of a huge chunk of the stain off, but it's just annoying, and with the other small stains still on the plate, it would take forever to get this thing done.

      So I look to my left on the container for various silverware and glass objects, and I find a Wine Glass. I had a "Oh Okay" moment in my head, and quickly grabbed it to make sure it didn't have any stains or residue on it.

      Turns out it did, and this time, it was orange-brown chunks of god knows what on it, and when I prepared to wash it, Duncan tells me that it's clean.

      I tell him that it's not clean, he tells me again that it's clean. I don't know what happens next, but I assume that based on my pissed off mood, I left.


      Setting Raid Insect Spray Traps (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside of a room with shiny light brown wood flooring, and there are a few gaps near the bottom of these faded white walls.

      There are lights on, but they're mostly dim, and I see that I could set up traps to kill random insects coming out of the gaps and other weird holes.

      What I had to do was get a green can that would contain the insecticide contents, and a random black rack that you see in the Pool game to organize the balls.

      This same can would have a red sensor beam that would pick any subtle movements, and the moment it triggers, the Triangle Rack would quickly fall down, trap the insects, and the green can would immediately spray and kill them all.

      I start getting a bit sadistic and collected more cans and started booby trapping the place like I'm setting a Bouncing Betty in Call of Duty or something. I think at random intervals in the dreams, there were mini-people being trapped and killed.

      They looked like cartoons, and I can't recall my feelings for them, but I can assume it wasn't really thoughtful of their lives. Then I ran out of supplies, and I tried to think of ways to get them. I assumed I had no money on me at all, and never bothered where I actually had the products in the first place.

      Then the place and the flooring inside gets darker, and the floor is now a dark brown color, and it's not just because of the darkness; so either I had the environment shifted somehow or something.

      I don't recall there being dead insect bodies anywhere, so I presumed most would disappear out of thin air. or something


      Pissed Off at Father and Flipping Tables (Non-lucid)


      My father is sitting down on a random chair inside my apartment, and it seems most of the lights are on and working fairly well. He's wearing a black jacket, a faded khaki pants, and some random vanilla shirt underneath.

      We're arguing about something obviously, because I'm pissed off, and I get so angry that I get near him and flip the table he was eating food on. I guess I added some offensive language here and there, can't recall them too well, and I can't remember what happens next.

      I told him to just get out of the apartment I guess.


      Party Starting Too Early and Not Finished Clothing (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside a house that's awfully similar to the one I went to for the break from college, and I'm in the room where there's beads hanging along with some thin cloth as well.

      I'm trying to change my clothes, and I hear the doorbell ringing. I knew it was guests getting ready to come in, and I had a pretty good perception of who it will be. It would be the parents and their demonic sp----I mean annoying children along with their older son.

      I'm half-naked, and I can sense that they're getting closer and closer as someone is opening the door to tell them in. I quickly try to find any route that I can quickly hide myself to change properly.

      I see an image of one of the kids, the REALLY annoying one, already planning to run to get into my room.

      I panic a bit, and I can't remember what I did after that.


      You Can't See Me Woman? (Non-lucid)


      So I'm inside of a room that looks like some kind of high corporate CEO office, and I honestly don't know what I'm here for. I guess I took something valuable, whether it was information or an object, but I would presume it was information since I don't recall holding or wearing anything to hold heavy objects.

      It's fairly dark inside, but there's some lighting, like a pinkish-red lighting, and I get suspicious that someone may be coming in. So whatever I do, I managed to get out of the first hallway, but the person isn't even there as yet.

      They're at a few more, and I have to hide somewhere, because once they get to where I am, I'll be caught. Whatever I did, I miraculously get out, and I decided to hide at this convenient gap between a spiraling stairs going up.

      After a while, the lady comes in the room, and it has shiny black flooring, and it looks pretty fancy overall (the room mind you). The lady is dark-skinned, like light brown, and she has a nice hairstyle. I guess it was some kind of 80s type of hair design, and she's wearing a black skirt that only ends a few inches above her knees.

      She's wearing a fancy dress shirt tucked under her shirt, and it consists of splashes of gray and white. She goes to the door to the right to do the secret pin and eye scan stuff I'm guessing, and as she's doing that, EVERYTHING in the room vanishes one by one.

