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    1. February TOTM and TOTY

      , 02-10-2017 at 04:39 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night bed 9:46pm
      GPC - 3:30 am - went back to sleep, didnt fall asleep till after 4am
      GM - 5:06 am
      sofa - 5:23 am - fell asleep shortly after 6am
      woke up 7:45 after last part of a dream was non-lucid

      Estimate - about 45 min long lucid
      No transitions at all. No realizing that I'm still dreaming and standing up. Just one long event.

      After GPC

      DREAM 1
      I'm falling asleep in a dream, telling someone "shhh" when I start to transition. Then I have to "shhh" my mom. I'm mad, how come they don't understand not to talk to me when I'm WILDing, since I told them about it so many times.

      But I pull off the transition, tilting my head and body back to invoke the falling down sensation that helps my transition. I feel my body being lifted out and moved around and I falsely remember "just like that member described on DV".

      DREAM 2
      A perv walks into my house and grabs me from behind. I squirm but he is not letting go. I'm starting to be scared that he is up to more.

      Interesting thing is, that I can clearly feel his touch. Very realistic.

      DREAM 3
      A group of female activists from some organization are at my house about to call Hillary on the phone. I'm looking at one woman's name badge and I note how fast they were able to make badges with all the hashtag names since I just saw them on twitter that day.

      LUCIDS after GM

      I'm on a busy road, at night. I remember the car TOTY so I raise my hand in effort to stop a huge truck that's approaching me. It's black and silver and I realize he is too close to stop on time. I duck and decide to let him pass over me and to experience how that feels. I didn't regret it, but I got kinda scared with that big, loud and longer than should be truck rolling over my head.

      After that, I picked out another car. I opened the hood and ripped the engine right out. I didn't expect any trouble doing it and so it was very easy to just do it. I lifted the car up and ripped the tire off, one by one. I remember thinking if I got it right, if the wheels should stay and only tires should be removed.

      I sat the car back down and I see to my left that a beautiful, shiny blue Formula 1 car just stopped next to us. I was kinda blocking couple lanes of the freeway, haha. I considered ditching the task and do it some other time and take the Formula instead for a joy ride.

      I decide to get into my car and just as I imagined, there were no keys. Looked in my right pants pocket, but no keys. I tried to make engine sounds in hope that it will make the car go, but no.

      TOTM - Book of Secrets

      Later on while running around doing all kinds of stuff, I remembered the book TOTM. I start looking through drawers and cabinets. They are all full of cool stuff. Collections of rocks, all kinds of hardly identifiable things. I'm looking on the streets in campers, in houses, in many rooms. I finally start finding books. Looking at many covers, none come even close to saying "Secrets". For a while I amuse myself by reading, looking away and seeing how it changed. I'm even trying to will the title to change to secret. I try to write it on it with my finger too, but nothing works.

      I'm exploring this house. Opening the doors and checking out the rooms. Nothing interesting. Everything is white and chrome colored. I find one room that looks like a bathroom. For some reason I like dream bathrooms, or rather, showers. I step inside while still holding the door. I don't want the door to shut and me getting stuck in there.

      The more I look the bigger the bathtub - swimming pool in the bottom of the room gets. When I look third time, it's a size of a small lake, but it's empty. Looks like it's smooth, concrete sides have a bottom that's filled with desert rocks and sand and some small, dry bushes.

      I see a light from a camp fire in the distance. I'm hoping there is someone who who would wanna get it on with me so I hover glide there. Not sure if we do it, I think we do.

      After that, or before, not sure, I'm in a large, modern sex shop. All the tools are behind glass with lots of attendants ready to help you. There are some almost nude guys ready to help you pick your size, haha.

      Ended up having tons of sex, good 20 min of it. I suspect the end was already not lucid, or just barely.
    2. wild nap

      , 07-08-2014 at 01:49 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      7/7/14 Monday

      Day off, so went for a WILD morning nap.

      Last night bed 10 pm after marathon of Walking Dead ended. Woke up at 7:47am. WBTB till 9am. Breakfast, but no coffee.

      WILDing from 9am - 9:55, when i got up to potty, as I normally do. By then I was already completely relaxed and on the verge of a lucid. I felt my head falling forward and I knew that's a signal of incoming lucid. I also felt top back part of head getting a bit cold, which is also a sign of a transition.

      So when I went back on sofa after potty, I was super relaxed and got lucid almost immediatelly. I was falling asleep thinking of TOTM - eating junk food, taking an elevator and doing something fun with another member.


      Well ofc, I wanted to LD with OpheliaBlue so badly, so I was thinking of her. Very first place I end up in is a room with a counter and 2 girls standing behind it. I focus on the one on the left, because I know it's Ophelia. Same haircut, same face. I have no doubts. Suddenly I don't know what to do. I figure a handshake will confirm that she is really there, so I lean over and we shake hands. I'm happy, can't believe it's really happening. Dream fades away here.

      Till I wake up 2 hrs later, I'm going in and out of lucids. Before, when I was WILDing like this, I had clear transitions, so I was able to count all the DEILDs and was aware of every transition.

      But this is about 3. time, when it's just one long event. Sometimes I remember some transitions, but they are not vell defined.

      This time I remember thinking "well, I'm not gonna wait for another dream, what if I just stand up now, before dream comes." And I stood up and was in a dream. I also counted fingers. I'm having this "let's not wait, I'm in a dream already" feeling more often lately, and I like it.


      Now I'm walking through a street fair. Place between the stalls is very narrow, barely wide enough for 2 people to pass. It's either underground, or there is a roof, and no windows. It's a common occurence for me. Having buildings without windows, or feel of being underground.

