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    Turquoise Dreams

    1. Lava; Telescope; Puerto Rico

      , 08-03-2018 at 03:33 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Day before yesterday DREAM

      This was very cool, very long, detailed and it had a beginning, middle and the end.

      I'm in a low flying airplane. Coming in for a landing. Pilot finds a dirt road out in the hills and lands on it. We are rolling on the ground, up the slight hill, hoping to come to a stop without hitting anything. Then we turn left, parallel to the hill and I think we are going to turn down hill now and roll down and crash. But no, we come to a stop. I'm thinking pilot turned the plane like that so we can take off easier.

      We walk on the grassy hill to a restaurant. Look around and we decide to have lunch, then go back to the plane and continue. I know we are somewhere far, but have no idea where. I look for signs, anything that would say the name of the place. Someone says Puerto Rico. I'm happy.

      My best friend M from childhood decide to skip lunch and go look around. We are in Puerto Rico and we want to see the ocean. I look to the left, and from the top of the hill I see blue of the ocean. I say "aaaand there it is". We head down on a winding dirt path and end up by a bay. She wants to go in the hotel to look around. So we walk through the hotel, but I keep telling her that we are gonna get caught, because we are not guests there. She eats from a buffet and she wants to use the pool. But I urge her not to and we just walk around. It's a huge hotel, with pools, hallways, place outside that's in a shade, beach is rocky with clear ocean water.

      I keep telling her we should head back, so we don't miss the plane leaving. Suddenly there is a voice on a PA system about intruders. We gotta run. We are dodging security guys through doors. As we are leaving the complex, I see another bay. It's possible to walk-skip on large rocks mostly hidden under the water, only the tops are showing. So you can go like that deep into the ocean. My perspective changes and now I'm looking at the bay from the ocean, not from the beach. Someone is showing a map and explaining, how the ocean bottom suddenly drops into great depth just where the skipping rocks end.

      DREAMS last night

      Someone is showing me and my dad a new type of a telescope. It's small, but it should be really good. Looking at all the controls.

      On the shore of a lava pool. Lava is all white. People are watching how some people are dipping in the lava. Some kind of a ritual, or just display of machismo. Guy comes out, all covered in white lava, and as it cools, he kinda just rolls it off of him. There is a girl and they dip her back in a lake. I tell someone to stand back, because it can splash on us, and that's when I feel lava on me. It's really hot. I don't understand how those people don't die from it. They pull this girl out and she is in bad shape. I don't understand why are they doing this.
    2. Airplane falling down

      , 02-04-2017 at 03:35 AM (Turquoise Dreams)

      I'm standing on a large white, mediterranean style patio, overlooking ocean. We are about 100 feet up in the air. The distand shoreline can be seen directly ahead of us.

      I hear a large jet above and it's engines give sound like the thrust was reversed. I look up and say "don't fall". The large BA/TWA jet makes a turn back to the land and starts falling down fast in a tight spiral. It makes a huge splash. I look down at the water and expect to see some large waves and sure enough, they come and hit the wall on the right.
      Tags: airplane, ocean, water
    3. Airplaine; Baby; Apartment

      , 09-25-2016 at 12:33 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night bed 9pm - 3:30am

      DR ar 1 am

      Me or someone has a private 747 jet. We are thinking where to take it. Aspen, Cannes. I tell them those places have remodeled their airports so now even big planes can land there. I'm walking around aspen airport outside, on a hill.

      DR2 at 1 am

      We are going to walk somewhere with another person, maybe my mom. She wants to go certain way. We go there and I show her lots of deep snow and I tell her we would be sinking in it. It's so deep, at some places small caves have formed. I look at one of those caves and there is a baby in clothes laying on the ground, moving his arms and legs. I yell at someone to call the cops, there is a baby in a cave. Because of the commotion, a man who was laying behing the baby sits up and is all confused. I tell them to call the cops off, baby was not abandoned.

      Then I'm in some apartment hallway. I witness a conversation between "mom" and another woman, probable a reporter. She is telling "mom", that tha'ts the way to go if she wan't to get custody of kids and make "dad" look bad for leaving baby alone. I realize it's a scheme and I start recording it on my phone.

      DR ar 3:30
      I'm in an apartment in a tall building. Suddenly there is fire and some guys starts running around, trying to get away, without telling us. I look for it and I see smoke. We start gathering our pets. After a while it looks like the smoke is in some distance outside.
    4. Airplane crash, saving travelers

      , 06-19-2016 at 12:15 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Took a 2hr nap in the afternoon. Then bed 9:30pm-3:20am

      I'm in a large, wide, brightly lit airplane with big windows. I wonder where we are going and if we are safe when I hear the engines whine. From where I'm sitting, I can see outside from the large, front window. Suddenly the plane tilts down and we are almost diving. I see the ground approaching and I say my goodbyes while struggling for words and thoughts how to do it properly. I'm not scared, but I know this is the end.

