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    1. 3 Anime Girls Line Art (SDE Day 30)

      by , 09-13-2012 at 01:17 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      3 Anime Girls Line art (Non-lucid)


      All I remember is that on a sheet of paper, or maybe on a computer screen, are three anime girls in a train-like formation.

      The girl in front, it was hard to recall if she was in the missionary position or standing like the other two. All of them had an awkward expression on their faces, and the whole lineart color was light blue. They were naked as well, and it's kind of hard to tell if one of them had penis that was penetrating the girl resting on her back.

      I can't wait to collect all the data from the participants and make some interesting conclusions. (The shared dreaming password experiment, not the 3 anime girls)
    2. Team Rocket Tries to Hack Me (SDE Day 29 Part 2)

      by , 09-13-2012 at 04:28 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Team Rocket Tries to Hack Me (Non-lucid)


      This dream was kind of fun, even though I'm being hunted, with the sliding down a steep hill and all.

      A nap that isn't too random to actually get some substance of action for once. I slept around 3 PM until 6 PM

      Damn, the recall on this one....and just for a freaking nap too....how is it in this case, I'm remembering my naps, which are basically 1-3 hours of sleeping compared to me sleeping for 4-5 hours and then going back for another 2, or 3 if I'm lucky, and getting horrible recall....

      Must be REM rebound, and the experiences of this nap feeling pretty strong....hmmmm...this sleeping style I'm taking is weird, taking naps late in the afternoon, or early night, and then staying up for maybe 3-4 more hours.

      I remember two people are after me in some way, I just feel like I'm being hunted. The environment outside consists of mostly autumn leaves on the ground. It was a large and spacious area, and I believe it had at least one STEEP hill going downwards on your right when you look at this screen. I'm pretty sure there's also a hill going up as well covered in gold-ish brown autumn leaves.

      There were a lot of trees, most were very, very tall, and their color almost looked like a mix between dark brown and black, they look like they were fading away. But because the environment was so freaking huge, you sort of ignore how many tall trees there were, and they were so spread out, it wouldn't be a distraction at all if you happened to see two of them together if you were sliding down.

      The skies are not apparent at all, because it seems the trees themselves would extend even towards space. The atmosphere's color becomes apparent from these trees blocking all signs of it, and the color is a light muddy brown mixed in with some swamp-ish green.

      It's hanging there, and I could even see small white specks of light around it as well, but just barely, since most of my focus was sliding down and going up two steep hills that are spread out. I see James, a member of Team Rocket, looking for something. He appeared in a 3D form, like a Nintendo 64 version of him.

      He's around one of those tall black trees, and at first, I didn't see him as a threat, even though he is the only person other than myself in the dream at the time. He turns around, but he's barely making any kind of reaction towards me. It's very hard to pick up what kind of mood he's in.

      In fact, the more I think about, I think this is just a person wearing mask with James smiling, because the face has a mouth opened, but it looks like a cut out, and also, the eyes themselves are completely black, and probably has some small hole in each of them, so that whoever is wearing the mask can see of course.

      I feel that at some point in this dream, it had frequent dream resets.

      I felt like attacking James, to try and get his attention, since he had his back turned on me. From seeing the back of him, I could tell he's wearing the default team Team Rocket costume. The black (or dark gray) gloves, boots, and belt along with the long white pants tucked into the boots with the shirt tucked into the pants as well.

      I'm wondering if this guy is just some kind of lifeless dream character, it's like he's not taking any effort in at least pretend to feel like he's in pain from me kicking his legs. He turns around, finally....and I quickly look at his hands, and realize he has a machine gun....

      I waste no time to quickly dash before I'm covered in bullets, and from that point on, the calmness of the whole dream is completely eradicated, it's all a rush now. Run or die. Even when I quickly move to cover, which is basically hiding behind on of the many dark trees spread out.

      It seems James is a little slow in his reflexes, since I could still see him shooting at empty space that I was at a few seconds ago..maybe I was too quick, but it didn't feel like I really was that fast though.

      I'm having some trouble in remembering the gaps between those dream shifts and resets, but one prominent moment was that I'm aware that Jessie is now part of the hunt with James to find and possibly kill me.

      I recall sliding down those same steep hill I mentioned before covered completely with autumn leaves everywhere. It felt so exhilarating, the simple act of going down this steep hill, I could just get a sense of how it would feel as the wind clashes with my body. This moment of sliding down itself temporarily alleviated the feelings of being hunted.

      I recall seeing Jessie near the end of the steep hill, and even though she's far away from me, I could zoom in on her, and it seems she's ready to attack me. She has her mouth open smiling at me, but it was hard for me to distinguish if she's smiling at the thought of killing or injuring me, or maybe she's really eager to meet me and possibly not do anything bad to me at all.

      But because of my preconception of Team Rocket, if James was going to shoot me from before, obviously Jessie wouldn't mind doing the same. But there was something completely different about her compared to James.

      One, she looked like the exact counterpart in the show, and she didn't have cutouts on her eyes and mouth as James did in this dream, she looked like the real projection of Jessie. and not a person wearing a mask.

      She wasn't wearing her version of the default costume the suspicious James was wearing. She wore a Black version of it, with the same Red "R" logo between her chest. I most likely take another turn somewhere to avoid her.

      Oh and she had Red Hair as well, rather than the Magenta colored one that shows up and is changed around with the Red color a lot throughout the series.

      Then I have another dream shift where I'm going down the hill again, maybe a new hill, but it's going down like the other one before, and the moment I passed through one tree, still feeling like I'm being hunted, I could just sense that something distinct would be on the ground.