      And I start panicking that if the stairs disappear, I'm absolutely in a tight situation here. So the chairs, shelves, vases, and such vanish, and all there's left is the stairs. I believe parts of the stairs start to vanish, and this feels like some kind of de-materialization you would see in Assassin's Creed games.

      So now I'm left exposed with my knees bent all the way down like a sitting duck, and even though the lady turns around, she doesn't see me?

      Or she's ignoring me?

      I'm like so easy to pick out here, but she's not really responding.

      I don't know what happens next, and this is all too weird. I thought it would be a ALERT ALERT ALERT GUARDS GUARDS type of speel, but I guess not.
    3. Dr. No Has ED, [DILD] Eva Is a Miner, Alyzarin's Gradual Vision (SDE Pt. Day: 23) + Tulpa

      by , 10-27-2012 at 03:52 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Oh, I'm making a Tulpa. Sounds like fun, and it can help make college less bullshit.

      Dr. No can't get his Thing up (Non-lucid)


      Pretty sure is a dream frag.

      Okay, Dr. No, who looks nothing like Dr. No, apparently, based on what I'm recalling on random images, he has ED.

      Yeah, weird. Dr. No's Thing is basically saying No to Erection.

      I can Duplicate Money & Eva is a Miner (DILD)


      I'm near a brown table, pretty generic, nothing added to make it look a ltitle more appealing. I can make money appear by holding it with my left hand, and then take my right index finger and thumb to flick it around the center.

      Flick....money....another flick, MONEY. MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHH!


      I started out with coins, pennies, nickles, then quarters, and finally dollar bills, 10 dollar bills and ultimately 100 bucks. The 100 bucks came out of random when I was flicking the 10. Then I looked at the money duplicates, and they were fake. Either way, I'm still having fun creating fake money.

      I'm REALLY into this, it's so amazing destroying the dream economy like this, keep flicking and raising the inflation rate Link!

      I do a nose plug reality check,
      hmmmm, can't breathe through properly, or maybe I'm just not plugging it hard enough and breathing in.

      After a while, I head to an office to the right of me, it's a casual environment, quiet and empty. The carpet layer seems to be a mix of smoky gray and violet. The walls are probably a light gray color, and I stumbled upon Julia Louis-Dreyfus from Seinfield.

      She's wearing a black office suit, with a white dress shirt underneath. Her hair is tied about a bit.

      I literally asked her, with a full awareness for once,

      "Am I dreaming?" She holds the office phone, which is vanilla colored, to her chest, and does a nod.

      Guess who's dreaming? This guy.

      Then I finally, for once, get the urge to ask Julia if I can meet Eva right now. She responds,

      "Um, she won't be here until 17 minutes?"

      I asked her, "Why for such a long time?"

      She replies,

      "Because she's a miner."

      Me: "What?!?!?"

      I just stand there for a while, and then started to walk rapidly into some door to my right that led to some dark area, probably the mining area she's in apparently.

      I lose lucidity from this point, I think, maybe I'm semi-lucid, but whatever.

      I'm at the mining area, and there's this black cave hole to my right. It has Minecart tracks coming out, and SWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH, in comes Eva.

      Now I'm seeing things in third person or spectator view, Eva is wearing her default costume from MGS3. I think she's coming close to me, and then wraps her arms around my waist and looks up at me.

      I look down at her, and I can't remember anything else after that.
      Alyzarin and her Vision (Non-lucid)


      I meet Alyzarin apparently, and she tells me how it takes a while for her vision to come into full color.

      First she starts out with Red, Blue, Green Vision, and the Purple finally comes in to make her see things perfectly in full color.

      There's some other thing I did with her, but it was random.
    4. Surviving Flooding Ship, Spanish Teacher, 4-Lettered Password (SDE Pt2. Day: 11)

      by , 10-16-2012 at 02:44 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Surviving Flooding Ship (Non-lucid)


      If I took the initiative to immediately type this down when I woke up, there would be more recall on this...Anyway...

      I'm on a ship, and it seems to be a cruise ship, and at a minimum assumption, maybe a Navy ship. But it couldn't have been the latter, considering the havoc that would come later on in the dream. The deck has a shiny wooden floor surface on it, at least for the area I'm in at the given time.