      I remember the TOTM to eat something. I grab a corn chip from one of the stalls. They are just laying there in a wide and shallow basket, to be sampled. Taste is ok, but it's not crunchy anymore. I don't even finish that one chip. Next stall has some ham. Looks kinda like jerky, but not that dried. It's wraped, like banknotes are in the bank. I take one piece of ham from the one that's still wrapped. It tastes just like ham should. Nice and salty. This makes ham my most eaten food in a lucid. Dunno why, it's not my most favorite food.

      I feel the urgency of other things to do so I wonder off. Dream fades.

      I'm walking through yet another building. Normally i would be jumping out of first window, or clawing through the walls to get out of the building. But last time I think I got over this problem and consiously decided, that buildings and doors are ok and fun, and I should explore, instead of being scared.

      So I'm opening doors, all optimistic, with smile on my face, decided that whatever is behind it, will by ok and fun and cool. Open the door into a smallish room, but the far end corners are in dark. it's all gloomy and I decide that this is not the best room to get over my fear of rooms. Thank god I have enough of whatever to back out.

      Next place, I'm walking to another room from a hallway and I see something like airport or subway gates. Those things, where you wait in line to get through the security check, or where you put in the token and small gates swing open and let you in.

      Someone is there right now and the machine dispenses a hoverboard. The person hops on it and they take off. I think that's something I could do. I know I'm in the future and I don't know how to operate this thing, but I'm eager to try it, no matter what. I walk up and I get a howerboard in shape of a smaller surfboard. I sit on it with my feet dangling and it takes off. It's white, with a red and green buttons, and something yellow, also some text.

      So we take off slowly with a low hum of an electric engine. We turn left, and at the end of the lit tunnel is some kind of a gate. It's opened, and I think it's more of a marker, than a gate. Like "you can go fast from here". I wonder how to go faster, so I push the green button. The hoverboard starts to inflate more and I realize that's how yo control the speed.

      Behind the end of the tunnel, I'm higher up over some more rooms.

      I'm standing in the room. It has lots of high cabinets, color is gray, metal. There are some huge glass containers, with some human experiments in them. i'm not liking it, but not scared either.

      Lots of walking through buildings.

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    3. Naked TOTM; OpheliaBlue in bed

      , 07-03-2014 at 07:28 PM (Turquoise Dreams)

      Last night bed 1:30am, same as night before. Got up at 6:40am.

      WBTB 6:40 - 8am. Got up from WILD nap at 10am.

      I knew nap is going to be a good one. Got relaxed in matter of minutes. Cats were asleep and I was at the gates of a LD. Then my cat jumped on me and layed on me for a few minutes. I didn't let that bother me one bit. I was incredibly excited and played out scenarios I would like to dream about. So many cool ones.

      Not sure how I got lucid, if WILD or DILD.

      I'm in a place with some people. I look down and I'm in underwear and a bra. I quickly pull off the undies, while saying sorry to those around and telling them that I'm on a mission.

      Next I'm in a long hallway. It's rather narrow, like maybe on a ship. But we are not on a ship. Doors made out of shiny lighter colored wood are lining the hall on both sides.

      I decide to go door by door and find someone, so I can undress. First door has a female in. I realize this is doctors offices and doors have patients behind them waiting for the doctor. I quickly close the door.

      Next door has 2 skinny people with body piercings. I can't tell if male or female. I'm hoping at least one is male. Not sure why I'm thinking I should undress only in front of males.

      Another door has a person with blond hair, sitting in a chair facing away from me. I say hi in hope it will turn around and I can see if male or female.

      Next door has a freaky huge machine in it, which I recognize as Iron lungs. I quickly close the door.

      Next is an x-ray room, or some lab, with lots of females in white coat. I don't find this room suitable either.

      Finally, there is a lonely male leaning against a door. I ask him to help me take my bra off. He is doing it with one hand and I praise him for being a pro. Dream cutts off here.

      Dream ended and restarted many times. I remember lots of transitions.
      1. Just a regular restart
      2. I'm rolling out, fall on my knees and I'm thinking I'm actually awake. But have 8 fingers on one hand.
      3. Pushing head backwards to get the falling feeling
      When I stop pushing, I come back to the bed, so I make it a swinging sensation. Push down, come back up and higher. Untill I was standing on the bed and just stepped off. This one I did at least 2-3 times.

      Next dream - I don't think I'm lucid here, because the whole time I'm desperately trying to WILD.

      I'm in a large, L-shaped room. She is in the other part of the room in a bed with white sheets. I think a medic is treating her, because at one point she says with pain in her voice "damn, that stings". But that's the only complaint I hear from her.

      When that person leaves, I come closer and ask if I can help. Make some food or anything else. But she declines every offer I make. Nothing new, I expected that. Makes me feel sad though, that she won't accept help even from me.

      So I sit on a chair next to the bed and trying to figure out how to at least hold her hand without her rejecting it or making it look like some mushy move. All I really want is to transfer some healing energy to her and make her more comfortable.

      She says something about her kidneys giving her hell.

      She gets up and tries to do some chores. I trail her while desperately trying to WILD so I can treat her aura in a lucid. I'm pushing my head back while walking. I feel like I'm WILDing a few times, but those are all fake, not real lucids.

      Now I see through the window that we are in LA. For a second I'm happy that she lives here but then i remember that she is only visiting. I have a few suveniers from my visits in LA and I'm rummiging through them picking out the one I want to give her. But I know she wont like them, so I stop doing that.

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