      I look to my right, since I was sliding down
      (I think) on the left side of the dark tree before I decided to turn my head. I quickly noticed that they was 1-2 Blackberry Curve phones, like the one I have in waking life. So I make 180 degree twirl to stop the momentum of sliding down this steep hill to go hide behind the tree where the Blackberry phones were contained.

      I immediately take one of the phones, or both of them, and replaced them with duplicates. I don't know why I did this at all, since I'm shifting a lot between feeling these non-lucid experiences and just letting the forces in motion as I'm seeing myself and others in third person throughout the majority of the dream.

      As soon as I replace the phones with duplicates or fakes, I see myself grinning as I'm holding one of the phones with my right hand. It seems that as I'm sliding down the hill again, I'm also probably using the trackball on the Blackberry to scroll through some information. I see all of this occurring when I'm watching myself in third person.

      I noticed that I'm wearing a jacket, and judging by how rare it is for me to wear jackets, it looks a lot like the brown leather jacket I have in waking. I'm probably wearing generic dark pants as well.

      After a while, I'm shifted into another perspective in third person where I get a mental image of a screen that has the format of:


      And I saw the black circles being entered, so I couldn't tell what the username or password was at all. The screen login had a very light magenta bar on top of it that went horizontal, and it was thin as well. Maybe it was Jessie hacking into something.

      My eyes were wide opened, and my mouth is slightly hanging down a bit, as if I went with a trance state of mind for a moment. My eyes were blank, like information was being inserted rapidly, and all that I could remember was the "" being put inside the Username and Password slots.

      The experience was like this video of Light Yagami (brown haired guy) getting his memories of the Death note back, excluding him going batshit crazy again of course:

      Then there's another dream shift (yes, it's all very confusing with which hill I'm on, but bear with me), and now I'm sliding down the hill on the OTHER side, which means I would've went up to it if I kept sliding down from the other hill.

      I see Jessie again, waiting for me, and I quickly hide, and suddenly, I have a feeling that I have a machine gun, an Uzi specifically because of how light-weight it felt on my hand. I quickly exposed myself to see if I could aim for Jessie, but I had a hunch that shooting anyone in this dream is not necessary when I can just use the trees spread out for cover.

      In fact, whether or not I did have a machine gun was very hard to tell in this dream, I could've shadowed the motion of preparing to shoot a machine gun, or maybe the gun was just that lightweight to make it seem as if I'm holding nothing.

      Anyway, I didn't see Jessie anymore when I exposed myself to try and aim at someone, so I assumed they went to another spot, or disappeared completely. However, I still had strong feelings that I was being followed and hunted still.

      Then the dream shifts (another gap in my recall unfortunately) again where I'm not inside some kind of base. It's mostly shades of blue and turquoise, which is completely different from the orange, gold-ish brown, and yellow setting from outside. And to the right of me is some extremely muscular guy. It's very hard to tell what his visage looks like, since he's pretty tall. I looked to my left, and I see Jessie stops right where she is and looks at me.

      I look at her, and for some weird reason, the same tall muscular guy that was really a big blur to me seemed to scare Jessie. She was kind of freaked out, but that was probably because I motioned my eyes towards that same guy to my right, as if it was me warning her that she's going to get it if she tries anything funny with me.

      She makes a weird expression on her face like she's tired, so I guess she gives up on whatever it is she's trying to do or say to me.

      After that, that's all I remember.

    3. Another Sucker, Me and Alyzarin (SDE Day 29)

      by , 09-12-2012 at 02:19 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Another Sucker (Non-lucid)


      Spoiler for 18+:

      There are other details, but it's sex, I don't fancy voyeurism in dream at all. Bleh
      Me and Alyzarin (Non-lucid)


      All I remember is talking to Alyzarin in some way, the rest of her face, except for her mouth and chin are cut off for me.

      I already know how she looks, why does it cut it off for me. Blehhhhh.

      Whatever it is we're talking about, she's happy, which makes me happy.

      Wow, a simple dream like that makes me want to dream about her even more.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    4. Duo Missionary Sex, Went Through Hell, Video Game Run, False Awakening Level: >9,000 (SDE Day 28)

      by , 09-11-2012 at 01:40 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Duo Missionary Position (Non-lucid)


      Spoiler for 18+:

      Went Through Hell (Non-lucid)


      I don't know what's happening here, all I remember is that the environment has different hues of red, orange, and yellow, and there's some weird stuff going on in this room. I could've sworn that I saw Johnny Depp is red Thriller costume, and he's squatting down with his knees together. He has some freaky hairstyle, and he turns his head to the right to look at me.


      Even though he's far away from me, it still irks me, and I believe he has blood dripping out of his mouth while he's smiling at me sinisterly. There's a female, and even though I can't recall how she looked like, I had a feeling she was important in the dream. To me, the female was some kind of gray blur, and as I'm trying to really get into detail on what she could look like, I imagine long dark brown/black hair, kind of like Alma Wade from the F.E.A.R game series

      Whoever it was, she was close to falling into a hole on a ground, and I think someone is trying to trick her into going inside of the hole. She decides to prepare to run and jump into the whole, and I think I started screaming, "NO!" as she's getting closer and closer.

      I forget what happened next....
      Video Game Run (Non-lucid)


      I'm watching someone, or maybe it's me mentally controlling a video game, but whatever it may be, the character in the video game is going through a lot of areas on a level pretty quickly, and without getting any kind of damage (that I can recall) from enemies.

