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    1. Fragments, fragments, and more fragments....

      by , 11-21-2011 at 05:01 PM
      Ah, I need to start updating my Dream Journal more!! I have a good few entries to add, but first, here's a bunch of fragments I've built up over the good amount of time since my last entry! Hopefully this'll help me find some patterns....

      (I'm just typing them up as I wrote down the notes, so since I never actually remembered any more than I typed they may not always make a whole lot of sense.)

      "flying (plane) overdose? Tums dying"

      "remakes of Pokémon Blue and Yellow, seemed badass at the time (wish I remembered their names!), other fake Pokémon games involved"

      "Lost, electrode on Sawyer, Jack kids need to ask something, crossing legs"

      "Driving back to P's (Dad's) [Dream Journal note: P is not my dad.] house in a desert area, miss the turn and almost hit someone, gotta drive all the way out to the middle of nowhere to turn around, get there get the little kids out and start running away from the house for some reason, then hang up" <-- Honestly, I think I might have written this one down while half asleep. It's pretty detailed, yet I don't remember this AT ALL. Not even writing it. Even the fragments I actually do remember bits of. I just thought it'd be nice to add this here for the sake of seeing how my unconscious mind works. I think the "then hang up" supports this theory a lot, since I often end my more detailed notes with "then wake up", and I could see my dream mind using "hang up" for the same meaning.

      "M and I are in the bathroom naked, but we're both just looking at ourselves (and not the other) in the mirror. I'm shaving. ???"

      "Spending time with Sawyer/Jack, watching Liz [DJ note: 30 Rock] on some kind of cartless rollercoaster?"

      "walking home from [middle school] bacon ecstasy Hurley feels so much apartment leave Charlie save the world one dream toilet paper Sun explorer his mom Sawyer telekinesis flying haywire etc."

      "long homework packet with O somehow transitions into getting work done by a muscly guy in the bathtub... >_<"

      "fixing things for people at a Halloween party at my house, focus mainly on the fence gate at the end, NS [girl I went to school with]"

      "7-Eleven-type store O I work here notepad headphones girls talk about [a club I've been to] one dies later (know the future)"

      "tripping balls, trying to blue it's in dark never works S school don't talk to boyfriend house mom?"

      Well, there you have it. One thing is for sure... I dream about TV a lot, especially Lost.
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