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    Turquoise Dreams

    1. Star wars ooh yeah

      , 12-02-2016 at 11:08 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night bed around 9pm coz early shift. I switched to sofa for better recall at 11 pm.

      I'm on a shore of an ocean. Can't see the water well, because it's at night. Standing on some walkway few feet above the sand, looking down. Me and others from my group of safety guards/lifeguards are looking for some coins/tokens and other things that someone left in many places on the beach. They have some significance. I open my hand and show others what we are looking for. I see some coins on the sand but when I zoom my vision in, it's just an american quarter. I find this a productive task.

      Change of scenery
      I'm walking on a sidewalk with a chainlink fence on my left side that has branches of a bush growing on it. I spot a huge tank on the grassy lawn behind the fence. I quickly duck, but it's too late. They saw me and a skinny, long cannon on this rust-red, 2 story high tank which is long and wide as 4 normal tanks, starts turning towards me. It looks like a tank from star wars.

      I stay hunched over and I ran alongside this fence. I stop in the middle, where I see another military vehicle, that is like made of some see-through plastic. Somebody catches up with me and in effort to see over the fence, he kinda pulls it down a bit. I fall down on my back because the enemy saw me and eagle like tallons couple of feet long are grabbing at my legs. Someone either lobbs a granade at it or something similar, but I'm able to pull away.
    2. Invasion; Chile

      , 06-11-2016 at 01:38 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      I was just thinking yesterday why am I not having cool dreams like I used to.

      Last night:
      I was in South Amerika, I think Chile. We are looking at some monitor that's showing different beaches in Chile. We are picking a beach for a vacation. Someone says that when there is a heatwave in Mexico, it's also hot down in Chile.

      Few days before:
      It's night. We are running through some landscapa that is just dirt with occasional bush. It looks like lots of people went there, dirt is all roughed up. Someone is attacking in the distance from above. I see a hole in the ground. We go in. A huge rock blocks the entrance after we get in. We walk through some tunnels dug in the soil, it's pretty well lit with yellow light from unknown source. I have a feeling it's headqarters of resistance against alien invasion.
    3. Enemy?

      , 01-30-2016 at 12:57 PM (Turquoise Dreams)

      Last night bed at 11:30pm - 3:30am. Had a day off but working my second job.

      I am with another person in a long room on the second story. I'm looking down at a structure to my left.

      It's a structure with 3 buildings that is built into the side of a mountain. Mountain on the top is flat and it's an airport and these 3 buildings are hotels. They are build very crudely, just bare huge building blocks. They each have a name on the top.

      I am thinking if the airport is secure from attacs and if it is, if these hotels are vulnerable. If someone would attack the airport, they would probably start at these hotels.

      Across the place where I am at, I'm looking at a column of people coming from left. They are all man, dressed in drab, with some kind of a military type of a rain poncho on them. They all have weapons and a mask on their face. I'm looking at this huge muscular black dude and his facemask is makeshift piece of military green cardboard covering his mouth and nose, leaving his eyes free.

      They are walking slowly and nonthreteningly, but they seem manacing to me. They just don't want to panick us.

      Two of them come up to the room. Me and my friends are laying down away from the window, our automatic weapons next to us. I'm thinking we made a mistake and shoud have hid them. They are not saying anything, but I know we are in danger. I mouth to my friend to look at the banner they put up. It has swastika on it and some writing. Now I know for sure they are not on our side.

      We find a box with some old weapon and my friend wants to toss it. I look at it and the sniper rifle in it is kinda of warped for being old, but I say we keep it. Caliber is etched in the weapon. It reads .38.
      Tags: fighter, weapons
    4. World falling apart; Gataway; Supply run

      , 02-21-2014 at 02:13 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      2.21.14 Friday

      Last night, bed 11:30 -4:47am

      All 3 dreams remembered in the morning, with some of them memorized maybe an hor before awakening last time.