      The game itself was 2D, kind of like playing an older version of Zelda, but I can't recall the character at all, just light green grass everywhere, and there's final part in the game where these two creatures that look like they have tentacles are chasing the character. The person controlling the character seems to be able to escape them with ease, and then there's one part of the area, like, to describe how it's set up, when you go past the borders of that area, it shifts to a new area.

      Anyway, once I get to the final area, and I don't know how I know this, I just do, the two monsters end up catching up to the person running away from them, but by that time, the level was completed.
      False Awakening Level: >9,000 (Non-lucid)


      I wake up naturally, and I get up immediately, but I'm still just at an erect sitting position on the bed. I immediately do a nose plug reality check, and I believe I can't breathe at all.

      I started to count my fingers, but the time I go to my right ring finger to get to the number 4 on my head, I quit counting the rest. I look at my alarm, it looks exactly the same as in waking life. It's black, has red digital font numbers on it, and it the time was 7:xx AM (I can't remember the exact minutes).

      I look back again, and I could've sworn the time shifted to 5:xx AM, but I just take it as me not looking t the time right.


      Everything is dark, and I didn't even bother to realize that it's NEVER THIS DARK if it really was 7:xx AM.

      Nope, I just sit on my bed like an idiot for a few seconds, and I go back to sleep.

      OKAY, I know one thing for sure, like with most false awakenings, they start with me waking up in my apartment, and in some rare cases, at a different bed, be it a hospital bed or something else, but those cases are very rare. In fact, I think it's just only one dream I remember where I woke up next to a lady. sitting down at a chair somewhere.

      And then there's another dream where a blonde in a pink Victoria's Secret panties and bras was right next to me in bed, but I ignore her and probably went back to sleep. Those were from a loooong time.

    5. More Wings and Fairies??? (SDE DAY 27)

      by , 09-10-2012 at 11:39 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      More Wings and Fairies??? (SDE Day 27) (Non-lucid)


      Either this is dream was trolling me, or it actually had some meaning, and with barely 4 hours of sleep, I would love to classify this as NON-REM hocus pocus.

      I don't know what in the world is going on, but I do know, that if I'm not moving, something bad is going to happen. Someone asks someone, maybe me, I don't remember too well, how I would rate some on a scale of 1-5 on how much they (the person behind them) are an angel to me.

      I don't---------don't---
      this is like asking a person in the middle of war what Popsicle they would like, and if they would like it in the tube or frozen....gah! No point at all!

      Whatever choice I made, or someone else made, they kicked the hell out of something who looks like Ada Wong, just one kick makes her twirl upwards diagonally. I swear she had wings just now, I swear that woman had wings, I just....I just can't remember!

      Then there's one more female, that I have no clue on who she is, she's wearing a Tinkerbell outfit, and she's human-sized. I think she's going through a transformation, and I see green energy surging inside of her. It's like her outer body becomes transparent, and you can literally see the energy flowing inside of her.

      What ruined the moment is that a random white rag/towel drops on to of her head. Great...one object, one damn small object eradicates my chances of knowing who the hell it is that glowing so damn much in this VERY VERY VERY dull background. This dream environment is DEPRESSING.

      To see something glow with such force, obviously, I'm going to want to know what in the world it is.

      I just don't know....and just can't worry about it right now...

      I realize, that if I can't do crazy things in my dream, what's the point in recording theeeeemmmmmmm, I want to hax my life with Akashic Records too you know.

      And what makes me cringe is that it's supposed to be right there, anywhere, in any given location in your dream, but I have to go through guards to get it? LOL what is this nonsense. Hell, you don't even need to dream if you can meditate, nope, can't do that now.

      "Oh noooo you gotta break down your perception of reality and dimension, well guess what, this reality IS USELESS for concept behind something that should give you a more rewarding experiences in most realities you're aware of...but....itjaskgfjksdgjfdkg....

      Man, waking up after only 4 hours of sleep, all of that potential REM goes bye bye!!!! And even though REM rebound will occur, it's probably not going to make a difference for me.

      Wow, I usually am okay with sacrificing a little more time to record my dreams, but I just can't.

      Blah, the dream was crap anyway.

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    6. Time and Space Logic with Tarzan, Light Yagami Blackmail, Old Age and Kirstie Alley (SDE Day 26)

      by , 09-09-2012 at 04:58 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Time and Space Logic with Tarzan (Non-lucid)


      I'm in spectator mode, and I notice I'm in a environment that looks like some kind of Aztec jungle area. In the background that's far away, I notice I'm at an area that's pretty high off from all the tall trees below it. If I'm looking at this right, I'd say this area is probably floating above this rainforest type of environment.

      The main area of where I'm going to pay attention to most of the dream has a circular stone base, and there are one or two columns on the the sides of the circular base, one that's north east from where's I'm looking, and the other one east of me. The skies, there isn't a presence of a sun at all, but the clouds still show signs of daylight, it's completely clear, probably because this area I'm looking at is at a very, very, VERY high altitude.

      In front of me, it's very hard to tell, it's as if I'm speaking to a dream character that alternates in different male forms, but I can only recall this being shifting once or twice in visages. And another thing, it's sort of difficult to understand if I'm:

      1. The one spectating the soon-to-be conversation.
      2. The one in the dream body of the person going to explain to the alternating dream character
      3. I'm both the spectator, and I'm able to synch myself back and forth with ease into the dream body I'm using.

      I'm kind of shifting on the third option being that possibly, since I did feel emotions at one point where I'm pretty sure I completely shifted into that body.

