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    1. First deliberate OBE

      , 10-21-2021 at 03:24 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      So, I have been watching a lot of Youtube videos on mediatation, chakra balancing, heart-brain coherence, past lives regression, afterlife, OBEs and binaural beats on all of the above subjects.

      About a week ago I had a WILD with some Alpha GPC and galantamine.

      1. I asked to be shown something spectacular. At first I whisper the request, then I remember how interesting it feels when you talk out loud in a lucid, and I start shouting it out.

      After phasing through many walls through what seemed to be an empty underground garage/storage space, I enter a huge office room. Dozens and dozens of single seat desks with young people. The room is very colorful. Lots of blues and reds. I look closer, and everybody is building legos, lol. It's a "test kitchen" for legos, haha. People are building them to test them.

      I think the dream was caught by surprise by my request, because I sensed some hesitation, as if it didn't know what to show me, haha.

      2. After I walk through the lego room and the last wall, I end up outside. I ask to see my past life. I'm shown pictures that are displayed in front of me on a large old fashioned 35 mm film in the air. I see some images and to each of them I say No, no, no... Few pictures show a cemetary and I say NOPE, NOPE.

      But the dram is not really listening and I end up laying in a very shiny black coffin with the part by head opened, so I can see outside. I'm looking at this from above as the coffin is slowly sinking into soft mud.

      So, I think I'm done asking for past lives for a while haha.

      Deliberate OBE.
      This morning around 6 am my cat woke me up making noise with some plastic bags. I told him to stop and he did. Then he did it again, I had to get up and hide it. I was a bit annoyed because I had last hour to sleep and was worried I won't be able to fall asleep again.

      But as soon as I layed down I felt vibrations. Not very strong and they were not too concentrated.

      I start saying UP, UP, OUT and as I'm laying on my side with by back to the window, I start to feel headrush and I'm moving with my back leading the way towards the window.

      I remember I wanted to see my body, so with great effort I stop moving through the window and I walk back to my sofa. The room is same dark as in WL, illuminated with few night lights. Just enough to see that I'm not on the sofa. The layout is the same and I feel that it is my real IWL room.

      Then I remembered to check the top of the kitchen cabinet to see if the things I left there few years ago are still there and what it is. (I left there some things when doing OBE experiments).

      It's hard to move and I remember that I have to practice navigating and moving in the astral.

      When I get outside, I'm somewhere else, not in front of my apartment. Some kind of underground garage with thick concrete walls, well illuminated. Out of the room comes out a man, who I know is my husband. I'm all excited to tell him "I just had a first conscious OBE". I have a little bit of trouble pronouncing "conscious". He is happy for me.

      Then I look at my hands and I say "look I have no body" but I see my normal looking hands. Only one finger is a bit shorter, as if I lost the tip in some accident, but it healed already. I'm disappointed because in Astral, we don't have a body. I try this one more time later, and i have the same human looking hand. I can even recognize it as mine in WL.

      THANK YOU!
    2. What a night!

      , 07-17-2020 at 01:26 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Have not been posting, because my dream life is shot. I'm not getting enough sleep and not having any dreams that I could remember.

      Until last night : )

      I managed to sleep until it was bright outside, I'm thinking around 6:30am. Normally I Wake up around 3-4 am, even on days when I'm off and could sleep longer. I just wake up and worry.

      But last night was great. Had a bunch of long and detailed dreams and I remembered them!

      By now the details are gone, but not the excitement.

      1. I'm in a room that seems to be in a hotel. Conference room. Obama is there, walking around, looking at things, waiting for something. Not in a suit, more casual. I walk up to him, and say "excuse me for bothering you, but would you mind if I shook your hand?" I knew that he is not the president anymore. He said "sure". And we shook hands. I also told him, how I was not interested in following politics, because all politicians are alike, until he was the president. I didn't want to overstay my welcome, so I ended it there.

      I went back to my hotel and wanted to take my mom to see him, but I knew it was too long of a walk for her. So I didn't even mention it to her.

      2. I walk outside behind some houses. It's a dark night and stars are out. I look up, hoping to see the new comet Newsome. I was trying to see it every morning for past few days, but it's too low to the horizont for me to see. But here, I see it. It's high in the sky, bright, with a light gas tail and a longer, blue dust tail. I'm happy that I finally see it.

      Thank you!
    3. Star wars ooh yeah

      , 12-02-2016 at 11:08 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night bed around 9pm coz early shift. I switched to sofa for better recall at 11 pm.

      I'm on a shore of an ocean. Can't see the water well, because it's at night. Standing on some walkway few feet above the sand, looking down. Me and others from my group of safety guards/lifeguards are looking for some coins/tokens and other things that someone left in many places on the beach. They have some significance. I open my hand and show others what we are looking for. I see some coins on the sand but when I zoom my vision in, it's just an american quarter. I find this a productive task.