      DR 1: World falling apart
      I'm walking with a friend of mine on a walkway, that looks like one from "Thor" movie. The one that leads to the teleportation machine. It's made of energy tiles, that have all different colors, and they change as you walk on them.

      The world is falling apart, and this walkway has became available to few. Someone points to the right and says: "Look, New York is already torn away". I look and chunk of earth with NY on it is halfay up to the skies.

      We are thinking that the walkway will fall apart and not let us finish going to the next world, that will be safe. It's falling apart in front of us, and it's coming towards us. But it stops just before us. In fact, it becomes more solid. I realize that I don't have to walk, just hold on to, and it will pull me. I just have to brace and my feet will slide forward by themselves.

      DR 2: Gateway
      I'm a soldier. We are in a sandy area. Looking towards a black hole of 3 feet in diameter, that is in a sand hill. Inside of a hole is pitch black. Sometimes we can see lights and we realize those are cities and cars at night. I think we can use it to get there from this place. It's like a teleportation device.

      We also expect enemy from there. But not from the cities with cars. So a friend of mine lays down in a way, so he can see the opening, in case enemy comes through. And here they come. I walk fast among fallen soldiers on my side to look for ammo or functioning weapon. I see many fallen soldiers and a few live ones. There are handguns, revolvers, and one Maxim machine gun. But I think we are all out of amm. I bring a flashlight back and shine it into the opening from time to time, so they can't sneak up on us.

      DR 3: Supply run
      I'm in frozen world. It's so cold, that it can kill you. We can go out only when it warms us. We are all dressed up as in arctic environment. There is a small hut we go to to get supplies. We ahve no idea how soon will the freeze start again, but then I see large numbers sitting in the snow, that are counting down from 177. I tell my friend, that we have 177 seconds before the freeze. So we hurry and fill the sled with food supplies, so we have enough before we can go on another food run again.

      Wow, 3 alien world feeling dreams in one night. What did I do to deserve it? makes no sence. I was quite upset last night. Anyway, thank you.
    5. Resistance fighter

      , 02-18-2014 at 07:07 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      2.18.14 Tuesday

      Last night, bed shortly after 11pm - 9:45am

      11pm seems to be my magic hour for good recall.

      DR 9:45am

      I'm with a large group of people. Something is going on. Revolution or something similar. I'm looking for some ammo. I'm finding lego pieces, but no ammo. I know I have some BB pelets somewhere, and right now, I would be happy with them, if no real ammo.

      I'm walking on a street, side by side with another person, and crowds are walking behind us. There is a guy coming towards us. He doesn't look threatening, bu we just don't know. Just to be sure, I raise my pistol so he knows that I'm vigilant and he better don't pull any crap.

      I'm in a small room. Old men is on the bed. This other person I came with is talking to him, and I scoot closer as well. He seems to be the old leader of the group that we are leaders of now. He seems to be very nice, kind and benevolent.
    6. Epic recall and dreams

      , 02-06-2014 at 06:04 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      2.06.14 Thursday

      Last night bed 11pm - 8am

      The magic hour 11pm came through huge, with some best recall in ages and epic dreams. Also, meditated second time in a day 1 of Anapana Sati (breathing awareness), for 15 min, 10:45-11pm, just before bed.

      DR 1:
      I'm on top of a not so gently sloping hill, covered in grass. Sun is setting. We were doing something, now, people are walking/running down the hill and I want to shock them with me flying down head first. I look at them sideways if they can see me.

      DR 2: 3:30am
      I going with my mom to the hospital where she used to work. She is going to ask, if they need her help. I'm sitting in the waiting room, but she is not coming out. There are other patients in beds nearby. A man comes out playing harmonica. I figure he is a doctor.

      I'm sitting on right side of a blood drawing tray. Another doctor in lab coat is asking me my name. I tell him I'm Kate's daugter. They know me, since I used to visit my mom ther while she worked there (IWL as well).

      I get a funny feeling and I ask a nurse about my mom. She says they took her.