      My view changes from the ground now. I see a huge airplane with large wingspan descending sharply and almost leveling out just above a busy street with small cherry trees in blossom, before it starts climbing up, then heading down again.

      Back on the airplane I'm thinking "Great, we are gonna crash under the cherry trees right at the fucking Walmart". And that's exactly what happens. While I'm looking out the front window, we kinda crash land through the cherry trees.

      Now everybody from the plane is hiding out in some one story building. I'm outside with another person or two. It's at night. I just grabbed a submachine gun, flicked what I thought was safety, and I'm shooting at a terrorist dude who is shooting at me. I see the whitish trail my bullets are making and I see them hitting the bad guy. I shoot single shots. Later after we get them all and go into the building to tell the passengers they are safe, we look at my gun and the toggle was not for safety. It was for mode of shooting - full auto, 3 shot burts, single shot. I said like single shot, because of best aim and control, or a double tap - head, head or head torso. Effective. We laugh, all happy that we saved them. I think I was shot in the shoulder, but I don't mind.

      I'm in housing area of some research center on another planet. All I remember is that I need to hide, because someone is coming to look for me. So I'm looking at living quarters of other people, where I could hide. Behind the desk or sofa is clearly not good enough. How about a room that is padlocked? Or a crawl space above the door, but I think that's too narrow to get through.
    5. New airplane; Flood, floating house

      , 11-15-2015 at 08:41 AM (Turquoise Dreams)

      Afternoon sleep after sleeping all night last night (was off).

      I hear a sound outside of my moms kitchen. I go out on a balcony and don't expect to see anything, because it;s cloudy. But I do see a large commercial airplane. It's making a sound that's not consistent with it's size. There is some writing in blue cursive on it's trunk, but I can't make it out. I yell at my mom to get me the binoculars. She says they are in a sock drawer. I'm frustrated coz that's not helping me, I want her to bring it to me.

      By then the airplane landed and it's a small helicopter with cockpit made out of clear plastic in a shape of a bubble. It almost looks like a model controlled from ground, but it's a full size one. The place it landed on is a small frozen lake surrounded by ice and snow and hills.

      Now I see water to the right, under the full moon. I say that's strange, because it should not be visible. Then I notice that the water is all the way to the second story balcony and windows. I tell everybody that the house is floating away now, same way as in other 4 dreams I had about house moving/floating away.

      Water starts to come in through the windows and I jump there to close them more tight, and so does my dad. I yell at my brother to get some more towels, but he says no.
    6. NY, Bonaventura, cooking competition

      , 11-08-2015 at 08:14 AM (Turquoise Dreams)

      sleep 3:45pm-10pm

      Finally recall.

      I'm somewhere in US with my mom. She says we are going somewhere to see our family. So I buy a plane ticket.

      Sitting on an airplane. Window seat. I notice that it's rather comfortable. After you squeeze into your row, the seat itself is larger and more comfy than on other planes. I realize it's because this is a smaller plane.

      Somehow I don't know where we are going. We just landed and are taxiing to the airport building. Going under few bridges that look like tunnels. I tell my mom this looks like tunnels in town where we live in europe. Just then I glance a city in the distance and it's New York. I tell her "we are in NY, NY!" Is that where we were going? She says yes, so I'm like cool, I got the right plane ticket.

      Some people are getting off, so is my mom. I get up an start walking to the door, but stop to grab a in-flight magazine to learn what type of an airplane this is so I can travel with same one next time. I'm only few seconds behind others, but by the time I get to the door, flight attendant just closed it. I say I'm getting off, so she opens it and I quickly walk out.

      There is no airport building, only a dirt field. I look back and there is a chain link fence with small, faded metal sign saying the name of the airport. I'm trying to make it out and remember it. The last part of the name is ...Field.

      We walk into some small bar. My mom shows the barkeep a map and asks him how to get to the marked address. It's a crossing of 2 streets. Barkeep writes down few bus line names. A bus arrives outside and leaves. I say there was a bus, but he says we should take a tour bus line, otherwise the bus driver may get mad.

      I look at the map. My mom keeps mentioning we need to get to Bonaventura. But the name of 2 cross streets is different. Then I remember that Bonaventura is a name of the building her mom's sister lives. We are going to visit her. I saw the building on the google. It's very nice, with a doorman and all.