      Anyway, I talk to the dream character, and by this time, he/she/it/whatever it is looks like an Indian man. I think he's wearing glasses, but I'm not too sure on that. The dream body I shift my focus to now is explaining to this person how they can "soften" up their body, so that they are able to essentially phase through objects coming at them, or if they want to go through something.

      This immediately reminds me of Tobi in Shippuden.

      Then it/me started to explain that he/I can soften a certain area in the environment around me, so that I can use the phasing technique to go underground with ease. The person takes it slow a bit, getting half of his body into the ground already, but still is looking up at the entity he's explaining it to. Then this weird substance is apparent all over his/my body, and it looks like I'm slightly melting into the ground.

      The body type had this weird butterscotch type of color, and as I'm seeing him/myself halfway into the ground in third person view, they finally drop quickly under the surface. Now the perspective changes where I quickly see him/myself under the ground, still trying to talk to the person above who is probably Tarzan by now.

      I don't know if he/I knows if Tarzan, or whoever it was can still hear him underground, since there was no hole/vacuum for any sound to go through and bounce off of. I hear a muffled voice in third person now, and then go back to seeing the guy/myself below. He's at a really awkward position, he has to bend most of his upper torso , and is poking at the ceiling that's very close to him.

      A few little rock and dirt pieces fall down, and there's a sudden shift in sound that basically makes me imply that I shouldn't be poking the dirt ceiling underground in a careless manner. It seems that while I'm explaining, it's like the person I see getting out from underground again isn't talking...so in a way, it's like while he's moving, another part of me is still in narrative mode explaining the Tarzan DC on time and space and phasing.

      It seems that the guy/me knows there's a secret path to get out of the underground area in the floating area in the sky. After he gets out, there's this dirt path that goes up all the way back to the circular area with the one to two columns on the right side. The bottom of the floating area is dark brown, and its texture makes me presume that this same area was probably pulled up from the ground by some kind of large force for it to be elevating so high past even the clouds.

      As I continue explaining more stuff that I'm not even paying attention to at this point, I shift back to the guy running up the secret trail to go back to the circular area again. While I/he's talking, there's another voice coming in, as if it's whispering, that declared (paraphrasing here):

      "And I can just take this path here and trick you.." He meant you as in the Tarzan guy.

      Yeah....that's not really a good paraphrase, I forgot the exact words, but obviously it was something only for me to hear.

      I finally am aware that I take the dream body of the guy going up the path, and I walk slowly as I'm getting closer to the circular area again. I hide behind this boulder conveniently placed for me to just rest my right hand on, and then peek slightly over to the left to see if the Tarzan DC was still there.

      I started to feel the anticipation of him still being there, and the feelings got even stronger as I exposed my face more and more, but
      I forget what happens next....

      ARRRRRRRGH, I really shouldn't be distracting myself early this morning, the recall would've been better if I didn't have something important on my mind...BLEH whatever.

      Light Yagami is Blackmailing? (Non-lucid)


      I see Light Yagami from "Death Note" getting a silver flip-cell phone out, and he's opening a drawer of a girl he's probably hanging around with. Something tells me it's Misa from the series as well, and he's taking quick snapshots of whatever is inside of the drawer.

      He has his red eye and evil smirk pose while he's taking the pictures....

      I wonder what could be making him smile so much, maybe he's taking pictures of her underwear?

      Old Age and Kirstie Alley (Non-lucid)


      I'm just going to shorten this dream up, because I don't like at all.....

      On my left is a dark-skinned female that seems to be either unconscious or just dead. I get close to her, kneel down, and I compare her to Kirstie Alley, who is showing up as a mental image from me temporarily blanking out in the dream.

      To the left of the Kirstie Alley (yes the Jenny Craig lady), are some numbers, which apparently are signs of old age. I remember there being exactly being a "256" there, a few 50's and some figures in the 100s as well. I believe I'm speaking to someone, and I'm saying how she can be compared to that, though I don't know if it's the lady that's unconscious/dead or Kirstie Alley.


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    7. What did I do? (SDE Day 25)

      by , 09-08-2012 at 02:23 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      What did I do? (Non-lucid)


      I'm walking outside a replica of the section near the Blocker building in College Station, and I'm walking down the sidewalk to eventually turn left to get to the building. However, I think I needed to go somewhere else to the right instead, that's all I remember.

      LOL, note to self:

      - Set an alarm time to wake me up in the middle of the night for a better chance at dream recall instead of sleeping through all the way.


    8. Catherine with Purple Wings, Sakura and Sasuke (SDE Day 24)

      by , 09-07-2012 at 02:39 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Catherine with Purple Wings (Non-lucid)


      All I remember is someone levitating above me, she had huge purple wings. Whenever I'm trying to recall how she looks like, she looks a lot like Catherine from the game "Catherine."

      The background behind her was shining with bright colors, like a mix of white, a little bit of orange, pink, and other things. She was wearing the default costume in the game, but what was different this time is that it seems she's wearing white lingerie stockings as well.

      How I see her is starting the bottom of her feet in stockings, all the way up to her arms spreading out to me, as if she wanted to wrap her arms around and hug me. Then the angle shifts up more, and she's smiling at me.

      Well......I guess there's no doubt about it, I was just heartbeats from getting a direct answer from her, but I don't even remember what I did after I saw her.

      She's my dream guide, or if I want to start getting more into it:

      -My Guardian Angel
      -A Succubus
      -Or a Shape shifter Dream guide...which probably means the blondes in my dreams are all some element, and Catherine is just another form she can take....probably because I had an attraction to her in the game (gaaaaaaah video game crushes............)