      Me and two others steal long knives, and hide them in sleves. We are walking down a long escalator, towards a security station on the bottom. I don't know how, but we get through without beeping. A female security guard comes out after us and now we know, we have an ally in there. She drops a button on the ground and I pick it up. It's a microfilm evidence how the hospital "took" secretary of "something", same as my mom, and many others.

      DR 3: 6am
      I'm back at the same place from dream before. Only now I'm not alone. There is bunch of people with me and we are storming the place, to liberate all the patients that are held there against their will.

      I'm throwing vases and ashtrays at people in the waiting room so they leave, because there is gonna be a firefight and I didn't want them to get hurt. A young black boy throws down from this balcony 3 bracelets. I go down, pick them up and put 2 of them on. He wants them back, but I'm just laughing.

      I'm running with a girl in a tow, holding her hand. I peek out from behind a corner and see a shadow of a guy with heat seeking missile. I wait for it, then we ran opposit direction, hiding behind the corner. He shoots one more time, but we make it to safety.

      I'm hiding in a small alcove in a wall. One of the bad guy's leaders slides into my view on his knees. I take aim and shoot. I hear my machine gun turn on empty twice. I'm out of ammo. Another bad guy comes from behind the corner and I'm taken captive.

      Now I'm laying on the floor, face down, my elbows tucked under me. This rooms seems to be after the fight, where we all gathered to regroup and recoup. Doctor is kneeling next to me. Pulling right arm out to check on it. It's ok. Now the left arm, but this one is not moving. I say maybe the muscles had locked. So he gives me 2 shots in my right shoulder. Somebody comes to talk to me and I realize I'm their leader. Doc treats some wounds I have on left shoulder.

      DR4: 8am
      I'm waiting for a bus with kate and her kids. Bus comes, she gets on, the door closes, and I'm struggling to open the door with 2 bags in my hand. So I get pissed at her not holding the door open and i stay behind. Then I look at the bags and they are both hers. Crap. Now I have to take the bags to her. I check if her phone is there, but it's not. Good, so I can call her to tell her when I'm bringing her bags.

      Now for good 10 min, I'm trying to punch in her numbers. This is crazy and so frustrating. In order to get to each individual right numeral, I need to scroll through what seems like dozens of characters. I'm going out of my mind. I'm sitting inside, then I move outside, but there is a busy street with tour buses going by and bunch of people talking, including a group of foreigners sitting at a large table.

      I see a small white fluffy dog wondering around. Seems like his leash is broken, but when I get closer, I see that he is on a very long leash that winds all over the place. So i let him be.

      I just walked to the top of a tall, rocky mountain. Like in Himalayas. Sharp peak, all snowy. We are inside of a glass lookout place. I look out, and there is a walkway around the mountain, with a simple guard rail. The wind is howling, we can hear it all the way inside. The snow is coming down like crazy, being whipped by strong winds. It's -110 degrees.

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    7. Laser sight rifle

      , 11-25-2013 at 10:51 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Sunday 11.24.13

      Last night, bed around midnight. 3rd night in a row meditating on bed before sleep. 3rd night nice, interesting dreams.

      Going through a futuristic building with my futuristic rifle. It has a small screen, laser sights, and a few control buttons. I'm leading a group of people out of there.

      I take up a position behind some concrete blocks, with my back to the wall. I take an aim at the distant door on top of short stairwell. We are expecting the enemy. The door opens and enemy soldiers in black, shiny uniforms walk cautiously inside. I see my gree laser dot and stream is on them, but my rifle had shot down. I fumble with the controls to turn it back on.
      Tags: enemy, fighter, rifle
    8. Fight with aliens

      , 07-12-2013 at 08:17 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Friday 7/12/13

      Last night bed 9pm -

      DR1 - 11:55 pm - Something about a train ride.