      I seem to be having a conversation with someone, and I think this person ended up having a machine gun magically appearing, and then lifts it up and warns everyone to run while they can. I'm like 1 feet next to this guy I though was innocent, so I dashed the hell out of there.

      I had to first go through the watertight door you see in ships and submarines that was half-way opened, and from there, the dream shifts where I'm at the control center for guiding the ship in certain directions.

      I turn my back to the door I went through just now, and the whole thing is flooded.

      EVERYTHING below is flooded, there's only a few people in this control room, me, and just 2 females I believe. Holy shit. We're the only survivors in this area!

      My gut feeling is telling me that a few people probably did extreme measures of surviving the big flood from the ship, and this assumption is sparked when one of the random DC females gave me a paper the size of an index card. The card had a Milky Light Pink color, and it was fairly rough and durable, seeing how it doesn't bend easily.

      On the same card, are values of something, and I don't know what it means at all. I believe the numbers that are stacked on each other is some kind of code for people who survived. I remember looking at one value, where there's one 2 on top, and another 2 on the bottom.

      For some reason, when I looked at that, it triggered a memory of my half-sister in waking life, and I presumed that she was on this ship, and managed to survive, even though I was very doubtful anyone could've made it through this fast-flooding ship.

      It felt weird that the control room is perfectly safe, even when the whole place is tilted diagonally to the left
      (your perspective of looking at this screen to the left of course).

      I'm relieved that she's alright, along with other values that represent other people that I can't remember.

      I believe I had another dream reset where I experienced meeting the few people on the ship again.

      Wow.....obvious dream meaning there, but not going to consid-------- okay, I better make an analysis, it wouldn't hurt.

      Okay, Ship = a belief

      Water = Overall consciousness

      Sinking Ship = Let go of Conviction/unshakeable belief I have so I don't drown with it, and become one with my consciousness

      Me surviving the flooding ship that's still floating at the top = Me at the apex of eradicating this old belief, and since I'm in the control room, I have control on how I want to set a new direction in life.

      Okay. That's enough to make a tear come out to any overly emotional person, but the problem is, just what the hell is/are my belief/beliefs that I need to sink away and get away from?

      The only things I can think of are:

      -Fear of failing college

      -Not getting a job sometime after graduation

      -Being somewhat of a nihilistic in terms of everyone's beliefs and preconceptions, but not really advocating the ideal of eradication of a social system....so I'm a "sorta Nihilistic" or "Hipster Nihilistic" or just a "Complains about human race...WAH!"

      I'm thinking the dream has to do with this Math exam I have today, but I doubt I would be dramatic over one exam....then again, I still surprise myself every day...
      Meeting my High School Spanish Teacher (Non-lucid)


      This dream probably goes along with the dream I had previously, so I'll just mesh the two together.

      I'm inside of a classroom, and I'm memorizing important concepts to do well in this oral presentation. As I'm looking at the teacher, who looks a lot like my Middle School English teacher at some point. Oh, and her name is Ms. Bloom in waking life (Don't think she'll find this Dj entry in the first place anyway).

      After a while, when one person gets up and talks, I'm informed by someone sitting to the right of me, I think, who says that memorizing the concepts is not enough, since you have to derive those mechanics into forming an oral presentation on a book we had to read.

      I started to panic a little, but I calmed down, and on my lap, there's an essay that seems to be mine. This same essay would be a life saver, because based on my emotions at that given time, I felt relieved. So I presume that I utilized this essay I written out to give the oral presentation, and how well I did is left for speculation.

      The dream shifts to where I have to move around in a lot of rooms. I enter one room, and I see Ms. Bloom, and she's in the middle of lecturing students. While you're looking at this screen of course, the teacher formats the class seating where the students would be sitting and facing parallel to my lateral vision.

      Ms. Bloom would also be parallel to my lateral vision as well, and she's wearing a fancy Black Laced tank top or some sort, along with a Black dress skirt that would conform to her curves and literally "hug" her thighs" where they become an enticing part of her body to look at. She has one leg over the other, and I realize I'm interrupting her.