      Change of scenery
      I'm walking on a sidewalk with a chainlink fence on my left side that has branches of a bush growing on it. I spot a huge tank on the grassy lawn behind the fence. I quickly duck, but it's too late. They saw me and a skinny, long cannon on this rust-red, 2 story high tank which is long and wide as 4 normal tanks, starts turning towards me. It looks like a tank from star wars.

      I stay hunched over and I ran alongside this fence. I stop in the middle, where I see another military vehicle, that is like made of some see-through plastic. Somebody catches up with me and in effort to see over the fence, he kinda pulls it down a bit. I fall down on my back because the enemy saw me and eagle like tallons couple of feet long are grabbing at my legs. Someone either lobbs a granade at it or something similar, but I'm able to pull away.
    4. Chased; Factory

      , 09-21-2016 at 11:54 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night, late bed at 10:20 pm because long afternoon nap. Getting up at 3:25am


      I have a puppy or a mouse. We are being chased through the town at night by a guy on a escavator. I can hear it's sound raring as it's coming closer. We are running through the streets, making turns, looking for opened doors or shortcuts to get to next street.


      Me and my brother, we get to some factory. I look up at the classic very tall factory chimney. It has metal rungs that start little higher up. I ask him if we really have to go to the very top while I know that we have to. A man inside knockes my brother out by putting some chemical in his nose. I know I don't have smelling salts to waking up, so I scoop these sleep crystals out of his nose and he wakes up.


      I'm at work. I see that me and one other person are assigned to Isle 9 (NEIN, haha). We can get free potatoes.
      Tags: chased, work
    5. TOTM - Create Fire and Ice; Ask for a Dream Guide

      , 03-17-2016 at 04:09 PM (Turquoise Dreams)

      Day shifts

      Last night bed 11pm -7:41

      I woke up from a DILD and a DEILD at 7:41

      I'm looking at list of dreamviews members on a screen. I see my name scroll by few times and bunch of other names when I realize I'm dreaming. I'm in a bed so I get to a small opened window and jump out.

      I end up on a busy city square with people hurrying all around me. I remember the Advanced TOTM, look up at gray skies and yell out "Dream, I am ready for my dream god". "Not god, gooood", "Nooo, I wanna say guide". But it still sounds like a God.

      A young man is coming towards me, waving. I look behind me and it's clear he is waving to a woman coming towards him from behind me.

      I'm starting to lose vision and all I see now is gray. I'm back in the same bed as I woke up in before. I know I'm still asleep and I tell myself I'll just wait here till I'm lucid again. There is 2 cats on the bed with me and I decide to do front and back flips while I wait.

      I realize I'm lucid again, walk up to the window but this time it's closed. So I get out through the door.

      I'm on a different street, this time in my hometime in front of a home depot type of a store that sits in a pedestrian zone. I decide to stabilize so I try to feel the ground with my feet. Then I lay down and crawl on the ground feeling for different textures. A woman comes to me, bends down and asks me if I'm ok. I say sure I'm ok, no worries. Then she says she is a psychiatrist and if I need help, she can help me.

      Now I'm in a room with few other people. I remember the Fire and Ice Bonus TOTM.

      I pick up 2 globs of brownies in my hands. I look at my left hand intensly and I keep saying "fire buuuurns". "It buuurs, it's yellow". The cookie is starting to liquify but it's still brown, and not a fire. Plus I'm getting some images of old brownish/yellowish photographs. So this won't work.

      I stand up on some piece of furniture and decide to try the Guide Advanced TOTM again. The other people in the room are also LDers and the know what I'm doing.

      I look up again and say "Dream, I'm ready for my dream guide". After a moment a guy in his 40's, short, a bit chubby, dressed in track suit with top opened and his chest hair and gold necklace showing. I silently shake my head "Nopenopenope".
      Tags: totm
    6. DILD Imminent

      , 03-12-2015 at 05:18 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
    7. End of the world

      , 07-17-2014 at 01:10 PM (Turquoise Dreams)

      Last night bed 12:28

      Woke up with dreams all these dreams at 4:43 am

      Retold the older ones when I woke up inbetween.

      LAST DR:

      End of the world attacks.

      I'm in the future. Some place at the port and docs, in some commercial builidng. I suddenly get a view from distance. I see the port, with some 4 tall chimneys in the background, as they are suddenly blown up by terrorists. Dark smoke is rising from them, as the explosion deep down below produces the smoke, which escapes from the top of them just before they crumble.

