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    Turquoise Dreams

    People cut up for parts

    , 05-25-2022 at 07:25 AM (408 Views)
    Today is wednesday, last tuesday I have moved.
    Since I got here, I'm sleeping well and having what I feel are cool dreams. But I didn't remember them until last night.

    I am standing at a scanner, like they have at the airport. Others are at other scanners and waiting in line. Based on a scan we are let through or taken for "exam". I'm told I need an exam and to follow someone. I ask if I can go to the restroom first and I'm escorted by an attendant.

    There is something strange going on. As I go to restroom again later, I see things I'm suspicious about. Rooms like in a hospital, people in white lab coats and chopped up pieces of people. I hide from them as I make my way through. I come to the room where normal people are looking at packaged "meat" on the shelves to buy it.

    I find my way out. Then there is something going on outside which I don't remember. Lol I just rememberd. I'm leaving through the street which is blocked off by some junk and a truck brings even more junk. Then there is more but I don't remember that.

    Thank you for my dreams and for the recall.

    I want to continue with mindfulness, meditating and APing.
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