      So I put my lips inside my mouth, and quickly tip-toed so the other students wouldn't turn back to see who it was. I had a feeling Ms. Bloom saw me, but she just used her peripheral vision most likely and just went out to give a fluent lecture discussion. The walls in this room were Khaki colored, and the flooring had a dark turquoise carpet layer with random shades of blue intertwined.

      To the left, despite me not paying any focus on it, but with just my peripheral vision, I could tell that it was mostly dark, as if the students were looking at the school stage that's also contained near the Commons/Cafeteria.

      I open the door to the right of me, and now I'm shifted to a different area. It seems I'm at an office base in the school. It's set up where there's different subjects in white font surrounded by a rectangular green sign. The basic subjects were there: Math, Science, English, etc.

      I look up at the "Spanish" sign, and I then turned to the right to find that I'm looking at the back of a person talking to someone. The back of her head starts getting familiar, and I slowly walk towards the direction of this person.

      It can't be.....it's my Spanish 3 Pre-AP/K-level teacher Ms. Hasan!!!!! At least a projection of her.

      Ms. Hasan was an AMAZING spanish teacher, I managed to get an A in that class thanks to her extreme kindness in making things easy for us. Because honestly, taking a 3 year Foreign Language course wasn't necessary, I just needed two years.

      She's wearing a black shirt, blue jeans, and has a red rubber-band like necklace starand that's attached to her School I.D. She seems to be holding a white styrofoam cup with something inside, probably coffee. She turns around, sees me, and smiles and says,

      "Heeyyyy Brandon!!!!"

      She hugs me, and I hug her. I think we started having small conversations that would lead to bigger ones, but I forget what happens next.
      4-Lettered Password? (Non-lucid)


      Okay, this dream...not sure if my mind is teasing me, or giving me a hint here.

      I'm inside my apartment, and there's this girl who looks like Emily that I used to know in World History class in High School. I set up a fairly long password on a laptop in the living room of the dream apartment similar to waking life. Then Emily has a 4 lettered password, where the first character on the screen is some other weird letter that I can't guess.

      I don't know what's going on in the dream, I just know I feel confused and somewhat irritated that she would just have a 4, or even 5-lettered password.

      Oh, and there's one short dream where I compliment someone I know in waking life by the name of Aaron on how well he making his own room with some silver marble coated material.

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    5. Eva in an Office? and Blonde Guy Wearing Brown Sweater

      by , 09-25-2012 at 02:44 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      You Can Just Use My Password! + Eva In an Office? (Non-lucid)


      I'm in an area that resembles my university, it looks like it's going to rain because there's absolutely no sun present in the skies. I remember seeing a section of concrete with some pebbles fused with it, and a few trees here and there. The trees looked weird, they looked black, but it was probably an extreme hue of dark brown.

      There's a few people around me, and I don't know why I'm here at all, I think I'm just standing there zoning out somehow. There's some part in the dream where I'm in an even darker environment, and I go inside of this small house that's actually a mini-museum of some sort. When I go inside of the house, there's this wooden rocking chair that has a shiny light brown wood polish to it.

      Behind the resting area for one's back are words that are engraved. The font is sharp in form, like someone really took a chisel or knife to make it look like some serial killer wrote it or something. The house itself feels like it's smaller than it should be, and I can't help this inside was a lot brighter than outside. The lighting had a orange-yellow setting to it, the flooring of the house seems to be made of wood as well.

      The walls, it's hard to presume, but I maybe without the yellow-orange lighting saturating the whole area, they probably would've been white, and I also think they had a series of small brown polka dots all over them as well. There was something about the message behind the chair that I wish I knew, because it definitely sparked my interest.

      The dream shifts, I think, where I'm back at some section that resembles my university again. There's this girl who looked a lot like my SI tutor for CHEM 101 my Freshmen year. She had a plump face, brown hair, a cute smile, and was slightly chubby down there. She was wearing some kind of small teal or turquoise jacket, a white shirt underneath, and maroon short shorts.

      (Just exclude the ruffles and vertical lines, and just imagine a maroon jean short shorts material and that's what she wore)

      Her wearing the short shorts made me look at her ass and her thighs, and the thighs surprisingly looked smooth and had some glow to it. I think she wore default sneakers with white laces and a gray base with a white round section near the front side of her feet. Despite her not being the type that was attractive in waking life, but at least had an ass and perky breasts, she did make this gloomy environment that I'm in a lot more tolerable.