      DR2 - 11:55 pm - I'm in a facility. Squatting at an opening in a wall, poking aliens, so they don't climb inside. I go look for some weapons. Come into this very large room, full of shelves with rifles, ammo, shoulder fired granade launchers. I tell the guy "hey, we are fighting aliens, could you give me a nice rifle?". I ask for Kalashnikov. He doesn't have any. So i ask for M16, or any high powered, fast shooting one. He says he has ??? in a room 200 feet under ground. He want's me to go with him to get it. I'm like "have you not seen any aline invasion movies? YOu don't go underground. Maybe that's where they are coming from." But he insist and he leaves.

      I envision a large cart or two, full of granades. How that would stop them from coming through that hole very nicely. I start opening cabinets, but don't see granades. There are bazookas, but I can't use them on short distance.

      I get out of there to fight some more. When I come back, the place has been compromised. Someones mobil is ringing on the counter. I want to answer it, but I can't authenticate myself and it won't answer the call. Instead, it askes me if I want something? and I push the button "yes". What it does is it locks the cabinets. I found that out, when I try to look for granades again. But I can pry open the doors anyway.

      Someone is coming. Some humans in very heavy green armor and face paint. I tell them that to give me some weapons, but they don't see me. I wave, jump, yell, ... nothing. Then I realize, another thing the phone did, is it made the owner - me, invisible. So I pick up a box of ammo and wave it in front of the guys eyes. He can see it. now I write on it and he can see that too.

      I walk out again. Aliens are closer now. I fight with one of them, and he kills somebody. I konk him on the forehead and I see I made a dent and he goes down dead. I realize, that forehead is their vulnerable spot. I feel like we can win now.

      (Just before bed, watched a few min of movie "Signs", with Mel Gibson. I didn't wanna watch the scary movie and changed the channel, but came back to it, thinking it may give me some intense dream. So it did.)
    9. Beach; escape from hospital; old lady wants a ride

      , 05-10-2013 at 07:08 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Friday 5/10/13

      Last night bed 1:40am - 10:15am Watching The Galaxy Quest

      DR1 - I'm with a friend of mine in a beach hotel. it's already second day, and I realize I have not gone to the beach yet. I look out the door and ocean on the left is in distance. The sandy beach between us is very wide. Some people are sunbathing nearby.

      Something happened to my shorts, so I'm looking for new pair in a drower. There is a green pair and salmon colored one.

      DR2 - I'm in a long, one story building. Feels like a hospital or clinic. I'm getting away. I make it past the main door and outside in a park I'm hiding from a nurse that's following me. She runs towards me and I can't run fast.

      There are some gorillas at the front door. They are friendly and I pet one of them as I walk by.

      Back inside some building. There is a guy in upstairs room and some guys friends of mine. I ask him if he is running from police. I wanna help him.

      Police and FBI are taking positions outside. All you can see from bushes are shiny barrels of sniper rifles. And big, shiny badges and medals. I unwrap an old piece of cloth on the table next to this guy to take a weapon to help him defend himself. To my disappointment, there is about 5 samurai swords, only 2 shotguns. I take one of them and I'm checking out how it works.

      Police chief walkes in to negotiate. I think the guy is doing to surrender.

      DR3 - I'm at the wheel of an riksha type of a vehicle. 3 wheels, one place at the front. But in the back is a bed with comforters. I think a child is there with me, maybe my younger brother. We are in town K, where my gramma lives.

      We are about to take off, when this old, skinny lady lifts up a tarp that serves as sides of the vehicle and gets in. She wants me to take her to the cemetary. I don't have a heart to tell her I'm not a taxi, which I think she has me confused with. But I also have a feeling, she exactly knew who I was. I feel like she as another agenda.

      I tell her to sit down or lay down. She lays down and I cover her with a comforter. She gets up and fidgets. I'm worried she falls out through the tarp side. I see she is cold, I tell her to lay down again and I'll give her another comforter.

      I tell her in hungarian, that I don't really know how to get to the cemetary. She says she will navigate. I tell her in my broken hungarian, that she needs to tell me couple streets before we need to make a turn, what street we need to make that turn at and if to the left or right.