      Hmmm....finding which dream to try and draw gets harder, especially when an idea pops in my head to help me remember the dream and get it engrained in my mind.

      I still remember the dream with the lady in the blue dress.

      Then there's Ada Wong with the Black Wings, and now Catherine with the Purple Wings.

      As much as I want to interpret this dream as just a figment of my imagination, as an aspect of apophenia, ugh....

      that's no fun thinking like that! Oh well, maybe I'll have some luck tonight, that's what I always say to myself. -__-

      Sakura and Sasuke (Non-lucid)


      The environment is dark, it had colors ranging from dark maroon, red, and black. Sakura from Naruto Shippuden is wearing the same white cloak she had over one of her default costumes in the series. Sakura is right behind Sasuke, and Sasuke is just standing there, waiting for a response I'm assuming.

      Sakura bends her neck a bit forward and I think she starts crying, almost similar to the scene where she tried to kill Sasuke
      (sorry if I spoiled it for anyone, but I doubt anyone is going to die if they were trying to catch up on the anime and manga).

      She decides to get the kunai in her hand closer and closer to Sasuke's back, and the moment he turns around, both of them have their weapons next to each others neck. Sasuke has his sword, and she has her kunai, things look like a stalemate.

      Hmm....that's weird, Sasuke allowing himself to get into that position, I honestly thought he would

      EMS+ Spam Amaterasu+ Spam Susanoo to overkill her or something.

    9. Locker Combination, Alyzarin's Skirt (SDE Day 23)

      by , 09-06-2012 at 01:15 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Locker Combination (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside the locker room of the athletics room in Cy-Lakes, the flooring was light gray, most of the gates to enter the sections of the lockers were open, and there was enough light to see most of them. I go to the tennis locker section, go back to my old locker, but I can't remember exactly where, only knowing that it was on the top section of lockers. Oh, and they were all red, just like in waking life, and had the small holes on top outside, and on the sides in the inside as well.

      Without even thinking too much, I twist and turned the the combo lock for 24-16-21, because it felt familiar to me that this was it. It opens with ease, and I take out all of the equipment from racquets to other small things with me. There's a guy on my left, fairly short, barely 5 feet tall, let's call him "Mo." Mo was wearing a light brown jacket, some kind of light dark colored shirt, and regular pants.

      I believed he asked me if he could have the racquet that was in my locker room, and I quickly told him, "No."

      I told him I can make more money trying to sell than to give it to him. As I'm closing the locker, he tells me he has a job. I ask him to be more specific, and he decalred that it was giving out hotdogs somewhere, and I think he said they were free

      Alyzarin's Skirt (Non-lucid)


      All I remember was walking with Alyssa, and she's wearing a white tank top and a dark blue skirt. The environment is sort of dull, gray skies, a slightly misty atmosphere. I think I was directing her to somewhere, but I don't know where exactly.

      I just recall us walking down a black road near a bridge of dull colors probably ranging from gray to turquoise.

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    10. Hotel Alarm, Albino Rats Floating, Apartment With No Bed, Jumping Out of Windows (SDE Day 22)

      by , 09-05-2012 at 02:31 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Hotel Alarm (Non-lucid)


      It's very dark at night, and I need to find a place to stay in, and I forget who tells me this, but there's only one hotel available, and it has what I needed to get. I go inside of the hotel, and there's a lady in front, assuming she's the one who gives out cards to go into hotel rooms and all that. She's wearing the preset secretary type of outfit, dark blue dress with a white long sleeve shirt underneath, and she was fairly tall.

      I could barely see her face at all.....she was literally that tall, or maybe my perspective of being able to look up was very limited. I walk around the hotel a bit, and I open a door slowly, and I see that this much be the kitchen, or the dining area of the hotel. The floor was a black and white checkered floor.

      I think I saw a white microwave, those really big ones that huge a lot of energy, but heats things faster than the regular ones. I thought that I would be able to go inside of the kitchen/dining area, but then an alarm triggers.

      It sounded a lot like the alarm I was going to use to wake me up, and it made a strong beep and faded it, but it was still really loud. I look over and found the alarm, it was white, had a small black screen on top, and I saw some green numbers and/or font glowing. I call the lady, and she quickly comes, and I said that the alarm triggered.

      This moment felt weird to me, I felt like it was supposed to be my fault, but the lady didn't mind setting the alarm off at all. She does some weird motion with her hands pressing the buttons that was underneath the covering that moved downwards.

      She comes back to me,
      and that's all I remember.

      Making Albino Rats Float and Die (Non-lucid)


      So I'm on top of a black metal building, and I believe I'm with a male that's sitting down on the A/C fan. He's wearing a white shirt, dark pants, but I'm not sure if that's him or if this was just me looking at myself, and then shifting back into the perspective of the person sitting down.

      Anyway, I have in my hand an Albino Lab rat, cute little thing, too bad it's going to die. I get a very strong urge to see this thing eradicated. I forget hot it dies exactly, but I do know some kind of crushing was involved. After one rat is gone, I remember another one showing up on my hand, except this time, I'm making it float move my hand. It looks at me, and it's just as cute as the one before.

      I think some electricity surges out to my hand, and I probably killed the little guy right there, but I don't recall actual experiences of seeing it die.
      Apartment with No Bed (Non-lucid)


      I remember going up an elevator that was white, and I'm following some girl to the right of me. She looks familiar, but I'm not paying too much on how she looks like. The elevator finally reaches the destination, we both get out and turn to the right.

