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    1. New Emoticons, Mario And Yoshi

      by , 02-18-2012 at 08:47 PM
      My dreams from this night were kind of hazy, I went to bed mildly hungover and still have a bit of a headache. -.- But I did manage to get something down.

      #1 - New Emoticons [Non-Lucid]

      I was talking to FancyRat, who had apparently just become rich and famous for some reason I can't remember, with Facebook messages but still using DV emoticons. There were a lot of really strange emoticons on the list and I was distressed because they had removed the panic one. But I did find one that whenever you looked at it it made your screen get sucked through some crazy psychedelic tunnel with dragons flying around. Meanwhile, I was at a restaurant with my dad (I had my laptop with me) and we had some snooty butler guy as our waiter, and he asks if we want an appetizer or anything and my dad starts telling him about how we HATE appetizers so we never get any and how could he even ask that... to which I'm just like what the hell? Let's at least get some chips or something. >.> After that I woke up.

      #2 - Mario And Yoshi [Non-Lucid]

      It starts out with me watching K play a Mario game where there was a side story which was like a copy of Luigi's Mansion, so I was telling him how to get to that. Skip forward, I go back to high school for some reason to play an online Yoshi game with D in the lunch area and and up seeing a bunch of annoying people but also this guy E who was a grade below me and pretty fun to hang out with. I don't remember much about the game, except that nothing we were trying to do was working correctly but we kept unlocking a bunch of random Yoshi colors anyway. After that I get complemented on my game skills by Dianeva who's in a chat room and logged into the game in a way that just lets you watch other people play. That's it for that.
    2. Hypnagogic Delirium, Just Another Middle School Dream, Just Another High School Dream

      by , 02-01-2012 at 06:19 PM
      Well, I didn't really get to remember too much last night, but I did have some interesting lead-up into it. After I kind of almost accidentally did a WILD, I went to bed and had a good amount of random hypnagogic imagery before I was actually able to fall asleep that was made a little more solid by my lingering dissociative feelings. What I remember of that was that I kept seeing my living room form around me, so at first I would think I was in my living room sitting on the couch where I normally sit when I'm on my laptop. I had American Dad! playing in the background so I know I was still awake at this point because I never stopped hearing it perfectly fine, I just wasn't really registering it. After a while it would become apparent to me that something wasn't right and I'd snap out of it, then it would start over again. At one point I definitely saw Ash and Pikachu running at me, pretty much exactly like this but with Pikachu on the other side.

      And half way through the run they started doing some really weird and jittery dance, and the setting behind them which I hadn't focused much on crumbled and I snapped out of it again. XP I know there was more, but that's all I can really recall from before I actually fell asleep. So anyway....

      #1 - Just Another Middle School Dream

      All I really remember from this one is that I was at my middle school with my cousin who's six years younger than me for some reason, though at some point I start thinking that she's actually Mew (the Pokémon), and whereas I had originally left her in the front office, at that point I was thinking I had left her in the Box 2 storage on my game file. One of my old friends was there and acting really depressed, and after class got out he started smoking one cigarette after another (even though he doesn't actually smoke) and half way through each he would just give up trying and sit there as they burned away, and I had to make sure the ashes weren't getting all over the floor and making sure he didn't start a fire by just letting them drop out of his mouth.

      #2 - Just Another High School Dream

      This one I don't really remember too much of either, except that I was in a class that actually took place in a huge tent covering a king-sized bed and nothing else. The class was Treasure Hunting, and involved me looking around the class (like just sitting in the corners of the room or digging under the bed sheets) for treasure. I found a good number of random things, but all I can really remember getting were Pokémon cards and two of the chaos emeralds from Sonic the Hedgehog. I was pretty sure I was going to get an A in that class, but next I had to go to History, and I was afraid I was going to get an F because I had no idea what we were supposed to be discussing and I forgot to do the homework. :T And that's it from that one.

      So yeah, not the most amazing night. The first part was interesting, though lol. I wonder why my mind was so focused on Pokémon?
    3. Let's Go To The Mall! :D, Take A Third Option

      by , 01-27-2012 at 07:22 PM
      Just a couple this time, but one that was sorta interesting.

      #1 - Let's Go To The Mall!

      I'm in a class, in high school I think, with LOTS of old people from my schools, and also Robin from How I Met Your Mother! (That show is entering my dreams a lot lately. ) At one point, "Let's Go To The Mall" comes on on the overhead announcement system.

      (For those of you who don't know, in the show this is a hit that Robin had in Canada as a pop star that she's really embarrassed about, and for the sake of the joke it's a pretty ridiculous song, but super catchy. )

      All of my old friends and I start singing along with it while Robin looks really embarrassed, but then she eventually gets in and starts singing with us! Later one of my other friends shows up and I try to tell him about it but he starts yelling the words right after I say them so I stop in mid-sentence. Weird lol.

      After that, the teacher gives us a 100 question pop quiz. >.< She gives us a set of instructions which I remember thinking seemed pretty meaningless, and then I notice that all of the questions and answers (it's multiple choice) are really bizarre and don't seem to be correlated in any way. I keep wanting to work on the quiz anyway but at some point ketchup got smeared all over it somehow. Though I should be worried about the fact that my paper will be messy and soggy, what I'm mainly concerned about it how I'm going to put my paper back down on the table without smearing the ketchup on the table.

      #2 - Take A Third Option

      All I remember is being in another class with a different friend, and we were told we had to choose between going light side or dark side (like in Star Wars). Though, after we picked, we were given point deductions for not picking the neutral option.

      Nothing too exciting, but the first one was fun.