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    Turquoise Dreams

    1. LD#12 / OBE experiment

      , 01-04-2012 at 08:42 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Tuesday, Jan.3, 2012 Bed 1:30am GM+choline 5:49am

      I set up an experiment in case I have an LD/OBE in my room.

      The Experiment:
      I wrote 10 individual capital letters on small, 1x1 inch squares of paper.
      New to this but have some questions-c.jpg
      Without looking at them, I shuffled them and picked one of them out. I placed this one on top of the cabinet in the kitchen. I had to use a little footstool to reach, even then I just barely reached. Rest of them were put away, so I canít see them even by accident. My plan was in an LD/OBE to fly up there and look what letter it is and then confirm in the morning.

      Woke up at 5:49 after a dream and took GM4mg +300mg choline.

      Iím in a house with my friend K and her 2 kids. Itís about 10 am and Iím about to take a nap to LD. K tells me, not to sleep too long, because J will have some recital/show in her school and we are going to attend.

      I wake up and immediately fly out the window. Before I get too far I remember, that I wanted to check the top of the cabinet. I come back, kids want to let me in through an opened window but itís too small so I have them open a balcony door.

      Now this following part is not too clear to me as in order of events, because there were 2 FAs in between.

      I ask a guy in the kitchen, I think he is a fireman, to get me the paper off the cabinet. He hands me the paper and says here you go. I look at it and itís a small piece of paper, maybe 5x3 inches and has some math problems on it. It resembles a test we used to take in grade school.

      I search among the text for a letter, that would be different. There is a stamped ďUĒ in light blue ink, with serif. I write only sans-serif. Rest of the text is handwritten.
      New to this but have some questions-%3Bu%3B.jpg

      The paper doesn't seem right and I realize it's FA. I decide to check again. I pull up a footstool and look on top of the cabinet. There is more papers just like the one the fireman showed me. There is also some chocolate and a plastic bag with stuff I canít see. I look for my paper but I donít see it. So I look at another math paper and again I look for something different. There is a handwritten letter that looks like this:
      New to this but have some questions-ld.jpg

      I read it as U.

      I have another FA.
      Iím flying outside again and land on a top of tall building, that continues as a street. There is a bad guy on lower level. Iím holding a bunch of tree branches so I break some off and throw it at him as grenades. I aim another branch at another guy and shoot it as a rifle. I fly away. Iím trying to get to the orbit to look at Earth. But I donít stop in time and I overshot the orbit. I look around but donít see the Earth or the moon.

      Iím back on the streets and the town is getting cartoonish.

      I wake up IWL and go look at the paper. I'm disappointed, because I read it as C. But as I put it down on the counter, it turnes and I realize, it also could be an U.
      New to this but have some questions-u.jpg

      I didnít have fast reaction as last time. Barely any images and I though maybe the GM in capsule was not 4mg, or something went wrong. I got very weak vibrations 3-4 times, but nothing materialized from it. I got a fairly weak headrush 2 times, and thatís how I entered a dream. One time I was able to change direction while in acceleration and even levitate up twice, but each time I very gently came back down. Towards the end, I saw movie of some people in a house, but I think one just got murdered so I was not eager to enter that one for sure. Both FAs I RCd finger/palm.

      I'll put another piece of paper to the top of the cabinet so it's ready for my next LD.
      Tags: experiment, fas