      I'm also asking my brother to navigate. He sais he never been there. I tell him sure you were. Then I'm trying to remember when, and I tell him we were there for our godfather. I'm thinking hard who else, then I remember my godmother.
    10. Pink comet

      , 04-23-2013 at 03:21 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Tuesday, 4/23/13

      Last night, bed at 12:45am - 6:50am

      DR: Long and detailed

      I'm with group of fighters. We are attacking or escaping from a glass, lit up corporate building. Running through corridors, at one point I go around to top of some rocks to see if the velaciraptor is waiting for us behind the corner.

      As we come to the end, standing in a big hallway, next to glass exit doors, a guy in distant control room tells us, that someone needs to shut the blast doors somewhere halfway from start to finish. I have a feeling that my characted will volunteer and I kinda watch her from outside make decision. But then the guy said that he did it remotely.

      So we are walking away, safe, no need to run. Walking by some glass display cases on left. In one of them is something that looks like 3 pieces of pink flower. Like the ones in Avatar, when you touch them, they detract themselfs. But they are not flowers, but a 3-piece comet hurtling through space. It was a live image of it.

      NAP: 8;15 - 11:20am

      - My dad is into foot fetish and I worry for the teenagers having a party in neighbors apartment, while he is out of town.
      - I get upset at my mom and storm away from backyard carrying something.
      - I'm leaving my hotel room. I'm not happy with the door in saloon style, because it gives no privacy. I'm locking it with lock and chain.

      I'm attempting to land inside the dreamlet to be lucid. As I'm flying over some pleasant rolling hills, I see a house on the hill, which gets more sinister the closer I get to it. I say "I am there" but I know I don't mean it, so i don't transfer into LD. I change direction and land next to the tennis field. I ask some boys if they want me to throw their tennis balls over back to them.

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    11. Almost taken hostage

      , 02-18-2013 at 05:03 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Sunday, 2/17/13 Bed 12:30am Took 50mg B-complex at 3:30pm Drinking water before bed and each time I woke up

      DR1 - 2:50am - I'm modding with someone. Then we walk home and when we get there, now I'm suppose to drive him home.

      DR2 - 5:02am - I'm on almost flat plains. Ground is covered in snow. It's not very deep, some dirt is still showing through. Grey, wintery skies.

      We are retrieving to defendable position that is on a very small hill with some remnants of buildings. Mostly just few crumbled walls. As we reach the top, I see an enemy horse rider, and there is a hole bunch of them behind him coming fast. We run back down, between the walls and get ready.

      DR3 - 7:15am I just got on a bus. Take a seat and realize I should have some bus tickets (narrow strips of paper), but I don't think I do. I start looking anyway, because everybody is going in their bags. I think the inspector is on the bus.

      Then I see someone pay cash to the driver. I walk up and ask if I can pay for the ride. She asks me if I wouldn't wanna buy a whole book of tickets. I ask how much - she says $11, if I have that much money. I look at the wad of bills in my hand and start pulling out a $10 bill and look for $1 bill, when I spot an $11 bill and I hand her that. I sit down and I have 4 sheets of paper in my hand, two different shades of green and pink with tickets printed on them.

      A passenger comes on, sits to my left and eats some candy from a small bag. Driver makes a comment about his yummy candy and calls him by his name. Now she also has candy and big chocolate easter egg in a basket where the ticket machine is. I wish I could taste some australian candy. A boy sitting in the first seats on the left throws me a candy bar.

      As we are stopped, I see some very young kids, dressed in worn out t-shirts by the bus. The all carry Kalashnikovs. One woman seems to be their leader. I turn to the passenger behind me and say something like we are screwed.

      They get on a bus in orderly manner. Someone says we should stand up. We do. As they walk the isle, people are scared. They seem to be looking for someone, or just seeing whom they should take. I prop my chin with my fist and act as if I can't see them and I look out the window.