      She mentions that we're close to the room now, and I believe the levels in this floor was in the 400s. I look to my right, counting the rooms we're passing, and after 2-3 doors, she opens the door I'm supposed to go in, though I don't know why I need to go in. I believe she's wearing a white sweater that's faded a bit.

      I look down on the floor, and to my left, I see a gray carpet layer on top of the dark brown and shiny wood flooring. To the front of me was a window, it was closed, but it was the main thing that enticed me in this dream. It was so nice outside, calm, a few gray skies, and I would presume that it was fairly windy instead of it being hot as hell here in waking life.

      The girl disappears, probably went to the bathroom, but then again, everything was so enclosed, it's like this place would be perfect for those who want to have an efficient lifestyle with minimal distance to get to where they needed to go. There was a sink to the left of me as soon as you entered the room, I think, and the toilet was just a little bit further.

      I'm wondering where the hell is the bed in this place, and I assumed that the gray carpet layer was a spot where a previous bed was on top of before.

      I can't remember much after that.
      Jumping out of Windows (Non-lucid)


      This dream was a sudden rush, you either get out as quickly as possible, or die. I don't know what the hell is happening in this dream, but a random dream character in some kind of dark outfit tells me to come quickly and get near the window. I wonder why, but the moment I hear some noises in front of me, I could sense that a lot of entities would be coming it, so I take immediately catapult through the window.

      I believe this dream resets itself a few more times,
      that's all I remember.

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    11. $175 Phone Bill, Kingly Implings, Someone's DG, Sex Slave, f0rceez bans someone (SDE Day 21)

      by , 09-04-2012 at 02:03 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      $175 Phone Bill (Non-lucid)


      I had to pay $175 for a phone Bill, and the due date was today in dream time. My father told me to make sure I pay it off, and I told him that I will, and that he doesn't have to remind me.

      Kingly Implings (Non-lucid)


      I'm catching Kingly Implings again in a wheat maze, I'm literally see more and more of them pop up in the maze, and all I'm doing is just feeling as if I'm going to make more cash by continuing to hoard all the ones spawned.
      Someone's Dream Guide (Non-lucid)


      I think I summoned a dream guide, but I don't know if it's mine, I think I summoned my father's dream guide, but whoever it was, it looked a lot like Catherine from the game "Catherine."

      The dream itself was so random, it's hard to remember anything other than her being summoned, or at least someone that looked like her. I'm confused here...
      Sex Slave? (Non-lucid)


      Spoiler for 18+:

      f0rceez Banned someone (Non-lucid)


      f0rceez banned someone, though I rather not say who.

      He literally posts on a visitor message wall, "BANND"

      Yes, without the "e."

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    12. The Lizard Man, Come on Brandon, and the Pilgrims (SDE Day 20)

      by , 09-03-2012 at 01:15 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      The Lizard Man and No Open Toe Feet (Non-lucid)


      Just to clarify, the Lizard Man is some entity that was apparent in some form from Sivason's and Mindraker's dreams if I remember correctly. And now I happened to see someone in a form of it.

      I'm inside a building, dark blue carpet flooring, and it has dark orange lights, which makes the place a bit dull. There are people in small groups everywhere, and as I'm walking, I see one group of people that look like they're afraid, very afraid of something. My first thought that it could be someone with a gun causing threats, but I don't feel anything, and I'm wondering why these people are so scared.

      I pass through them, and for some reason, I decided I should take off my shoes and socks. A random dream character comes up to say something along the lines of,

      "No Open Toe Feet!!!!" I look up and quickly nodded, but still feeling puzzled as to why this is a big deal. I lift my feet up a bit to put on black socks, and then I look up and see someone that looks like a Lizard.....and a man....Lizard man.......

      Are you kidding me....................LOL.

      I decided to stop everything and see what this Lizard Man is up to. Some dark-skinned man in a long white shirt and light blue denim shorts asked the Lizard Man,

      "You're not trying to escape are you?"

      The Lizard Man kind of looks like Spike from My Little Pony for some reason, at least his back does.

      He responds,

      "Nah, just going to go outside and spread my wings..."

      Damn it Lizard Man, there you go again making it --------------- never mind.

      The door to the highest level of the building outside opens, and the Lizard Man disappears. I think I wanted to follow the Lizard man, but I forget what happens next.
      Come on Brandon........ (Non-lucid)


      Things start out where I'm driving a vehicle, and for some reason, it's as if I was implanted with memories of experience with driving a vehicle, but it wasn't complete because I forgot a few things. Anyway, the sensation felt weird, I didn't feel tensed up when I'm driving at all....it's a big deal because I haven't driven a car except for practice at an empty and huge parking lot one time with my father in waking life.

      I'm near a gas station I believe, and the pavement is smooth and light gray, and the skies look like it's about to rain, or maybe it was just close to sunset. I'm waiting at the exit of the gas station, and look left and right of the two lanes perpendicular to where I'm at, and it seems it'll be a while until I can get on either of them.

      I noticed my mother is to my right, and I believe we had a small conversation about something, but I forgot. Whatever it was, I asked her if she wanted to get some Asian food....

      What? Since when do I ask someone about that....

      I wait for her response, and she agrees that she doesn't mind going to order Asian food. She wants take-out, even though I preferred just eating inside the restaurant we're going to. After we're done with that small conversation, I look left and right again and find that there aren't anymore vehicles coming our way.

      I quickly go over to the lane further away from me, and noticed that once I turned to my right, there are more lanes to take. There's lanes to go left, to go straight and left, or just to go straight. I looked up the signs near the stoplight. It was a white square with small black outline border and words and symbols in black font as well.