      She then asks me if I want to go somewhere with her, which she eventually said it was the building for BIMS majors (Biomedical Science Majors). I asked her in sort of a passive-concerned manner,

      "I though non-major BIMS majors weren't allowed to go into the building?"

      She responds in a cheerful tone,

      "Oh no! You don't have to worry about that" *giggle* "When we get there, you can just use my password to get in!"

      I still was doubtful about the whole thing, because I really felt that I would be in trouble if they found out I'm not a BIMS major, and that I'm encroaching the area for no logical reason or something like that.

      I eventually agreed with her.

      Maybe I agreed to follow her because this environment would've just set myself for a melancholy demeanor anyway, and since she was probably the only cheerful soul in this gloomy atmosphere, maybe she would've directed me to a more positive environment. I go inside a building, and I'm at a huge office with her.

      The environment inside, the main color was a mid-tone of Pastel Green all over the walls, and there's dark blue carpet flooring as well. I hear papers ruffling, the sounds of a really busy office of productive people most likely, or everyone rushing to reach their quota.

      It's your typical office, certain blockers with a section for each worker that would have a computer, desk, and chair, and all sorts of stuff on their desk

      I stay still for a while, and lose awareness of the girl I'm following just for a few seconds. I remember glancing over a lady who looked like my teacher in middle school in English class when I had Ms. East for Social Studies
      (she was an awesome teacher....she really loved having me in her class because I did so well in it)...

      I still can't help but think that my motivation to do well was so clear during my childhood, as if it came naturally, that I didn't need to think about why I needed to do something, I just did it to the best of my ability....maybe seeing that same teacher made me realize that....and that I shouldn't worry about the current failures I'm going through as long as I just keep my head up and persevere.

      The lady that resembled the past waking life counterpart of the English teacher, she had Black and slightly curvy and curly hair that went down all the way to her chin. She wore a white shirt, with some kind of polka dots, and even though she was sitting down, I had a feeling she was wearing some kind of pink jeans. She wore red lipstick, and the area around her eyes seem to have a little mascara.

      She looked like she was in her 40s as well. After coming back to "reality" in the dream, I realize the girl who looked like Megan (the same one I described that was cheerful in a gloomy environment) is now back to being by my side again.

      She has some papers in her hands, and I don't know what's contained in them. I continue to follow her, while I still had feelings fear and being in an awkward situation that someone might pick on that abnormal behavior and possibly call me out. But it seems that people were so busy in this office to even care or even look.

      I eventually reach the upper areas, which I noticed transitioned to warmer colors than the cool from floors below. I finally reach a floor with the Megan counterpart, and by this time, I lose all focus on her. I think she disappeared at this point in time, and it seems I have papers in my hands now.

      Maybe she gave them to me and left, I can't recall it too well. I noticed that my Biochemistry adviser was inside this building, in fact, the tone of her voice, ordering some student workers around, I presumed she was in charge of this section. Hm.....that's a bit ironic, my Biochemistry Adviser commanding a section in a building that I presumed to be a Biomedical Science Building...

      I looked at her, and she looks at me, and we just have awkward moment of, "Dafuq??????" for a few seconds, until I quickly glanced somewhere else before she probably noticed who I really am. The environment in here was like at the bottom floor.

      Busy people everywhere, tight work spaces that I have to move in awkward positions. People just kept coming in and out of nowhere, and while I have the papers in my right hand, I seem to be looking down at someone at a particular workspace in the office. I don't know who it was, but their back was facing me.

      The environment that I mentioned in this room being similar to the red atmosphere you see in the Darkroom for photographs and such made it difficult to get a decent vision of the contours of their body.

      As I'm typing this, I keep feeling it's the back of a female that I'm looking at, and she has long blonde hair.

      The outer layer outfit she's wearing looks like a light brown pilot suit, which I think is the same outfit Eva wears in MGS3. Other than that, it's really hard telling if could be her or someone completely different.

      I only remember advancing to them little by little, feeling the anticipation go up with each step.

