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    1. Bacooon!

      , 09-09-2014 at 08:25 PM (Turquoise Dreams)

      Last night bed midnight 5:30

      Nap around 8 -11:30 tried to WILD but nothing : (


      I'm at some place, with someone. Packing things to leave after stay. There is a man and a woman that live there. We are kinda escaping, but we don't want them to know that we know their secret. So they dont turn violent.

      I'm telling everybody that we are going to the train station and they are ready to help us carry our bags. But then I realize my car is there and we could take it. They get mad "why did I want them to walk then"?

      We are outside and I'm eating a dish from last night's episode of Master chef. The nicoise salad. Only instead of seared tuna, there is a big piece of bacon. I cut it with knife and it's so soft. I put it in my mouth and it tastes salty and yummy.

      I just remembered last part:

      There are 3-5 black blobs on the ground. Someone tells me that they do evolve into something scary and evil. I feel a change in atmosphere and a nightmare coming on. I'm thinking I wanna stay there and see that. As I think that, one starts to grow. Someone is warning me that it's gonna be really scary, like SUPER scary, coz it's gonna be like this evil body thrashing on the ground in freaky manner.

      I'm thinking yeah, I'll be probably pissing my pants, but I also KNOW that I'll be standing my ground and it can't hurt me and I will prevail over it.

      As soon as I think that, it evolves into a body thrashing on the ground, looking at me, all shiny black and evil, doing it's best to scare me. I'm scared, but I know I am stronger and I will win, no matter what.

      Man, I just love my badass subC. My best pal.

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    2. Nuclear attack; Work; Ophelia

      , 04-14-2014 at 06:10 PM (Turquoise Dreams)

      Hell week is behind me (both jobs ridiculously busy, to the point of it not being fun). I'll still be getting up at 2am to get to work by 3, but I'm hoping for normal or close to normal sleep time. As long as I figure out how to go to bed at 6pm.

      Last night, bed 10:20pm - 7:40am


      I'm in a huge at least 2 story house. We are expecting a nuclear attack, so we are making preparations. Me with some kids are getting some built-in closets ready with blankets, aluminum foil?, testing the doors and stuff.

      I'm suddenly sensing that an explosion went off. I'm yelling at others "It's happening, it's happening"! I'm ushering them into the closets. I know we have very short time till the shock wave gets to us. But I'm mostly worried about the heat and that's what I'm hoping the aluminum foil and blankets will protect us from. Even if there will be inferno all around, even in hallways, we hope to survive in the closet and not get too hot to die.

      I know I'm on borrowed time and the heat and shock wave can kill me at any moment. My whole body is tense and I'm prepared to die. But I have to finish putting people in the closets. I'm also grabbing 3 cats and putting them inside, but they are getting out of there, being oblivious to the danger.

      We are all in the closet and we are shutting our eyes tight as not to get blinded by the super bright light of the explosion. Even so, the darkness is getting brighter and brighter and I'm worried. I put my hand on my eyes and it's still getting brighter.

      Quite intense dream with lots of emotions. Not much fear at all, more just an urgency to get everybody to safety without regard if I make it or not.


      I'm at work. I'm new here. It's some kind of a high/tech office building. I'm walking through our supply room. I't huge like a hangar. Lots of windows on the right hand side.

      Lots of boxes stacked up. There is one column of cardboard boxes taller than others. It's like 3 stories high. I'm amazed, how can it stand without falling over. As I'm walking back towards the entrance, I see a ton of other supplies and even large equipment. Lot's of it is suspende or stacked up in the air.

      I get a bad feeling about an earthqake and I speed up. I'm getting kinda freaked out now thinking that this is really not a good place to be during an earthquake.

      I get outside and I'm walking on the ground floor by the main gate. A tall and skinny column made out of styrofoam is holding up some smaller roof. But it felt down and someone is trying to make it stand up and support the roof again. he is doing it wrong and the styrofoam column snaps into 3 pieces. I pick them up and I'm helping this other person to put the support beam back in it's place. But as soon as I pick them up, this other person runs away, leaving me there holding the pieces, which makes it look like I did it.