      It made it a little hard to distinguish which one I should take, and I rather have those symbols on the ground rather than looking up and down trying to pick which one, and possibly cause more traffic. I decided to go to the lane where you could go straight or left. A vehicle in front of me has their right indicator light signal on....

      And I'm not even bothered to realize that they're supposed to be using their left indicator light if they're turning left.

      Even though I'm completely oblivious by this, this makes me realize I should go ahead and have my indicator light on as well..

      Instead of the left knob near the driving the wheel, I look at the right, and try to find the indicator light signal for the right side too. I can't identify anything from the knob, so I decide to spin the damn thing and hope for the best. I hear something ticking inside of the car, and no it wasn't a bomb, but it sure sounded like I did something right.

      Whatever, seems there was nothing for me to worry about because I didn't hear any cars honking
      ...using dream cars as an excuse for my incompetence...go Link!

      The vehicle in front of me is getting ready to move, and I don't even bother to look up to see if the stoplight would change back to red at all. In those few seconds, I speculated if I should go straight or turn to the left, and decided to just go to the left.

      By this time, my mother is probably gone by now, and as I'm trying to go up another level of what seems to be an entrance to a parking garage, I realize that the curve to drive on was too small for the vehicle I was driving. It seemed I was driving a classic van model, There were even people walking, and some glanced over at me, and I'm wondering why there are people walking past me without any kind of awareness that another vehicle could run them over.

      When I try to get closer and closer, the vehicle suddenly vanishes. I'm there standing in the middle of the walking area. I see a Unicycle appear out of nowhere in front of me, except it's the tire of a vehicle rather than a bicycle wheel.

      Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, does my insurance cover this?

      The dream shifts to where a blonde female is following me, I can just feel it. I turn around, and notice this girl looks like Sarah, but like a relative. She's probably 16 years of age judging by her looks body structure. She was skinny like the blonde Sarah in waking life. She was wearing the same green varsity tennis outfit as well...


      She looks kind of cute, but it's not really my favor to worry about that right now. This blonde seems to be interested in me, and kept mentioning that I should come back.....

      I assumed she meant I should come back to the Varsity tennis team again because I saw one person that looked like my tennis coach at the time, and a few random people that looked like they would be on the Junior varsity tennis team.

      She had the intention of trying to persuade me to pay attention to her and hopefully agree with her. I was thinking that what she's doing is pretty silly, since I'm way past the stage of trying to bring back any memories of being on the team,
      especially since I was quiet towards everyone and just did what I needed to do in the varsity tennis team....win (but end up losing because there was always something that kept me from playing my best.....was really annoying, but I couldn't get out of the sport when I realized it didn't matter anymore....I think I'm just making excuses....

      I needed to find a way to distract the blonde from using her "Come on Brandon..." persuasion towards me, and figured that using the bathroom would be the best to get some alone time.

      I go inside, and the bathroom floor as small gray tiles, and the walls are plastered with shiny gray tiles as well. I go to my left to a small open gray stall to get ready to pee. Then I hear her voice get closer and closer.


      Oh my god...she...she's STILL talking to me, she's RIGHT there behind me.

      Looooooooooooool, this reminds me of the lucid dream I had a long time ago where I was fingering a female while she was peeing....seems I'm getting a taste of my own medicine....LOL

      I try to forget about her by focusing on the sensation of releasing the urine....nope, not working at all! She even goes to the right, and looks down at my private region. She's not really making a reaction....

      No I'm trying to pet my ego, it's like she's already seen this before. I look down, and I do have a penis! I don't really see that a lot in my dreams, anyway, it has a downward curve to it, and I still feel awkward that this blonde is looking at me without a care in the world of embarrassing me...

      She hands me a paper I believe, but I'm not paying attention to any content of it. She talks about how she has a method that usually always works...but what exactly is she talking about. While she continues explaining, I blank out and I see small clip rolling in my mind.

      There are transitions of a male and female together, one was hugging her by the waist and groping her breasts. The female was wearing a light orange tank top, regular dark blue jeans, and had a nice hourglass figure.

      She had the skin tone of an Indian woman, and had long black and slightly curvy hair. The other females in other panels that were coming up, I have no clue on what they wore and did. I come back from blanking out.

      The blonde persists that I come back, that I should be with her...in a sense...

      I can't remember what I did next though, I only remember her being kind to me. Forgot about her looking at my dream penis and feeling embarrassed altogether.

      Mindraker, Chimptertainment, and the Pilgrims (Non-lucid)


      I don't know how, but I get the feeling that the two people in front of me are Mindraker and Chimpertainment who are participating in the Shared Dreaming Experiment. I can't remember their visage in the dream, I just feel that I'm near them, very close.

      There was something about the Pilgrims....maybe I was giving them a hint...

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    13. Lucid Dream Talk

      by , 09-03-2012 at 04:09 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Took a nap around 5:20 PM, and woke up 8PM
      Lucid Dream Talk (Non-lucid)


      I remember walking around, and someone is telling me how to lucid dream. It was near Northgate by Traditions in College Station. And I'm walking on the small dirt trail as a shortcut to get to my apartment.

      So I guess in a way, my dream recall streak isn't diminished since it's dreaming on the same day, even though it's not during late night.

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    14. Stuffed Mouth (SDE Day 18)

      by , 09-01-2012 at 02:19 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Stuffed Mouth (SDE Day 18) (Non-lucid)

      Spoiler for 18+:

      Ha, 18th day, and it's a 18+ type of dream.