      Blonde Guy in Brown Sweater (Non-lucid)


      There's a blonde guy that looks an awful lot like a someone I know on the internet...yes I'm afraid ot stating who it is lol.

      Anyway, it seems I'm going through some pictures mentally of this person wearing a long brown sweater and dark blue jeans. The brown sweater had a few stripes from the top and bottom region that were light brown, almost a vanilla type of color.

      He had hair that went down until it was chin length, and these photos looked like he was posing inside of those small photo booth stands you would take with a friend or lover of yours, except that he was inside of a house. The house had a orange-yellow lighting to it, and he's sitting down at what seems to be a dinner table.

      This dinner table had a fancy dark brown wooden polish to it, and the wood flooring was light brown with a nice shine to it as well. Some noticeable photos I can recall of him taking were:

      -Playing a Guitar

      -Sitting on a chair, and turning a quarter of his body while the picture is being taken by someone else where his bottom region is closer in the photograph than his upper region.

      -He's making some weird hand gestures, along with weird facial expressions.

      And that's all I remember.

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    6. Pepper Seed Jar, Angelina Jolie Spams God mode, Sensui and his New Light

      by , 09-24-2012 at 05:36 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      I took a nap around 4:15 PM, woke up to alarm set for 7:00 PM, set it to 8:00PM and slept until I woke up around 7:50 PM.

      Pepper Seed Jar and Biochemistry Adviser Office (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside an office, and there's a lady to my right sitting at a desk. It has a computer, a bunch of papers spread out, the usual thing. From the front left, I see there's another door opened to another room near the main office, probably 10-20 feet away from me. Inside of that same room, I saw my Biochemistry Adviser sitting down looking at the computer.

      Before I describe her, the office itself was slightly different than the waking life counterpart. My adviser's room is designed to where you can't see her unless you actually go into the room, because when the door opens, only half of her room is visible when you come into the main office before looking inside. Here, I could possibly see everything there, if the door was completely opened in the dream.

      My advisory wore a dark gray polyester female dress shirt (it was a thin material), and a light gray dress underneath that. The door was slightly opened, and I assumed that I talked to her previously in the dream, but I can't recall what we talked about. But by judging my feelings in the dream, it didn't seem anything too serious, and as I'm close to leaving this section of the Biochemistry Department, I just happened to see to my right, pepper seeds.

      They were contained in a circular jar, like those types where the ends would be cut (not literally) with rectangular ends, so the jar wouldn't roll off the counter or shelf. There was a black text that showed the price to eat the pepper seeds I'm assuming, and it was for "15 cents" each, with the logo for cents.

      I didn't know about this until later on, so I took one pepper, and quickly put it in my mouth and chewed on it.


      OH MY.......SPICY!!!!!!!! Its taste is hitting certain areas around my tongue.....

      Ooooh, tasting the salt there......ooooh tasting the bitterness there......OH OH OHHHHH THAT WAS SPICY]

      All that I said in brackets is how it felt in those few 2-3 seconds of chewing it (Note I wasn't really saying that, just added expression to how real the taste was).

      I prepare myself to leave the office, but I immediately hear the lady that was to the right of me before I turn my back declare,

      "15 Cents will be taken off.."

      I respond,

      "Ooooh....Oh! Sorry, I'll go ahead and pay for that right now!" (the pepper seed).

      I take my left hand to dig through my left pant pocket, and heard some change jingling around. I take as much as I can out of it, and I quickly counted 15 cents and gave it to the lady.

      I think she said "Thank you," and as I'm turning my back again to leave the room, I turn around once more and declared,

      "Oh! I gave 20 cents instead huh?"

      She quickly looks at the change with her hand opened, but before she could say something, I professed,

      "Oh, don't worry about it..."

      I left the area, and that's all that I remember.

      Angelina Jolie Counterpart spams God Mode (Non-lucid)


      I looked up Pepper Dream meaning signs, and most of it foreshadows danger of some sort, be it through quarreling, financial loss, etc....but I feel that previous dream was just prelude to this one.....I can't really take dream meanings as set in stone notions of truth...but still....

      *sigh* Anyway

      Ugh....not this kind of dream again.....