      I get an image of Times Square, as it's being covered in plumes of smoke from another explosions. I feel rumbling of the ground, as buildings at the Financial center in NY are crubling to the ground.

      I look out the window and see a huge fireball cloaked in smoke rising not so far away. It's huge and I expect to see mushroom cloud. But it's just not a nuclear explosion.

      I'm calling my mom, who I think is shopping in the builidng I'm looking at, which had the 4 tall chimneys further away behind it. I get her on the phone and I'm asking her where she is. But she starts talking about something else, as usually. I really don't want to tell her what is going on, but I know I have to so she start paying attention. I tell her that the whole world is being attacked, and I'm going to get her and take her to safety. To tell me where she is and not move from there.

      ***From here on, I feel like the dream is listening to my wishes, because everything happens as I wish it to be. Not the main story or, but the small details that matter.***

      Now I see this as if from third person view, and the people I'm watching are not me and my mom.

      So this lady is at her office, on the phone with her son (which was me just a moment ago in first person view). She is told to wait where she stands, her son is coming to get her. She is standing in the hallway, but the elevator door. The door opens and I wish her son was there. As the door opens completely, her son stands there and he pulls her to the elevator.

      He is telling her how he ammased huge amount of survival food and equipment and they are going to some island where they are going to live in safety. They are going down with the elevator, and I'm (they are) watching scenes happening some other place.

      There is someone else who went to save and take to then their son. I see this person holding young man by elbov and directing which way they are going. I'm with them now. We are enterin a hallway of an office building we need to go through to reach the stairs or something else. This guys has a handgun, and so do I. He doesn't really notice me, and I'm not really there, but he knows I'm there to help him get to safety.

      As we are fast but very cautiously making our way down the corridor, we have to walk by many "people". I realize these are the robots of the invading army of aliens. There is a big spider like robot and another humanoid type robot.

      Thene there are android type robots with white hair, facial features and black body. We have to appear non-threataning to them, so we know we can't touch them or start shooting. We start walking and talking like them to blend in, which is kinda like a robot talk and walk.

      The person that we are doing this for is very rich and that's how he was able to buy all the survival gear, including materials for houses, food and everything that will last for decades or even forever.

      Now we are all outside, at a long table. There is food there, like bread and cheese. We are eating together with some strangers, because we need our strength before we go to escape. There is a man, who wants to join us eating, but he is a stranger and doesn't know if we kick him out. I fix him a plate.

      Running out of a builidng at night, with raincoat over my head and shoulers. Pouring rain, going from House of Culture down the hill, towards the clinic to the pharmacy night service for some pain killers.

      Baby bunnies and hamsters in grass, under some boxes. I'm feeding them carrots and lettuce.

      BTB 5:11 am
    8. Day 2 of Yoga Nidra

      , 07-08-2013 at 07:20 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      7/7/13 Sunday

      last night bed 12:30am

      DR 5:10am - amuzement park for fighters, I'm walking, throwing and dodging explosive screws. They are like few screws mounted together and they act like a grenade.

      Day 2 of Yoga Nidra
      Wanted to continute with my CD today, but my acquitance came over and I had to clean instead of doing that. Yeah, not fun.
    9. Day 1 of Yoga Nidra

      , 07-06-2013 at 07:02 PM (Turquoise Dreams)

      Last night bed 12:30am - 5;55am

      Tried to WILD around 9, but I had to get up.

      Then layed down again on sofa and listened to the Introduction and first track Survey of the Body. It's a guided simple breathing with goal of taking me to the quiet place. There is also 10 min silence and after that you are quickly guided back.

      I actually fell asleep very quickly, while fully consious. I only knew I'm asleep from the way how I hear my breathing. It didn't hear it through my ears anymore, but from within me. But every other sound, like traffic, was coming in loud and clear.

      I have experienced this before when WILDing. It's not a deep sleep yet, just the first stages. Yoga Nidra is about allowing me to fall asleep fast into the very deep stage of sleep with Delta waves (NREM), while staying fully consious. Like WILDing takes me into REM while consious.

      There is 3 more tracks on the CD.

      1. Introduction
      2. Survey of the body
      3. 61-point relaxation
      4. Ascending breath
      5. Yoga Nidra

      I also bought a track for 30 min meditation.
      Tags: yoga nidra
    10. Side Notes

      , 05-11-2013 at 04:28 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Saturday, 5/11/13

      Yesterday, I had a huge revelation. I realized, that what I have been suspecting for a long time, is true.

      Dreams, lucid dreams and astral projections are all happening in the same "place". Astral plane. The only difference is the level of awareness and way of entering.

      Astral plane is not a place pre se, it's a mental state, level of awareness and focus.