      I remember one more dream, but it's so short that I'm not even sure to put it down. I did sleep late, like 2 AM late, and I'm glad I remembered SOMETHING.

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    15. Running in Eva's Underwear, Spiraling Stairs, Boss Battle, Katara Changing Water Colors (SDE Day 17)

      by , 08-31-2012 at 06:40 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Running in Eva's Underwear (Non-lucid)


      I'm watching Naked Snake from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (no, he's not actually naked..), and he's wearing a weird outfit. To me, he looks like he's wearing outfits that Eva would wear. He has two of his eyes still intact, compared to how he lost one in the game during the Interrogation (Volgin's horrible away of actually doing one).

      I know that I'm mentally controlling him now because when I wanted to see what he wore, he turned around and stopped, and I used a camera to get better details on what he's wearing. He's wearing green military jacket like Eva would wear, or it could be the suit he wore after he gets the title of Big Boss. He has swamp-ish green pants as well, or maybe just a faded brown pants color. His chest was exposed, and then I looked down to see he's wearing some kind of weird looking fabric.

      It's black, and it's reflecting some white light, so it could either be some latex, a black trash bag, or Eva's black underwear. I'm going to go with the third option.

      Here's a horribly drawn sketch of how it looked like to me, I just didn't want to forget it
      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Naked Snake Wearing Underwear.jpg 
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ID:	3636

      He's walking around in an area reminiscent to the first level of the video game, except, there are a few fancy black gates contained on a small base of brown bricks, which means he's probably going to infiltrate some kind of building. It was like being in the jungle, a Russian jungle.....if that's where the imaginary level was set up in the actual game.

      I continue to control Big Boss, and I see someone passed out, and apparently, it's THE BOSS that looks like she's passed out. Someone tells me that it's me apparently, and I can control the breathing of her, or someone who resembles her. I actually breath in and out for a few times, and then the moment I take a deep breath and stop, "Zzzzzz" signs come out of The Boss' mouth.

      Lol, the amount of Mindfucks in this dream is OVER 9,000!!!!!!!

      After walking around, I forget what happens next.

      Running on Spiraling Stairs (Non-lucid)


      I remember walking up some stairs going in a spiral formation in a building where there's a lot of guards. I'm assuming everyone probably knows I'm there, but they just don't know my exact location as yet. I believe I'm helping someone in the process, since I recall giving out words of advice on certain enemies, more specifically the Guards from Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory who have Thermal Vision Goggles.

      I an't remember who it was that I was helping out with, but I do remember them wearing a bright vanilla outfit, like a complete suit, light blue/white dress shirt underneath, and vanilla long pants. One the sides of the stairs, seems to be red fabric material, probably even carpet material, the walls themselves looked weird. The spiraling wall was a solid light brown brick wall, or something similar to it.

      As I'm going up the stairs with whoever it is that's following me, in a few seconds, I already see a guard with Thermal Vision Goggles. It takes him 1-2 seconds to notice me, but I quickly ran back down and started to jump around everywhere out of fear. As I'm going down and down the long and spiraling stairs, I eventually reach the bottom to meet some elderly Asian man, with mostly black hair intact in the middle of some soldiers in green military outfits.

      The environment is a lot brighter than upstairs.

      They were all lined up parallel to him, and I think they're armed. I look at how they're just conveniently placed for my panicking, and even though I should've been shocked, there was just no point in standing there and possibly getting myself shot. Fuck this, I jump over the soldiers before they even have a chance to come after me. HA SCREW YOU ALL.

      I open the dark gray metal double doors quickly, and I get a small loading screen for the next part of the environment. Finally I'm outside, and HOLY.............there's quite a few Thermal Vision Guards that noticed that I came out. There was some kind of command that I was trying to do, but because there's so many damn soldiers coming after my ass, it's hard to do the two-button combo move.

      It involved pressing the "Z" button, which means it's probably a GameCube controller, and then some button on the directional pad, which was on the right instead of the left. OH, it was the GameCube command to pull up your weapons menu in Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, and somehow that whole aspect came into this dream.

      I'm pretty sure I had the option for a machine gun, but again, try being going into a building and the outside where there's more soldiers than you can handle, and the only way to even have a shred of hope is to just run run run runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!

      I quickly turn back to prepare to open the large gray double doors again, even though I would probably be back in the same situation with the Asian man and that soldiers around him again.

      After the loading screen is done, I can't remember anything else, though I could tell I was close to seeing if the soldiers would still be inside there.

      Boss Battle (Non-lucid)


      I was at some city, and a huge entity crushes a part of a wide road and makes it elevate, and I go on top of it, and there's weird flesh material that looks like a huge tongue on the bottom of the torn road.

      I saw that there were electrical surges on forming around the tongue, and the tongue itself was white and transparent slime around it. I can't tell who the enemy is, but they're holding a really freaking big sword, and he wastes no time lifting the sword up, and as he's doing that, I see a trail of the pink-violet color of it, like a light saber, except it's in a form of a sword.

      Then he slams the sword down, and I easily dodge it since it takes like 5-6 seconds for him to bring it down in the first place.

      Forgot what I did next.

      Changing Water Colors


      I remember looking at random people in your typical supermarket. There were two people trying to attack each other, but Gaara from Shippuden stops them with his sand.

      Then the dream shifts and I think I'm Katara from ATLA, and I have a cut off block of ice, and the moment I put my hands in them, or when she does, the top changes colors. She then starts making small but very sharp circular slices of ice and shoots them randomly.


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