      Invincible DC+ me being a crappy aim or them spamming God Mode = GETS ANNOYING.

      I'm inside a gym, and the carpet is dark blue, there are mirrors attached to the walls on all sides, excluding the entrance and exits I'm assuming. There's a pretty large collection of treadmills around this area. I happen to be close to one, and I believe I'm just observing what's around me.

      There's this man who looks like he's an inspector of some sort, like to see if the gym equipment are in good conditions for gym members. He's a really picky guy, he has that really really really analytical eye going about these treadmills and other gym equipment.

      There was one treadmill where he put his finger around some buttons, and he didn't like it at all. He takes his index finger off the machine, quickly wipes it off his pants in disgust, and declares,

      "I don't like this at all!!"

      Not sure who he's talking to, but he was looking at someone. I also recall that same man wearing a dark colored dress shirt tucked into some long Khaki pants I believe.

      Then the dream shifts a little bit to where I'm near a dark-skinned lady, and she wants me to look through something that resembles that scope thing you see in submarines to check what's out there. As soon as I put my eyes near the glass to see what's going on through the scope, it's like I'm being transported to a completely different dream environment.

      It feels like a video game now, and I'm in it. Whatever area I'm confined in now, it's moving, and it's moving fairly quickly. I find out I'm inside a vehicle or some sort, maybe it's not, but it is moving. I still have the feelings that I'm looking through the same scope.

      While I still am, I zoom in on a lady that's inside of the back of a truck that's also moving. Before I go into details on her, here's how the environment looks like. There's a huge brown boulder, or mini-cliff on the left side, and there's a huge body of water on the right, though me and the truck that this vehicle I'm in is following are way above the water level.

      (click for bigger picture)

      I see some area that looks like a town is coming up to the right far away, and finally, I see the lady. The scope has Thermal vision, so I'm mostly seeing blue, green, yellow, red, and some orange colors, but it's mostly just cool colors I'm seeing....that's weird....barely any body heat on this woman?

      I don't think she's human.....she's mostly showing up as colors of blue and green throughout her whole body, and maybe a little hint of yellow and red on her forehead, but it was a very thin vertical line.

      She's wearing a pastel green sleeveless tank top, and probably some short khaki dress. She looks like she's looking at me directly, has her lips slightly opened, with her teeth together, and she has pretty big lips. She wears some sunglasses with a thin metal frame around the lens, and she seems to not mind me looking at her.

      But something about her bothered me.....it seemed she was up to something.

      You know like one of those shows where some random person sees someone, but they look completely normal to them, but they don't know they're probably kind of serial killer or bank robber? Yeah, it felt like that.....

      Something made me try to aim a weapon at her, but by the time I do that, the back of the truck seems to be covering half of where she is probably behind right now. Maybe it could be that the right side of the truck cargo she's in is exposed rather than the back. Or it could just be that the thermal vision from the scope can see through thick metal, and I assumed that the backside of the truck cargo was exposed.....hmmmm.

      The truck makes a sharp right turn in this enclosed road we're on, and the moment that happened, I decided to just shoot the damn thing.


      Then all sorts of things happen, there's this rush, so many events happening....the truck speed up, along with the vehicle I'm in speeding up. Sometimes I wonder if I was just running as high speeds, because I don't recall seeing any kind of car roofs or windows at the time.

      Anyway, the dream shifts, and now I'm in a room...I don't pay too much attention to it. All I know is that it consists of light colors of brown and white...like a Calypso type of setting...yeah, this whole dream has that vibe. I open a dark gray door, and I slowly peek out to my left....and I believe the Angeline Jolie counterpart is with some random old guy.

      He's wearing a dark dress shirt that's unbuttoned, and probably a light gray shirt with some dark pants and shoes as well. The guy is fairly shorter than her, and she's pretty tall, probably 6'4", something like that. The mini hallway they're in, there's a window in front of them, and it's fairly bright, must still be sunny out there.

      (click for bigger picture)

      The floor tiles are vanilla colored, and as soon as Angelina Jolie and the old man start, I quickly take aim at try to shoot her as much as I can. Crap...is my aim this HORRIBLE???? I panic, slam the door shut, and quickly looked at the gun I'm holding. It's like a default pistol with a gray coating around the gun head, and studded black material around the holding base.

