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    What a night!

    , 07-17-2020 at 01:26 AM (510 Views)
    Have not been posting, because my dream life is shot. I'm not getting enough sleep and not having any dreams that I could remember.

    Until last night : )

    I managed to sleep until it was bright outside, I'm thinking around 6:30am. Normally I Wake up around 3-4 am, even on days when I'm off and could sleep longer. I just wake up and worry.

    But last night was great. Had a bunch of long and detailed dreams and I remembered them!

    By now the details are gone, but not the excitement.

    1. I'm in a room that seems to be in a hotel. Conference room. Obama is there, walking around, looking at things, waiting for something. Not in a suit, more casual. I walk up to him, and say "excuse me for bothering you, but would you mind if I shook your hand?" I knew that he is not the president anymore. He said "sure". And we shook hands. I also told him, how I was not interested in following politics, because all politicians are alike, until he was the president. I didn't want to overstay my welcome, so I ended it there.

    I went back to my hotel and wanted to take my mom to see him, but I knew it was too long of a walk for her. So I didn't even mention it to her.

    2. I walk outside behind some houses. It's a dark night and stars are out. I look up, hoping to see the new comet Newsome. I was trying to see it every morning for past few days, but it's too low to the horizont for me to see. But here, I see it. It's high in the sky, bright, with a light gas tail and a longer, blue dust tail. I'm happy that I finally see it.

    Thank you!

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