      They usher us of the bus. I'm with a group of people. I see a lady in a house window mouth to me "I'm calling the cops". We go through some door in a fence. Suddenly no one from our captors is there. I say why don't we just leave. But they walk thorugh another door. I stay outside, between two fences. A guy walks nearby and I yell at him to call the cops. To tell them, these guys have Kalashnikovs.

      One of the bad guys walks by and enters the gate. I act as nothing is happening. Then I go another direction. This whole area seems like a construction zone or a large factory. Huge pipes, ceiling cranes, concrete floor...

      I start climbing through some piles of pipes, there are some other people there. I get to a hallway and some rooms. I peak into rooms, trying to find exit. Before I walk in a room, I try to see if there is a shadow moving underneath the door, that way I would know someone is in there.

      Just a bit anxious during this dream, not scared. But didn't have the good feel of a chase as many of my "hide and seek" dreams have.

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    12. Group of fighters

      , 02-13-2013 at 02:08 AM (Turquoise Dreams)

      I'm with group of fighters in a building with empty rooms, walls, but no roof. maybe well preserved modern ruins, remnants of a war. We are expecting an attack so I place some fighters in strategic places to keep watch. I'm not their leader. I'm walking among them, while they are resting, talking, getting their guns ready.

      I don't have a gun, so I'm asking everybody, if they have a spare. They don't. I find a shotgun type of weapon that shoots explosive rounds. i try it, load it, but it doesn't fire. Finally I find an assault rifle and the owner lets me borrow it. I know, I only need it until I get first enemy, then I can take his weapon, which I know are superior to ours. The guy adjust the seeting on my gun with a button next to digital displey. Then I'm going to wait for the enemy by the tunnel I know they will be coming from. They come and I fire. To my surprise, the bullets continue to fire at the first guy hit, even if I switch aim at someone else. I fire, till I run out of ammo.
      Tags: ammo, fighter, guns
    13. Looking for a gun

      , 02-05-2013 at 06:41 PM (Turquoise Dreams)

      I'm with a group of fighters. I'm not the leader, but I'm directing people where to stand on guard and watch for an attack we are expecting from another group.

      I don't have a gun, so I walk around asking everybody if they have an extra. Finaly find some kind of shotgun that shoots explosive rounds. I load it, unload, try how it works. But when I shoot at bad guys, if fails to fire.

      So I keep looking for and asault rifle, since I will need a fast shooting gun to fend off the enemy attack. I find one and someone is chowing me how it works. He changes settings on it with a button next to digital display.

      I can't wait to get my own gun, so I go wait by a tunnel I know the enenmy will be coming from. I start shooting at them, but after a while, my bullets start to follow a guy who has been already shot and he retreated. I wish I knew how to change settings, so it shoots where I aim.
      Tags: fighter, guns
    14. Regular - Haunted House and Fight in a long corridor.

      , 11-01-2011 at 11:24 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Oct.31, 2011. No nap. Bed at 11pm. I had some heavy dinner and I believe it showed in my nightmares.

      2.50am - woke up, don't remember any dreams
      3.20am - woke up f/bad dream BTB at 3.40am
      I was in a room. I was trying lots of light switches, but the light would not switch on. Light fixtures were moving and I realized the place is haunted (I dream about haunted places a lot). So I got fed up, packed my clothes and left.
      5.48 - woke up f/same bad dream, only now I watched the scene of the haunting on a tape. A friend of mine taped me for some school project. At the end of the tape, there was a footage from that haunted room with some bad entity being really nasty to some girl - I don't think it was me.

      7.20am - woke up f/dream
      we were running from some bad things through twisting and winding corridors, that had some rooms every now and then. I was one of the fighters protecting others from things that were chasing us. Sometimes we stopped in one of the rooms thinking it's safe, but things were coming to life and kept chasing us. Like there was paper, that got animated and we had to fight it. Then there was a stampede of horses and cows. Didn't have a bad feeling, I kinda enjoyed the fighting and protecting and being chased.

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