      This explains some of my WILD experiences. The 'snapping back' to my body, the feel that I'm on bungy cord, being pulled back, before having chance to get some distance from my body. The feeling of me being in my real room.

      The images and sounds during transition.
    11. 3 nap attempts

      , 03-25-2013 at 03:27 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      3/23/13 Saturday

      First attempt at morning nap - got some cool sensations of heaviness, but got up because of damn hunger.

      Second attempt - kept falling asleep without lucidity. So I just got up.

      Third attempt - fell asleep.
    12. summoning my aura for healing

      , 03-03-2012 at 07:57 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      2/2/2012 GM 4mg + Choline at 5:55am
      WBTB 5:40 - 6:20am
      I had the intent to have a healing dream, or go to a healing place, or self-heal my aura.
      WILD #11
      I'm on a street next to a bombed out building in a war zone. I ran into a building and start running up the stairs, as I'm being chased. At the same time I start to recite the mantra to summon my aura. My eyes get covered by my hand. I can only see underneath my palm and some slivers of light through my fingers. I end up in a brightly lit room. I look around and I'm very surprised, that I don't see my aura. I'm worried my dream will end, so I quickly wish to be taken to a healing place. I find myself at the hospital reception and a nurse welcomes me.
    13. 4 WILDs

      , 03-03-2012 at 07:50 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Saturday 1/21/12

      WBTB 8:10 - 8:30 am, GM4mg+Choline300mgs 8:27am

      I have HH about standing next to window in kitchen in NZ. My dad stands next to me. We are looking at the street. I see neighbours house, trees in his yard. I ask my dad how long it has been raining, because there are not just puddles on the street, but there are water plants growing in them. Skies are beautifull dark, everything is briliantly colored and clean from rain. Then I see a deer on the street and I ask my dad 'is that a deer'. Then we are looking out the bedroom window. It had stopped raining, sun is out and everything is crisp and clean. I see the little park, path to the river and tennis courts to the right. I wish myself there by saying 'I ...am....there'. And I feel being moved and now I'm hovering higher than trees. I look at my hands, they look completely normal and I wake up.
      Again, I have HH standing by the window in living room in NZ. I see a UFO that's made out of clouds coming from the direction of tennis courts. It is laud like an airplane and flys over the house. I yell 'UFO, to the bedroom window' while running there. I look out and the UFO is taking off higher into the clouds. As I follow it with my eyes, I see the big, pale moon in shape of Antarctica. I say 'I...am...there' and I start moving towards the moon. I also wish to experience my higher self and thinking of my body wakes me up.
      I see some HH and I wish to be there. I land in middle of the street of hillside residential community. Houses are typical SoCal, nice teracotta colors, front yards with lawns and bunch of flowers, white picket fences. I look to my left in the direction of the street and in the distance is a mountain range. The tallest mountain is half bare rock, half evergreens. I see it in such an incredible detail, much more clear and detailed than waking life. There must be an airport nearby, because i see huge airliners banking above the street. It's so gorgeous.
      I watch old fashioned TV and there is an astronaut in a single person rocket that's lifting off. I wish to be there and in an instant I'm the astronaut. Unfortunatelly, I wake up.
      Last dream of the night -
      my mom is changing bandages on head of my classmate RB. She says, she'll change mine next.
    14. WILD to my higher self

      , 03-03-2012 at 07:47 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Thursday, 1/19/12
      WBTB 9am-9:15am
      WILD and long dream after WBTB, before 11am.
      I keep saying ‚Awareness' and 'now I experience my higher self'. I ask healing energy of the universe to heal me.
      I have headrush, going down, I keep saying 'to my higher self', when flight changes direction to upwards. It's a beautifull sunny day, I still fly up by buildings, don't want to enter, so avoid them in flight automatically. Land on a very long slope. Sunny, bright, crisp, vivid. Under the slope is some town, on top is a tennis court with some players. I ask either for higher self or healing, but I wake up.
    15. Frag and cool experience during nap

      , 12-29-2011 at 03:31 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Monday, 12/26/2011
      Something about mall and competition.

      (Lately I'm noticing, tons of my dreams are about competition. I don't understand why)

      Tuesday, 12/27/2011
      took a nap around 5pm.

      IWL - I spent a day reading Karen's posts about OBEs
      DR- I'm sleeping on sofa and I get the vibrations, I will my body to lift up and it does. Feet first, then rest. I stand up gently next to the sofa.

      IWL - after waking up, I feel the familiar feeling of headrush (fast flight through field of stars like at warp speed, headfirst) in back of my head. Something must have happend, it possibly wasn't just a dream.

      Newertheless, cool feeling from the whole thing.
      Tags: headrush, nap
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