      We are sitting at the table as guests on come cooking competition. There are 4 kitchens for the competitors. They have teams of 4-5 people. My mom is asking them a lots of questions just to be annoying. I tell her to stop, they need to think what they gonna cook. When she doesn't stop, I walk up to the group of judges and I wait for them to finish evaluating before I tell them about mom. They say it's time to leave anyway. My mom is not happy, but I tell her that guests are allowed to stay only for first half anyway.
    7. Airplane; Earthquake

      , 03-20-2015 at 12:12 PM (Turquoise Dreams)

      Last night bed 9pm - 3:35am

      Lots of us DVers? are going on a plane ride. Plane is huge and ultra modern. Seats like in a theater, lots of white colors. I get off to change my clothes and go potty. Going by the cockpit noticing the door is closed and secured, no way to open it for unauthorized person.

      Just remembered this one:
      Walking on a dirt path, maybe 7 feet wide. Two girls just a step ahead of me. One of them is announcing snakes. But too late, when we are already on top of them. I tell them to look more ahead, not under the feet, so we can see them from distance, ffs. I look and I see some in a distance, so I know it can be done. All snakes we come up on are already dead. Clearly. Either head crushed, all dried up, or other lear sign of being dead for a while. But they were all different kinds and I see some cool details.

      Remembered this one on my way to work:
      We are in a building and feeling a lots of small tremors. Then there is a 6.8 in San Diego. I see it written on some sign.

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    8. Airplane; taking pics; homeless guy;

      , 08-09-2013 at 06:00 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Friday 8/9/13

      Last night bed 12:30 - 9am

      DR 1 - I'm in a sleek airplane. Just like the one on Hawaii 5-0 last night.

      DR 2 - I'm looking at something pretty in a distance, trying to figure out, what it is. I realize it's a small island with it's reflection in calm urban lake surrounding it. Trees on the island are of fall colors. Deep orange, yellow. I'm taking a picture of it with my camera and as I zoom in, I see incredible details. Ground with no grass, fallen branches. I need to zoom out a little to see the island.

      DR 3 - I'm standing in front of my aunties door with a homeless guy. He puts piece of plastic in my shopping bag I'm holding and a piece of broken hockey stick. Those two pieces are of same shape. He asks me to buy him another piece of plastic like that for his foot, coz that one broke.

      He is also drug addict. Person living in there is his mentor. I'm going inside to look for him, but a guy tells me, he is in the hospital for a rehab. He tells me to eavesdrop by my aunties bedroom door. I lean over, but don't like doing it so I leave.

      DR 4 - I'm in a large one story house. Hear some noise, but don't see anything. Few minutes later a young guy comes to my view by the sliding door. he just climed up the dirt hill to the house. He is all bloody, His elbows and knees have dried up blood and some deep scrapes. i bet he took a tumble while hiking. Then two guys are holding up someone between them. He is also battered, I'm thinking they all had some hiking accident. I let them in.

      (I think this was the first dream of the night and there was a lot more after this happening in the house.)

      I'm glad my recall is back up. I'm also going to bed sooner than I used to and that could be a reason as well. Tried the looking at eyelids and saying I'm dreaming like last night, but didn't have any results from that.
    9. plane crash in india, 5HTP

      , 03-14-2012 at 10:44 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Tuesday, 3/13/12 Bcomplex 100 at 1;44pm, 100mg 5-HTP at 11:13pm.

      DR 3:12am - big fight, naciz

      DR around 8am - VIVID
      I'm in India on a busy street, that has a gentle slope. I'm watching and taking pictures of festivities in honor of Lord Vishnu. At one point I'm in an area in the middle of the sidewalk, that has sofas in the square shape and handle bars around it. I'm kneeling on the sofa looking backwards towards some ultra modern, tall, glass and metal buildings. I see the backrest of the sofa is blue and grey and I'm thinking, how clean it is. I inhale and smell the air.
      I'm taking pictures of an airplane taking off in very steep climb towards the tall buildings. The airplane is dwarfed by the size of them. It looks like it will clear the building, but then in slow motion, I see yellow sparks from the bottom of the airplane, where it clipped the front edge of the roof. I see it smoking and I can feel it crashing on the other side of the building. Person next to me shows me video on his camera. There I see, that before it clipped the roof, it clipped some smaller tower that was part of this building and that's why it didn't gain enough altitude. Then I hear, that it crashed into a small town of Spiske.... in High Tatras area of SK. I realize, that to do that, it had to take off from Poland, thus I have to be in Poland, but I'm in India.