      It also had some weird attachment to the front of it that seems that it can be pressed for some kind of feature, though the split second thinking I'm running out of, I didn't have the time for that. I looked at the gun a bit more, and saw "Bronze Hatchet" labeled on it.

      Ugh...another Runescape item reference? But the gun doesn't look anything like a hatchet!!! It's a gun....bleeeh!!

      I need to find a place to duck for cover before she opens that door. I quickly find a table that has a decent covering spot, and I hide under there. The door opens, and I see just Angelina's legs walking, searching around the area in her first few seconds of entering it. Then I realized, my father is sitting down on the floor, bracing his back against the wall next to the opened door.

      Shit....I get up quickly and aim my gun at her...and by this point, I just start going crazy, I can't recall perfectly on what happened. But based on me going nuts and worrying if she'll shoot my father or something, I assumed I just shot at her in fear, and it didn't seem to work at all. I noticed the gunshots sounded like the M1 Garand "ping" sound.

      Nothing is working on her....there's not a dent on her....and I think she has her gun in her right hand aimed near my father's head, and she's looking at me with her glasses off I believe. It definitely looks like an Angelina Jolie counterpart, or a doppelganger.

      I aim my gun at the old dirty, and probably smelly guy, but the gunshots aren't affecting him as well. I know I'm not a crappy aim in a close-ranged situation, so these two probably just have God Mode on full blast.

      I can't think straight, I don't know what to do, I don't know what she's going to do with that gun aimed at my father. They're just STANDING there, doing nothing, waiting for me to do something, but I'm dissociated from myself that I eventually just try to end the dream
      and woke up somehow out of fear of what would happen next.

      Sensui and his New Light (Non-lucid)


      I'll keep this dream short, because the second dream.....took a quite a while because I was distracted with some things, and I really should finish this lab report and pre-lab questions too before it gets too late at night.

      Alright, I'm in a void....it's really.....dark...so empty...I don't see myself, maybe I'm just looking at this void in first person view, but I hear Shinobu Sensui's voice from Yu Yu Hakusho.

      He talks about how in the darkness.....the blood was his new light.

      *sigh* Too much ambiguity...
    7. How did you know?, Sell his suit, You're fat, Skull Helmet, Jump shot

      by , 05-14-2012 at 02:40 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      How did you know? (Non-lucid)


      Some girl in a purple vest, short black shorts, and looked like Yuna from Final Fantasy showed up in front of me.

      Not sure what she's doing, I think she was even masturbating in front ot me.

      I was telling her something about some value, and she's like "How did you know that?"


      Okay, so a female is spreading her legs masturbating in front of you, or that's what you thought you remembered.

      You're a fucking idiot for not even being aware that a vagina is being stimulated in front of you.


      Sell his suit (Non-lucid)


      Some lawyer or teacher decided to sell his suit because he has no other way to get money for something. The person takes his suit off, and asks one of the staff members where they can find a place that buys suits.

      I don't know Albert Einstein...a FUCKING STORE??!?!?!



      Yes, I'm purposely screwing up my grammar...DEAL WITH IT gRAMMAR nAZI.

      You're Fat (Non-lucid)


      I told my mother she was fat after she pissed me off about how she tells me about my weight.

      I'm not fat. =(

      YOU'RE FAT...YOU'RE FAT, I'M NOT FAT...GOD stop being so fucking petty woman! I don't want to hear another DC giving me this bullshit, you're not my mother, you're a freaking dream character pretending to be one!!! I swear, I'm going to fucking kill these people in my dreams, bunch of POSERS.

      A bullet in their heads will fix things up really goooooood.

      And negative energy from doing things like that? Man fuck that,

      "OOOOH NO I shot someone in the head in my dreams, and I'm going to wake up negative in the morning!!"

      Transparent Skull Helmet (Non-lucid)


      Yeah, I see a transparent skull helmet after a freaking barrage of random helmets from the sky were falling towards me and some random dream characters.
      Jump shot (Non-lucid)


      Apparently, when you play Wii Sports, if you do a jump shot, which is supposed to be higher than the height the game allows you to jump on a serve, you can serve beyond the service line.



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