      Now I'm inside in the lobby. There are a few desks with at least 2 receptionists. I'm deciding which one to tell about the snapped beam. I pick one of them and I don't wanna rat anybody out, but with her questioning the truth comes out, that someone else broke it and I was just trying to help put it back.

      Then we sit in the lobby in comfy sofas and chairs and we are talking and joking and laughing and I think to myself, how nice it would be to have a friend like this. We are leaving now, everybody is putting on dark long winter coats.

      DR 3
      I'm visiting OP. She is not as tall as I remember her? We are walking and talking inside her place and I kinda feel intruding, unwelcomed. I say that I had poured some glasses of vodka. She doesn't say it, but I learn somehow that she has a cold and fever and stuff. So I say we don't have to drink, I don't like vodka anyway.

      I'm glad my recall is good. I know it fluctuates so not really upset over dry spells, but it sure does feel good to remember. Thank you.

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    3. Books, telescope

      , 02-15-2014 at 07:23 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      2/14/13 Friday

      DR from 2/12/14

      Had a bunch of dreams. Too bad that I can't decipher what I wrote : (

      All I have from 2:30 am dream is:

      ???bags with grapes?
      fruit threw
      walking away
      water ???

      Oh, now after finishing typing below, I did have a dream about going to toilet. Then I woke up thinking "why do I still need to go, I just went/"

      Last DR is still clear:

      I'm at a house of a family member Jucka. For some reason, she wants to give my bunch of her books. They look old. Those type that don't have colorfull bindings, just monochrome cloth type of thing. I keep looking at them in multiple bookcases, thinking, that my mom will love them too.

      She also offers very neat and expensive coffee maker and flat screen TV. Here is when I get suspicious, if she is giving them free or for some money. It turns out not free.

      She is also giving me her telescope. It's very cool, just a simple tube, but looks professional and sophisticated. Every time I look at it, it's bigger. Untill it's a telescope, that's sticking out of the roof, that is split open, just like at the observatory.

      I'm at the guest house. Counting money. Somebody walks in. They are coming for a visit to the house, they just took a wrong turn to the guest house. I'm mad. They were not suppose to see the money. Now it's not safe there.
    4. Tidal wave; dream about LD

      , 02-09-2013 at 01:42 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Thursday, 2/7/13 Bed 11:30pm - 6:45am

      DR 3:09 I'm modding posts

      DR 4:07 Visiting gramma in K. I'm standing on a bank of a wide river with an engineer. They are filling up the flat plain with more water. I look to the right and there is a huge tidal wave of muddy water coming closer. It's winter time. People are throwing 4 squares of plastic to the water and putting a plastic sheet to top of them to make a raft. I put some MREs on the raft and we are filling up watter bottles. The wave is soming faster now and it's closer.

      DR I'm telling my mom that I just woke up from a 15 min lucid. I recall flying in the air, chasing one DC flying on a stick and asking him who he is. I remember realizing that my lucid is nice and long and it started to destabilize as I was saying that.

      My mom joined LDing forum and I'm reading responses to her post.

      DR I'm walking through a yard with freshly planted vegetables. There is a few plants pulled out of the ground, with roots and dirt still on it. I pick one up and start eating the dirt, while I ment to eat the green part. It tastes gross. I'm helping the gardener and I toss these pulled out plants into a garbage container. Then i realize, he probably just didn't plant them yet, so I take them out of trash can.

      As I'm walking away, my feet are sinking good 5 inches into the wet ground.

      I just watched Hansel and Gretel so the flying and eating dirt is most likely from it.

      DR 6:40 I'm called back to work at 10pm to work on stuff that was cancelled earlier. I drive there thinking about rain that's suppose to start.

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